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The Middle 7×14 ‘Film, Friends and Fruit Pies’ : “Always friend down.”

This week, we have Axl struggling with work, Sue realizing that her perfect roommate maybe isn’t so perfect, and Brick morphing into a tyrannical little psychopath. I know which of those I found most interesting, how about you? Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified TV fanatic. She often prefers […]

The Middle 7×12 ‘Birds of a Feather’ : 9 to 5

Work, work, work, that’s the theme of things this week. Well, school too, but school is rather like work on the bad days, and even the good ones. Frankie struggles at the dental office after it’s taken over by an evil corporate chain of dental offices, Axl learns that being an intern sucks, and Sue […]

The Middle 7×11 ‘The Rush’ : Mike’s Twitter war

Winter hiatus is over and the Hecks are back. Frankie does that thing she does at least twice a season where she suddenly realizes her kids are growing up too fast, Sue rushes sororities because of course she does, she wants to join everything all the time, and Mike gets dragged kicking and screaming into […]

The Middle 7×10 ‘No Silent Night’ : One Hecked up Christmas

With Christmas upon them, Frankie decides to avoid the usual shenanigans by skipping church. Why show up embarrassingly late and get stuck watching the service on a TV in the overflow room when they can stay home and watch a service from their couch? Perfect plan, right? What could possibly go wrong? Nicolette Schneider is […]

The Middle 7×09 ‘The Convention’ : The university of Axl

With Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s time for Frankie to head back to work. Kind of. Actually she heads to a dental convention with her boss, all expenses paid. She also kicks Axl out of her house and into Sue’s dorm. And Brick, he needs a babysitter while his parents are gone. Or does […]

The Middle 7×08 ‘Thanksgiving VII’ : “Read the packet!”

It’s Thanksgiving. A time for all families to gather round, pig out, and generally drive each other crazy. All families except the Hecks, who vote to have Thanksgiving next May, since everyone’s busy. Frankie’s got a holiday job that requires her to wear a bonnet, Sue’s working crazy hours at her old job, hoping to […]

The Middle 7×07 : Homecoming II: The Tailgate : “Oh my God I’m a Batman villain!”

After a week off to make room for the CMA’s, the Hecks are back to celebrate Homecoming. That means lots of puking, parental embarrassment, and Mike obsessing over a really big spatula. What is it with guys and the size of their spatulas? Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified […]

The Middle 7×06 ‘Halloween VI: Tic Toc Death’ : The Orson Zone

Full disclosure, this may be one of my favorite episodes ever. Was the writing epic and phenomenal? Not necessarily. Was the concept super original? God no. Was this show different from the last hundred-plus we’ve seen? Heck yes. It was different, it bucked the usual formula, and I love it for that. Nicolette Schneider is […]

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The Middle 7×05 ‘Land of the Lost’ : One big distraction from death

You know things are bad when Mike doesn’t want to watch a Colts game. While Frankie tries to figure out what’s causing his sudden depression, Sue takes Brick on a tour of her campus. And then loses him. But she finds a hot guy, so she’s really not that concerned. Nicolette Schneider is a lit […]

The Middle 7×04 ‘Risky Business’ : “We played sex chicken and lost.”

Mike’s idiot brother with all the idiot ideas is back, but this idea might not have quite so much idiot in it. Are the Hecks going to become filthy rich? Well, no, we all know that’s not going to happen, this show’s way too formulaic. Also, it’s not that final season of Roseanne the idiot […]

The Middle 7×03 ‘The Shirt’ : Middle-life crisis

Axl’s worst nightmare becomes reality when Sue interferes with his love life. Brick’s cleaning methods threaten to bring the Heck house down around it’s occupants. And, most shocking of all, Mike wears a Hawaiian shirt. It’s the end times, people, head for the bunkers. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a […]

The Middle 7×02 ‘Cutting the Cord’ : Brick the bookmark

Sue’s officially a college girl, but dorm life isn’t all that she expected. After getting two kids through to the higher education system, Frankie and Mike are too tired to parent anymore, leaving Brick to fend for himself. Axl, he’s got ant problems, and his whole storyline’s rather boring, until he does that thing he […]

The Middle 7×01 ‘Not Your Brother’s Drop Off’ : Bang, you’re dead

The Hecks are back, and it’s time to say goodbye to one of their own. Kind of. They’re dropping Sue off at college. Of course if Axl’s school experience is any indication, Sue will be home more often than she isn’t, so it’s not like we’re actually losing a character. Seriously, why even go away […]

The Middle 6×24 ‘The Graduate’ : A proper send-off

Several things come to a close in this episode. The infamous Year of Sue, Sue’s high school career as a whole, and the show’s sixth season. I’ve been expecting the usual quirky hijinks for weeks now. What I didn’t anticipate? Being so genuinely touched by the proceedings. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic […]

The Middle 6×23 ‘Mother’s Day Reservations’ : Tea for six

Rule number one of parenthood? Never give your children an excuse to criticize you. Well, that’s my number one anyway, but not Frankie’s, it would seem. She asks the kids how she rates as a parent, and is unprepared for the answers. Meanwhile, Mike faces down the Internet, and the children continue to be awful […]

The Middle 6×22 ‘While You Were Sleeping’ : Keep the government out of the sauce

The Year of Sue is drawing to a close, and Sue doesn’t have a date for her senior prom. Because of that minor thing where her boyfriend proposed to her and then they broke up. Meanwhile, Frankie and Mike do a terrible job of trying to reignite their romance, while Axl and Brick decide to […]

The Middle 6×21 ‘Two of a Kind’ : Do before they’re dead

So, Frankie’s uncle comes to town, and it’s uncanny how much he looks like Tag, Frankie’s dad. I spent half the episode marveling at this before looking it up and realizing that yes, Tag is played by Jerry Van Dyke, uncle Dutch played by Dick Van Dyke. Brothers in real life. My grandmother would be […]

The Middle 6×20 ‘Food Courting; : Parents just don’t understand

Lots going on with the Hecks this week. Frankie battles it out with Brick, who’s suddenly become a typical bratty teenager. Sue agonizes over her career decisions when the owner of a Chinese restaurant in the mall tries to entice her away from her longtime job at Spudsy’s. And Mike struggles to get Axl to […]

The Middle 6×18 ‘Operation Infiltration’ : The cuddle picture

Here’s the thing. Devin Levin is the best girlfriend Axl’s ever had. May they date long and prosper, and share many, many more episodes together. She’s a gift to Axl, and the audience. Why? Because she humiliated her boyfriend and gave us some awesome Sue scenes in the process. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, […]

The Middle 6×17 ‘The Waiting Game’ : The singing episode

Waiting for college acceptance letters. Does anything suck more? Well yeah, actually, getting college rejection letters. Sue faces that unfortunate plight this week, left wondering about her future while all her friends make their school plans. Her parents are stressing right along with her, Brick faces the struggle of the young novelist, and Axl…he just […]