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The Sopranos 5x05 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 5×05 – 5×06: “I gotta live in the world.”

The Sopranos 5×05: “Irregular Around the Margins” When we think about change, we think about completely rewriting our behavior.  Regret for what our behaviors have done to us pervades our thoughts to the point of complete fixation, where we want to remedy our behavior entirely in order to somehow provide some equilibrium to our lives.  […]

The Sopranos 5x04 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 5×03 – 5×04: The glass castle

The Sopranos 5×03: “Where’s Johnny?” These two episodes of The Sopranos feature brief moments where we see Tony Soprano attempting to change, or at least lashing out against his selfish, narcissistic nature.  Where previous seasons have only shown Tony as this black hole destroying everything that he comes into contact with (and this season is […]

The Sopranos 5x01 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 5×01 – 5×02: The desire to change

The Sopranos 5×01: “Two Tonys” The Sopranos is a television show that largely discusses the same themes across the seasons, with minor variations as Tony experiences a new situation or the heat gets turned up on everybody.  But Season 5 feels like a major shift for the show.  The tone is far more solemn and […]

The Sopranos 4x13 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 4×13: Things fall apart

Relationships are built as much on delusion as they are on truth.  While partners need to be honest with each other in order to build trust and intimacy, they need to lie as well, to themselves as well as their partners.  It could be something as simple as agreeing with them for the sake of […]

The Sopranos 4x12 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 4×11-4×12: Silence of the dead

The Sopranos 4×11: “Calling All Cars” The fourth season of The Sopranos reminds me a bit of the first in how the third act of both seasons is structured.  Both seasons have third acts that take the last three episodes of the season and build them up to a staggering conclusion.  However, while the first […]

The Sopranos 4x09 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 4×09-4×10: Into the light

The Sopranos 4×09: “Whoever Did This” If you’re a fan of The Sopranos, “Whoever Did This” is an episode that you remember.  It’s the one where Tony and Ralph fight, where Tony murdered him, where Tony and Christopher dispose of the body by dismembering it.  In a season largely devoid of mob violence, it’s a […]

The Sopranos 4x08 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 4×07 – 4×08: Steady decline

The Sopranos 4×07: “Watching Too Much Television” At this point in the series, The Sopranos has been amplifying the existential dread that the characters themselves are experiencing.  During the first few seasons, they were mostly able to shrug off those feelings, even through they lingered in the backs of their minds on a near-constant basis.  […]

The Sopranos 4x05 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 4×05 – 4×06: Kings and pawns

The Sopranos 4×05: “Pie-O-My” We already know that America, as a web of social, political, and economic institutions, is fundamentally broken.  The income gap grows wider and wider, our school systems continue to impotently focus on achievement data and standards, and the underclass are still thrown into an economic hell where there isn’t really an […]

The Sopranos 4x03 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 4×03-4×04: The permanence of time

The Sopranos 4×03: “Christopher” Almost every show has a bad episode.  There are always a couple exceptions (there really was never a bad episode of The Wire), but consider “Stranger in a Strange Land” in LOST, an episode that is far, far worse than anything the show had done up to that point and worse […]

The Sopranos 4x01 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 4×01-4×02: All things come to an end

The Sopranos 4×01: “For All Debts Public and Private” We open to a man driving down the New Jersey turnpike, but more than that, it’s a ruler overlooking his kingdom.  As Tony drives down the turnpike, cigar smoke pouring from his mouth, the camera not daring to even take a glimpse of him until the […]

The Sopranos 3x13 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 3×13: Escaping legacy

Even if most of our life has given us memories, we still wonder exactly how we got to where we are now.  The fidelity of our memories is a mystery to us, even if we truly believe that we remember our pasts.  But even more mysterious to us is how history has made us the […]

The Sopranos 3x11 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 3×11-3×12: Blinded

The Sopranos 3×11: “Pine Barrens” There’s a reason that “Pine Barrens” is one of the most highly regarded Sopranos episodes in the show’s run.  Not only is it dark and existential, it features some of the funniest character work from Paulie and Christopher, two characters that could hold a scene on their own, but until […]

The Sopranos 3x09 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 3×09-3×10: Bad decisions

The Sopranos 3×09: “The Telltale Moozadell” Some people, when they’re faced with decisions that they know to be bad, so ahead and make them anyway.  They’ll purposefully do the wrong thing, taking steps backwards even though they’ve identified what they shouldn’t be doing.  It doesn’t make any sense when thought about on a basic level, […]

THe Sopranos 3x08 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 3×07-3×08: What have I become?

The Sopranos 3×07: “Second Opinion” We often hit a point in our lives, and it’s a point that we hit often, where we look back at the decisions we’ve made, the lives we’ve lived, and make a serious evaluation.  Are the choices that I made worth anything?  Are the people that I’ve chosen to associate […]

The Sopranos 3x06 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 3×05-3×06: A lack of control

The Sopranos 3×05: “Another Toothpick” The Sopranos exists as a show to make people uncomfortable.  Not only is the violence graphic and jarring, it’s usually inflicted upon those unable to defend themselves.  Nearly every character is a vicious sociopath, and even if they’re humanized, the show doesn’t let us forget how awful they are.  Even […]

The Sopranos 3x04 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 3×03-3×04: The influence of evil

The Sopranos 3×03: “Fortunate Son” While “Proshai, Livushka” is a solid episode of television, and does a great job showing us the detrimental effects of the past, “Fortunate Son” feels like a jump start to the season.  It not only elaborates on the relationships between Tony and his three son-figures, but also reminds us just […]

The Sopranos 3x01 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 3×01-3×02: What could have been

The Sopranos 3×01: “Mr. Ruggerio’s Neighborhood” Television shows are a delicate machine, built of a web of cogs and gears that all have to be moving in sync in order to operate.  If one of those cogs or gears is broken, then the show has to take a detour into crisis mode to figure out […]

The Sopranos 2x13 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 2×13: “It’s all a big nothing”

The Sopranos 2×13: “Funhouse” The Sopranos is a show about the decline of civilization, how corruption inevitably taints social, economic, and political systems, dragging them further down and down until they collapse completely.  We’ve talked about how Season 2 is about the status quo, how people try to break free from the status quo but […]

The Sopranos 2x11 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 2×11-2×12: Within the cage

The Sopranos 2×11: “House Arrest” The Sopranos has been doing something especially interesting during the build-up to its Season 2 climax.  While the entirety of the season is more focused than the first, centering about the way we’re trapped within systems, these build-up episodes are often diverging away from the most heavily serialized plot elements, […]

The Sopranos 2x09 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 2×09-2×10: No way out

The Sopranos 2×09: “From Where to Eternity” When we look in the mirror, we all see a “good person”.  Even if, subconsciously, we know that we’re awful, we still fill ourselves with positive affirmations, that the bad things that we do are overshadowed by even better things.  Or maybe the bad things that we do […]