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The Walking Dead 7×08 ‘Hearts Still Beating’: The embers of rebellion

So, in the end, this half season was passable, if only barely.  The season premiere was wretched, the worst the show has ever offered.  Episodes in the middle of the season have ranged from actually very good (“The Well”) to halfway decent (“The Cell”) to rather mediocre (“Swear”).  Overall, the quality of the season varied […]

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The Walking Dead 7×07 ‘Sing Me a Song’: Negan’s world

The Walking Dead’s clearest goal right now needs to be the development of Negan’s character.  For the most part, the introduction of Negan was supposed to be the jolt of adrenaline that revived The Walking Dead, giving it energy that was to propel it through its seventh season.  Instead, Negan has been the season’s weak […]


The Walking Dead 7×06 ‘Swear’: Faith and trust

I thought that The Walking Dead was going to take my “diverse communities” idea only so far.  Alexandria.  The Hilltop.  The Kingdom.  The Sanctuary.  That’s already quite a bit to juggle.  So how much more does The Walking Dead think it can chew off?  Does Gimple really think that adding another community to the mix […]


The Walking Dead 7×05 ‘Go Getter’: Change in leadership

I can appreciate what The Walking Dead is trying to accomplish with its approach this season, even if the central conflict is so flawed as to undermine the whole thing.  These first eight episodes, thus far, have attempted to show us how different communities operate, how they come into conflict with one another, and how […]


The Walking Dead 7×04 ‘Service’: Abuse and violence

I usually spend my review griping about some facet of The Walking Dead, whether it’s the characters, the plotting, the dialogue, Negan, or all of the above. It’s possible, well, more likely than not, that I’m going to do some of that in this review. But why not start off positive? You know what I […]


The Walking Dead 7×03 ‘The Cell’: No escape

What unnerves me most about The Walking Dead, at this point, is how the writers and producers don’t really understand what makes the show good or what makes it bad.  For a long, long time, they’ve been teasing Negan as this gamechanger, this force that is going to upend the series and make it into […]


The Walking Dead 7×02 ‘The Well’: Get what you give

There’s much that The Walking Dead can do to come back from the utterly insufferable “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”. It can focus on making its characters just a little more believable. It can focus on making the plotting sensible instead of incoherent. But really, more than just about anything else, it […]


The Walking Dead 7×01 ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’: Right off a cliff

How did we get here? Seriously.  I’m wondering.  How did we get from what was certainly a promising beginning of Season 6 to a season premiere so unfathomably bad that I would give up on the series entirely if I didn’t have to write about it?  It’s remarkable.  The Walking Dead has always been a […]

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The Walking Dead 6×16 ‘Last Day on Earth’: Taking it like a champ

Welp. Looks like it’s about time to talk about cliffhangers. It would be really easy to rant and yell and complain about the ending of “Last Day on Earth” (which I’ll probably end up doing anyway), but let’s take a minute instead to try to figure out just what is going on and why it’s […]

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The Walking Dead 6×15 ‘East’: Coming back

The Walking Dead has a habit of stalling in its penultimate episodes. Sometimes that has to do with certain comic book elements; sometimes that has to do with a lack of content before moving into the finale. Weirdly enough, the best penultimate episode of The Walking Dead is in its worst season: Season 2. That’s […]

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The Walking Dead 6×14 ‘Twice as Far’: Taking risks

Television shows often utilize a sort of parallel structure in order to emphasize a thematic point. Shows like Mad Men and The Sopranos always ran two or three stories alongside one another, trying to find the common ground between storylines, showing how certain characters experience the same struggles. It’s a great way to highlight components […]

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The Walking Dead 6×13 ‘The Same Boat’: Good and evil

The Walking Dead has a “bad guy” problem. It’s a problem that many shows face. Dexter had a habit of using a different villain every season, and while that worked for a little while (Season 2 of that show was especially great), once the show entered Season 5, that structure imploded, doing more harm than […]

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The Walking Dead 6×12 “Not Tomorrow Yet”: A liability

I’ve sort of come to terms with the limitations of The Walking Dead. There are things that the show is particularly good at, and things that the show is particularly bad at. For example, the show isn’t great at long-term planning. It takes storylines from the comics and uses them in a way that isn’t […]

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The Walking Dead 6×11 ‘Knots Untie’: Another war

The Walking Dead has always been a show with a fairly narrow world. Entire seasons take place at singular locations, which is great for building a small world, but there is a larger world out there. Other people have surely created civilizations, places to live, societies that are new and stable. Why don’t we hear […]

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The Walking Dead 6×10 ‘The Next World’: Living again

There are some issues inherent in time jumps. They can make it so that unresolved character storylines disappear entirely, erasing a chunk of history that needs to be there in order for characters to make sense. They can eliminate plot closure where there needs to be closure. But there’s a lot of good to come […]

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The Walking Dead 6×09 ‘No Way Out’: Blood and guts

“No Way Out”, in a nutshell, is what is so good and bad about The Walking Dead. It features what is probably one of the most intense sequences in the history of the show, where Rick leads a blood-covered human chain through the walkers, only to have Sam, Jessie, and Ron all slaughtered within two […]

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The Walking Dead 6×08 ‘Start to Finish’: Hand in hand

Cliffhangers are tricky. They can be used as a way to invite narrative tension, like we saw at the end of “A Most Powerful Adversary”, a recent episode of The Leftovers where a character was thought to be dead. Or, they can be used in a cheap way to get people to come back next […]

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The Walking Dead 6×07 ‘Heads Up’: The world we’re in…

The more characters you include on a show, the more difficult it is to deeply explore them. If The Walking Dead had, say, five main characters, then it might be easier to do episodes that focus heavily on one point of view because you wouldn’t need an entire season for character development. Only The Walking […]

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The Walking Dead 6×06 ‘Always Accountable’: Making choices

I’ve always seen the source material for The Walking Dead to be both a resource and a hindrance to the show. Kirkman’s writing in the comics is often repetitive and devolves into misery porn, and his attention to what makes characters tick isn’t all that profound. However, it at least provides the show with steam […]

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The Walking Dead 6×05 ‘Now’: Face your fears

I’ve said before that The Walking Dead does have a talented group of writers. As much as the show is vilified for its occasional absurdity, it’s a solid show that does a good job building characters that feel like they have personalities. Only it does a good job when the focus is narrow, when there […]