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The Mindy Project 4×13 ‘When Mindy Met Danny’: ‘Tis the season of heartbreak

Man, The Mindy Project is just determined to break our hearts, isn’t it? It’d be easier to be angrier at the show if it wasn’t putting out some of the greatest episodes they’ve ever made. The Mindy Project’s latest arc dealing with Mindy and Danny’s relationship possibly dissolving is gut-wrenching, and “When Mindy Met Danny” […]

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The Mindy Project 4×12 ‘Parent Trap’: The mother of all problems

Despite being one of the funniest shows the past few years, The Mindy Project has gone in a different direction for their fourth season. It’s funny and heartbreaking in turns. For anyone hoping that Mindy and Danny’s fight would only be an issue for an episode, it’s a wish that’s not coming true. For the […]

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The Mindy Project 4×11 ‘The Lahiris and the Castellanos’: Family Matters

Well, that broke my heart. When Danny returned to The Mindy Project, I was expecting a funny, happy episode to welcome him back. Instead, the show daringly chose to jump right back into the problems that had been plaguing Mindy and Danny when he left. It’s a bold choice, since we’ve been separated from the […]

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The Mindy Project 4×10 ‘The Departed’: The Returned

Danny Castelllano has returned to The Mindy Project, much to the excitement of the title character. While we haven’t seen him yet, it was wonderful seeing Mindy’s delighted smile as she heard “Fat Bottomed Girls” outside her apartment, knowing that Danny was right outside. It was a surprise for the character and the audience, although […]

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The Mindy Project 4×09 ‘Jody Kimball-Kenney is My Husband: A friend in need

The Mindy Project started off with a simple premise: one woman trying to improve her life. She wanted to be a better person, and make her life perfect. But as the show continued, something funny happened: she ended up making everyone else’s life better as well. Megan Wright  


The Mindy Project 4×08 ‘Later, Baby’: Old friends and new friends

Back in seasons 2 and 3, Peter was one of The Mindy Project’s greatest characters. Originally presented as an overgrown frat-boy, he soon became fast friends with Mindy and grew as a person over the course of the show. He was one of Mindy’s greatest supporters, helping her get together with Danny, and gave Mindy […]


The Mindy Project 4×07 ‘Mindy and Nanny’: Nanny-in-law

When Leo was born, I knew it was only a matter of time before Annette turned up this season. After all, nothing is more important to Annette Castellano than her family, and it would be impossible to keep her away from her first grandchild. It’s actually more surprising that she didn’t already try to nanny […]

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The Mindy Project 4×06 ‘Road Trip’: Danny’s Daddy Issues

The Mindy Project seems dedicated to producing more inventive episodes for this season. The quality of the episodes throughout The Mindy Project’s four seasons has always been great, but this season seems to mess around and have fun with the status quo. Most of the first episode was spent in a dream, Mindy and Danny’s […]


The Mindy Project 4×05 ‘Stay at Home MILF’: Stay at home Dan

In the past, motherhood was too often portrayed in the media as an easy job. You clean the house, you cook dinner, you take care of the kids – June Cleaver made it look easy, so how hard could it be, right? As the years have progressed though, TV writers have come to understand a […]

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The Mindy Project 4×04 ‘The Bitch Is Back’: Dr. Jody is in

The Mindy Project has seen a lot of doctors come and go: Shulman, Peter, and Adrian. It’s become a way to get guest stars onto the show: bring them on for a few episodes as a doctor and then write them out. Each actor brought something new and different to the table, and even though […]

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The Mindy Project 4×03 ‘Leo Castellano is My Son’: Overprotective papa

Leo Castellano is one of the luckiest – and most unfortunate – babies on TV/Hulu. He has two parents who love him unconditionally and want nothing more than for him to be happy. On the other hand, his parents are also nutcases. Megan Wright  

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The Mindy Project 4×02 ‘C is for coward’: Hello Leo

Mindy and Danny never agree on anything, especially when it comes to big life decisions. It’s the main idea behind 80% of the show’s stories. So it should come as no surprise that when a situation as important and significant as child birth is about to happen, Mindy and Danny can’t agree. Megan Wright  

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The Mindy Project 4×01 ‘While I Was Sleeping’: It’s a Not-So Wonderful Life

Mindy and Danny are one of the best relationships on television – or the Internet (welcome Hulu!) – today. They make each other stronger, and give each other stability. Danny’s the kind, responsible man Mindy’s always been looking for, and Mindy has enough unconditional love to help Danny recover from his previous relationships. But what […]

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The Mindy Project 3×21 ‘Best Man’: Best couple ever

Season finales are a big time for The Mindy Project, and the show’s main couple. The first season finale left us on a cliffhanger where Mindy was off to Haiti while Danny secretly had feelings for her. The second season finale was when Mindy and Danny finally decided to get together and become a real […]

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The Mindy Project 3×20 ‘What to Expect When You’re Expanding’: The legendary cousin Sheena

Ever since Tamra was first introduced in Season 1, we’ve been hearing about her Cousin Sheena. (In fact, one of her first interactions with Mindy was talking about her Cousin Sheena winning a jet ski on “The Price is Right”.) As the seasons have continued, Cousin Sheena has become a significant figure in Tamra’s stories. […]

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The Mindy Project 3×19 ‘Confessions of a Catho-Holic”: Father Stephen (Colbert)

Hello everybody! Sorry that this review is a little late – I typically watch The Mindy Project on iTunes, but with iTunes having problems this week, I didn’t get to download it until today. But enough about my computer problems, let’s talk about Danny and his Catholic problems. Specifically, the fact that he might have […]

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The Mindy Project 3×18 ‘Fertility Bites’: Cousin Dan

I was a bit surprised when I turned on this week’s episode of The Mindy Project and found that Mindy’s fertility clinic was ready to be opened. Wasn’t she planning it just a few episodes ago? I assumed that it would take much longer to open the clinic, but since this episode gave us an […]

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The Mindy Project 3×17 ‘Danny Castellano is My Nutritionist’: Stomach of steel

Danny Castellano is a worrier. This is something we’ve seen throughout the three seasons we’ve been with the character, and it’s a trait that is most definitely not going away not that he’s got a baby on the way. It’s not at all surprising that Danny’s worries have suddenly increased tenfold. Both the baby he […]

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The Mindy Project 3×16 ‘Lahiri Family Values’: NY or bust

When The Mindy Project switched locations on us midseason, taking us from New York to California, I adored it. It allowed the show to organically work in some new characters, such as the hilarious Rob, and it made Mindy a fish out of water for a while. The character of Mindy Lahiri loved it so […]

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The Mindy Project 3×15 ‘Dinner at the Castellanos’: Daddy Issues

After last week’s bombshell that Mindy was pregnant, it made sense that this would be the only subject that this week’s episode would focus on. She had to come to terms with her pregnancy, and to do that she had to tell Danny she was pregnant. Unfortunately, her perfect plan of taking him on a […]