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The Middle 6×16 ‘Flirting with Disaster’ : Can’t rush a quest

Frankie gets her flirt on this week, but not with Mike. No, they’re far too married to flirt with each other. Instead, Frankie uses her feminine charms on Axl’s college friend, who is admittedly charm-worthy. It’s all well and good, until Axl and the friend find out about Frankie’s attraction. Or do they? Nicolette Schneider […]

The Middle 6×15 ‘Steaming Pile of Guilt’ : Weird Asley’s revenge

After the last episode was focused almost entirely on Sue, we’re back to the usual format. The one where all the Hecks must cope with their various train wrecks. Frankie and Mike go out for parents of the year when they realize they missed Brick’s birthday by three months. Which, in fairness, isn’t nearly as […]

The Middle 6×14 ‘The Answer’ : “No snuggle bed for you!”

So, it’s answer time. Yes, no, maybe? What will Sue say to Darrin’s unexpected proposal? So many possibilities. Well, only three, really, but that still makes for several possibilities. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified TV fanatic. She often prefers fictional people over real ones. When she does make […]

The Middle 6×13 ‘Valentine’s Day VI’ : We’re not kissing because we want to

It’s nearly Single’s Awareness Day, which means our favorite shows are upping the romance. For the Hecks, this Valentine’s Day will go down in history. Brick has his first kiss, Axl actually makes an effort to do something special for Devin, and Sue…well, let’s save the craziest for last. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, […]

The Middle 6×12 ‘Hecks on a Train’ : Life is fleeting

It was bound to happen soon, Aunt Edie has died, and the Hecks hop a train to South Dakota to bury her next to her husband. Axl thinks he killed her, Sue thinks she’ll never get into college, and Brick helps steal some beer. So, just another family trip. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, […]

The Middle 6×11 ‘A Quarry Story’ : It would be my honor to clean your toilets

The big news this week is that Sue gets in trouble. Real trouble, not like that time she snuck into an R-rated movie and no one cared very much. Meanwhile, Axl is back home with the family, raising the question of how anyone learns stuff in that school with so many vacation day every other […]

The Middle 6×10 ‘Pam Freakin’ Staggs’ : High school never ends

Well boys and girls, it’s time once again for a Famous Guest Star episode. This week, it’s Kirstie Alley visiting the Hecks, and as quite the Kirstie fan, I was all for this. Especially when the lady who got famous on Cheers decided to tend bar. Yup, that was great. Nicolette Schneider is a lit […]

The Middle 6×09 ‘The Christmas Wall’ : Did you get into the eggnog already?

It’s holiday time again, for us as well as our TV people. In the Heck house, Frankie decides she’s not going to ‘do’ Christmas, Brick fixates on people he’s never met, and the other kids…well they don’t do much of anything. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified TV fanatic. […]

The Middle 6×07 ‘Thanksgiving VI’ : The one at the restaurant

So, I love holiday episodes. Partly because I’m a sentimental dope, mostly because they’re a recipe for great fun. Especially Christmas or Thanksgiving shows, where oftentimes the recipe calls for forcing people who shouldn’t be together to sit at the same table and pretend they want to be there. It’s a simple yet awesome formula, […]

The Middle 6×06 ‘The Sinkhole’ : A new way to wash dishes

Let’s face it, the Heck home has always been crap, and the Hecks themselves are the first to admit it. I’m not even talking about the hideous green interior either, which is its own kind of awful. No, this week the family domicile is almost literally falling down around them. And, as per usual, their […]

The Middle 6×05 ‘Halloween V’ : The great Halloween show, Charlie Brown

It’s time once again for the usual round of Halloween themed episodes. For the Hecks, this means a reversal of roles. Case in point. Brick has a date with a real live human girl while Axl spends the night studying. And Sue…well she doesn’t actually have a role reversal. She does her typical thing of […]

The Middle 6×04 ‘The Table’ : Let your freak font fly

This week in the Heck house, it’s Frankie and Mike’s anniversary. They might not know exactly how long they’ve been married, but that doesn’t stop them from making the day awesome. Well, actually it’s a train wreck, but that’s to be expected with this couple, and they make it a pretty dang great train wreck. […]

The Middle 6×03 ‘Major Anxiety’ : Decisons, decisons

After a couple underwhelming episodes, I’m happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. For the first time this season, The Middle was back to working as a whole, with every storyline managing some laughs. Perhaps the TV gods finally got sick of hearing me whine, and decided to fix the show. Or it […]

The Middle 6×02 ‘The Loneliest Locker’ : Taking care of business and working overtime

I complained last week that the season premiere was a bit lackluster. I’d rather not have to repeat myself, but I don’t have much choice. It’s not that this episode was bad, but it wasn’t great either. Only two episodes in, its way too early for the show to be in a rut. Too bad […]

The Middle 6×01 ‘Unbraceable You’ : The year of Sue

After a long, relaxing summer, the Hecks are back to their usual shenanigans. We got the standard premiere episode, with the family struggling to readjust to school and schedules. They typically fail miserably at this, but this year they did a particularly bad job, missing the first days of school altogether. Solid parenting guys, solid […]

The Middle 5×23/5×24 ‘Orlando’ and ‘The Wonderful World of Hecks’ : The one where they go to the wrong park

For the season ender, we get a double-sized episode where the gang heads to Disneyland. Or Disneyworld. They go someplace with Disney things and the usual chaos follows them. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified TV fanatic. She often prefers fictional people over real ones. When she does make […]

The Middle 5×22 ‘Hecks on a Hard Body’: What do you think I did in college?

It’s almost finale time, so this episode had to set up the family’s Disney vacation next week. Specifically, how they could take a vacation, since we’re constantly reminded how poor they are. Fortunately, the buildup to that answer makes for a very entertaining ride. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a […]

The Middle 5×21 ‘Office Hours’: Dude where’s my car?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote in my review about Brick being friendly with geriatric librarians. What happens this week? Brick invites his book club of geriatric widows over to the house. Called it! Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified TV fanatic. She often prefers fictional people over real […]

The Middle 5×20 ‘The Optimist’ : All you gotta do is be awesome

I enjoyed this episode more than the last few I’ve seen for this show. Which doesn’t mean that it won’t give me nightmares. You know that great feeling when you forget to do something super important, and then have to scramble like a lunatic at the last minute to get it done? I know that […]

The Middle 5×19 ‘The Wind Chimes’: It’s not sexy like air pollution or water pollution

This week we get the return of Brooke Shields as Rita Glossner. In her attempts to beautify the neighborhood, Rita buys a set of wind chimes. Frankie actually appreciates this. Until she realizes that they live on a street where the wind never, ever stops. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and […]