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The Newsroom 2×09 ‘Election Night, pt. 2’: Everything goes exceedingly better than was probable

And thus ends this completely ineffectual and pointless second season of HBO’s The Newsroom, as no blood is spilled, no stakes are delivered upon, and the status quo from before the entire season even began is returned to in bold, bland fashion.  Like the Grinch upon the peak of Mount Crumpit, everyone’s hearts grew two […]


The Newsroom 2×08 ‘Election Night, Part 1’: Everyone take turns and share, we only have one sword to fall on

Aaron Sorkin is, to use one of my favorite lines from another great show, as brilliant as he is lousy.  The first season of The Newsroom wasn’t perfect, but it was brilliant; it managed to somehow exist in a fictional space while being completely topical within our constantly-evolving political and media realities, and introduced to […]