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The Mentalist 6×22 ‘Blue Bird’: or Characters doing things because the fans demand it!

The season finale! This is it, the season is over! What a note to send it out on. I don’t agree with it, but if that’s how you want your show to end, then that’s a fantastic ending point. Except it’s not, the show was renewed, so… what now? Where do they go from here? […]

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The Mentalist 6×21 “Black Hearts”: or Make up your mind Lisbon!

First off guess what happened last week. The Mentalist got renewed! Huzzah, kinda. If they can pick back up to the quality of past seasons then I am so there. If they keep going the way the latter half of this season has then I’ll certainly keep watching, but I won’t be happy about it. […]

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The Mentalist 6×20 ‘Il Tavolo Bianco’: or Hills of beans or whatever

The synopsis for this episode is, ‘Jane’s freedom is at stake when a grand jury is empanelled to decide if he should be tried for the murder of Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon tries to find out how Jane feels about the possibility of her leaving Austin with Agent Pike.’ And sure enough this is how […]

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The Mentalist 6×19 ‘Brown Eyed Girls’: or Taken 3

It’s the count down to the end. Only three episodes left and no renewal in sight :’( Last night’s episode was part one of a three parter. Therefore expect to only get one third of a review. In fact don’t be surprised if I go all Sopranos on you and cut off mid-thought. Paul Choate […]

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The Mentalist 6×18 ‘Forest Green’: or No girls allowed!

The body of a dead woman is found outside of a ritzy, men only, resort. The resort is full of some of the most powerful men in the country, and all of them claim that the woman couldn’t possibly be from the resort, even though there’s nothing else around for miles. This case has Jane’s […]

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The Mentalist 6×16 ‘Violets’: or Let’s cosplay and steal art!

In arguably my favorite post Red John episode yet, and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise, we get to see all the reasons why Patrick Jane is so cool. There was a lot of fun to be had this week, albeit there was a rather large bit of something lacking, and a bit of […]

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The Mentalist 6×14 ‘Grey Water’: or Apparently if you recognize the tune of London Bridge is falling down you’re a murderer

In a welcome change from last week’s episode the murder case of ‘Grey Waters’ was actually interesting. The team is working on two cases this week, the murder of a man suing an oil company and the murder of LaRoche and Ardiles. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a […]

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The Mentalist 6×13 ‘Black Helicopters’: or Drama free

  Albeit the crime part was lackluster in this episode, the character interactions were priceless. It was a good episode, 70% of the time. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and an avid fan of comics as well as equally nerdy fare. When he’s not watching television […]

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The Mentalist 6×12 ‘Golden Hammer’: or It’s a Mentalist family reunion

Tim Kang’s character Cho I believe says it best. At one point he comments that Jane is acting like his old self. Like when they first started working together, you know crazy. Part of that’s true. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and an avid fan of […]

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The Mentalist 6×11 ‘White Lines’: or Jane’s got a date

With the mid-season break over and the origin story of Jane’s new career told it’s time to start getting into some good old fashion episodic storytelling. This is a perfect jumping on point for anyone not already watching the series. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and […]


The Mentalist 6×10 ‘Green Thumb’: or Jane gets what he wants

Last week’s episode was part one of a two part story and so there wasn’t really much to be said. The second part is over and we are starting to get a clearer picture of the new format for the show. Now there is something to talk about. Paul Choate was born with a remote […]

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The Mentalist 6×09 ‘My Blue Heaven’ : or You can’t keep him away

A new beginning they call it and it really is a new start not only for Jane but for the entire show. The good Simon Baker steps into the director’s chair this week. He is not prolific in his directing, this being only his 4th, however the ones he has done have been very good. […]

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The Mentalist 6×08 ‘Red John’: or Death of a lawmen!

CALLED IT! For the record I totally called it. If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want me to just blurt out who Red John is then go watch the episode and then come back and read this. For those of you who want to know then I’ll tell you right after the ‘Read […]

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The Mentalist 6×07 ‘The Great Red Dragon’: or The breaking of the tea cup

Yesterday’s episode was a doozy. All today that opening scene has been bugging me. Either A. there was a big editing or continuity error, B. simply a shoddy script, or C. I figured out who Red John is. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and an avid […]

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The Mentalist 6×06 ‘Fire and Brimstone’: or Tattoos are all the rage

The person who killed Kira Tinsley, supposedly Red John, has a tattoo of three dots on his shoulder. So Jane sets out to gather all of his remaining suspects in one location and check all their shoulders, at gun point. There are five of them and one by one Jane and the gang round them […]

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Did you just fart in the elevator?

The Mentalist 6×05 ‘The Red Tattoo’: or Slingshot stabby stab!

In keeping with the layout of this season’s episodes so far, Jane investigates yet another Red John suspect, this time it’s Ray Haffner. I have to admit he can be kinda creepy at times. He used to be an agent in the CBI, but Jane made a total fool of him, it was hilarious, Paul […]

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A meeting of the minds

The Mentalist 6×04 ‘Red Listed’: or Burnt face dead guy from season 4!

**Spoilers right off the top in the first sentence!!** Kirkland is not connected to Red John?! WHAT?! Well, that’s not true, he is, but not in the way we all assumed. He is desperate to KILL Red John, not part of Red John’s organization, which I shall henceforth refer to as The Legion of Doom. […]

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The Mentalist 6×03 ‘Wedding in Red’: Or pizza delivery gone wrong!

In this exciting episode of The Mentalist Jane forces himself on a case in Sheriff McAlister’s jurisdiction just so he can investigate the Sheriff himself. He keeps trying to make the case out to be something big enough to involve the CBI, big money, or ulterior motives, or something, anything. But it’s just a pizza […]

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You've got red on you

The Mentalist 6×02 ‘Black-winged Redbird’: Or drones that go BOOM!

One episode down and one suspect off the list. We are making good time. As the Red John mystery deepens we once again encounter that annoying detour of ‘murder.’ I mean what do those cops think they’re doing? Their jobs? Well yes, but that’s not the point! Paul Choate was born with a remote control in […]

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I got Peanuts in my gun!

The Mentalist 6×01 ‘The Desert Rose’: Or flowery skeleton dude!

Supposedly this season is the FINAL CHAPTER for Red John, Bruno Heller himself has been very clear about it, Red John will be caught and or killed this season, and it’s about time! They’ve been teasing us with this for 5 seasons now and frankly it’s gotten rather ridiculous. What kind of a serial killer […]