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The Vampire Diaries 6×10 ‘Christmas Through Your Eyes’: Hang onto your candy canes

Ah, another drama-filled episode.  This one had me at first like, “Nope, don’t care.”  But by the end of it, I was wishing it was a two hour episode because I want to know what happens next!  As is custom, one character is slated to die but since everyone waits around to do their killing, […]

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The Vampire Diaries 6×09 ‘I Alone’ : “My relationship to ruin, thank you.”

Help me out here, how did Malachi escape?  I totally missed that.  I know there’s some time loopy stuff with leaving things in a spot and finding them in 1994…right?  Whatever.  I guess the point is that he is out but Bonnie is still in and that is sad.  Also, death to another character makes […]

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The Vampire Diaries 6×07: ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’ : “If I could take it all back, I would.”

This episode gave me ALL THE FEELS.  I felt so sad for Damon and Caroline and sorry for Elena…but I definitely do not even care about Stefan, what a jerk!  Also, Bonnie is NOT dead, just exactly like I thought. Fenna B. is a native NEOhioan who loves winter, Lake Erie, and dramas from the WB […]

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The Vampire Diaries 6×06 ‘The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get’ : “What about Bonnie?”

Oh wow, so Damon is really, really back and we have an episode just FULL of drama!  I have to admit, I haven’t been fully feeling this season, but I’m getting a better handle on what I think the main story line will be, and I’m getting into it.  This is the first episode without […]

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The Vampire Diaries 6×04 ‘Black Hole Sun’ : “Perfect. Our savior’s insane and narcoleptic.”

What we have here is a theme; forgetting and escaping.  We’re going over and over Elena’s decision to forget Damon and Damon’s inability to forget the awful things he’s done as well as going over and over Stefan’s need to escape from his previous life and Malachi’s need to escape his prison.  There was no […]

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The Vampire Diaries 6×03 ‘Welcome to Paradise’ : “There’s no reason to be Peter Pessimist.”

This episode seems to be divided into two : Bonnie and Damon in some sort of Pergatory; and everything else.  The everything else is sort of discombobulated and annoying.  The Bonnie and Damon is a little dark and twisty with mystery-ish.  By the end of this episode, we have another new character! Fenna B. is […]

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The Vampire Diaries 6×02 ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ : “Who is Damon Salvatore?”

Hello Gotta Watch It Readers and Vampire Diaries fans (or critics?)!!  I’m happy to be reviewing this show for you this season.  I’ve been a fan since it started, so I’m pretty stoked to have an opportunity to write about it!  I will admit that I was a season behind.  I’d been doing my watching […]


The Vampire Diaries 5×22 ‘Home’: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Ugh, season finales. So many things to tie up and so little time to do it. What is the deal with The Other Side, Markos and Silas? I still don’t get it and I don’t even bother to anymore. If Klaus’s character made sense for 1 and 1/2 seasons, these three elements are neither interesting […]

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The Vampire Diaries 5×21 ‘Promised Land’: Truth about full catered buffets and rainbows

For once I agree with Damon – Mystic Falls is an awful place to live in. If you are not fed on by a bored vampire, you will be turned into one for a useless sacrifice. Option C – you get possessed by a weird hobo witch. Add to that list schools with the worst […]

What Lies Beneath

The Vampire Diaries 5×20 ‘What Lies Beneath’: Never have I ever…

Never have I ever liked shows which have a problem with reality. Ok, this show is not so much about reality as it is about fantasy but come on, somethings have to stay real, just as a courtesy to us,  poor humans. Like having time to proper hair-dry your hair or packing clothing. Because I […]

Man on Firel

The Vampire Diaries 5×19 ‘Man on Fire’: Idiots of girlfriends past

Am I the only one who thinks TVD has decided to quit being all about the drama and become like a sitcom? I think that is the genre where when a character does anything remotely funny the audience laughs as if that is the best joke ever. The episode started in a college break/coffee lounge room with […]

Resident Evil

The Vampire Diaries 5×18 ‘Resident Evil’: We can always go kill people!

Almost a few minutes into the episode and I did not even realize how great an option that was if I knew what was to follow. This episode was more weird than it was boring. This season started off with prophecies about why Elena and Stefan are drawn together and in typical Vampire Diaries fashion […]

Rescue Me

The Vampire Diaries 5×17 ‘Rescue Me’: Spoiler Alert!

In case you still did not get it after 5 seasons – the world revolves around Miss Gilbert. Seriously, the show is so much pushing this idea that  it is starting make me wonder if my life is also somehow affected by this horrid fictional character. But forget that the episode was much more hilarious […]

While You Were Sleeping

The Vampire Diaries 5×16: ‘While You Were Sleeping’: Still wish you were

So what another waste of a storyline just so that Damon and Elena can shirtless hug again. Well, if this episode has taught me anything is that actually Damon and Elena make perfect sense. Yeah, I did not see it before but selfish people should really be together and in terms of this show it […]

Gone Girl

The Vampire Diaries 5×15 ‘Gone Girl’: The Queen is dead. Long live the queen.

Well I guess she at least bowed out perfectly – meaning while we still loved her. I mean, really, did anyone think that the show would kill Katherine in the 100th episode and in such a weak state – being human? Nope, Kat had to go out with a bang and a clean slate (sort […]

No Exit

The Vampire Diaries 5×14 ‘No Exit’: Are we there yet?

I have to be honest here and just straight out warn all those 2,5 people who read my reviews that this is going to be sweet and short. Because I can take the music from Romeo & Juliette  being used in every 5 dancing skating pairs, but really watching TVD just write a bad episode […]

Total Eclipse of the Heart

The Vampire Diaries 5×13 ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’: Psycho does not fall far from the tree

Let’s see. Kidnapping – check. Blackmail – check. Bonnie being useless – check. Katherine being hilariously awesome – check. Caroline being a OCD control freak on crack – check. Tyler being in an episode…yes, check. Basically, if you are Sherlock (which recently became my new addiction) you would have put all these facts together by […]

The Devil Inside

The Vampire Diaries 5×12 ‘The Devil Inside’: The awful truth

Yep, this episode confirmed more than ever that if it weren’t for Katherine, there would be zero reason to watch this show after 5 years. She is the light and sunshine of this episode, she is a badass all the time and she is the character to look up to while everyone just does things […]

500 Years of Solitude

The Vampire Diaries 5×11 ‘500 Years of Solitude’: Breaking bad

Anniversaries have different effects on people. For some it is the day the remember how awesome they have been for years. For others it is just a date. Some just use it as an excuse to throw a party and make it all about themselves and force others to celebrate with them because….well, how can you […]

The Cell

The Vampire Diaries 5×10 ‘Fifty Shades of Grayson’: Kill me now

If I had to sum up this episode in just one word it would probably be horrible. Just awful and stupid because if after 99 episodes THIS is what the show does in a mid-season finale, I wash my hands. So forgive but this review is mostly going to consist of a list of why […]