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The Last Man on Earth 3×07 ‘Mama’s Hideaway’: Weirdo Family

For the past couple of episodes, we’ve watched as Melissa began to spiral out of control, undone by the fact that she killed a person. The buildup finally paid off as Melissa, unable to cope with herself, decides to leave the group. It’s a good way to bring her whole plot to a head, and […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×06 ‘The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths’: A little hope goes a long way

When I first starting reviewing The Last Man on Earth, I did not count on it making me cry so much. This week’s episode was a tearjerker, with the characters attempting to come to terms with the death all around them. Lewis was mourning Mark, his presumed dead partner; Tandy was still dealing with the […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×05 ‘The Power of Power’: A new home

Two weeks ago, TLMOE’s episode ended with the Tucson Crew heading towards a light on the horizon – literally. The light turned out to belong to a building that still, somehow, had electricity. From the moment they saw it, it was clear that property was going to be their new home. Their new home is […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×04 ‘Five Hoda Kotbs’: Everyone’s falling apart

As anyone who’s ever been on a road trip can testify, the hardest part of the trip is getting through it without getting completely sick of the other people with you. No matter how much you care about someone, being in cramped corridors makes people irritated and grumpy. A road trip is the perfect way […]


The Last Man on Earth ‘You’re All Going to Diet’: On the road again

Well, it looks like we really are getting that road trip I hoped for. The Tucson Crew has finally thrown the towel in and decided to find a new home. This decision, of course, comes on the heels of the realization that Pat is actually still alive and probably still vengeful. Tandy and Lewis make […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×02 ‘The Wild Guess Express’: R.I.P.?

One of the main jokes in The Last Man on Earth is that absolutely no one in the Tucson Crew knows how to survive. Any jobs they had before aren’t relevant to their current circumstances, and any person who does have survival skills is killed off or made into an enemy. When it comes to […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×01 ‘General Breast Theme with Cobras’: Road trip!

Let’s face it: the Tucson Crew has never been great in a crisis. Even though they’re managed to survive a planet-wide virus, at the end of the day they’re just a bunch of regular people trying to deal with a destroyed civilization. So to put them in a situation where they need to defend themselves […]

Tucson Crew 2

The Last Man on Earth 2×18 ’30 Years of Science Down the Tubes’: Trouble is coming

I’ve been waiting all week for the season finale of The Last Man on Earth. The stakes were as high as they’ve ever been – Mike had caught the virus and fled in order to protect the Tucson crew. I thought it was the last we would see of him, but the show (and Tandy) […]

Mike Phil

The Last Man on Earth 2×17 ‘Smart and Stupid’: So long

Jason Sudeikis’ stint on The Last Man on Earth has been one of my favorite parts of the season, but it also puzzled me. How were they going to write Mike out? It’s easy enough to do in a regular show, but The Last Man on Earth is completely different. On this show, there’s nothing […]


The Last Man on Earth 2×16 ‘Falling Slowly’: Baby crazy

I love The Last Man on Earth for multiple reasons: the sudden twists in plot; the half-fun, half-horrific take on the end of the world; the great choice in casting. But one of my favorite things about the show is the relationship between Tandy and Carol. Initially set up as a classic sitcom scenario: a […]

Phil Beard

The Last Man on Earth 2×15 ‘Fourth Finger’: Things are getting hairy

Before anything else, can we just discuss how dedicated Will Forte is to this show? He spends the entire episode running around with half his body shaved, with make-up caked over his face. That takes some commitment. We also need to talk about Mike Miller, and his obnoxious behavior. So glad you made that huge […]

Mike Phil

The Last Man on Earth 2×14 ‘Skidmark’: The butt of the joke

Imagine spending three years in space. During that time, you watch your fellow astronauts die, hear that everyone you know and love on Earth is dying from a virus, and spend most of your time in isolation. You survive by talking to worms and hoping that someone, anyone is out there. Secretly, even though you […]

Todd Tandy

The Last Man on Earth 2×13 ‘Fish in the Dish’: Babies on the brain

The Tuscon crew can’t be counted on to be rational in the best of times – remember how they would rather play gold bar Jenga rather than think about the future? But now with Phil’s death, their actions have gotten even more and more erratic. Megan Wright  

Tucson Crew

The Last Man on Earth 2×12 ‘Valhalla’: Mad with grief

The Last Man on Earth is a show inherently centered around death. Our cast of characters has endured losing the world they knew, as well as their friends and family. It makes sense that any little bit of death would hurt them immensely. The specter of Phil’s death looms over ever single character in “Valhalla”, […]

Mike and Pat

The Last Man on Earth 2×11 ‘Pitch Black’: Okay, everybody needs to stop calling themselves “the last man on earth”

After three years away from home, Mike Miller has finally made it back to earth. Considering how dark the mid-season finale was, this opening (with Mike crashing into a deserted cruise ship) was a surprisingly joyful moment. Of course, this being The Last Man on Earth, it was immediately followed up by Mike nearly dying […]


The Last Man on Earth 2×10 ‘Silent Night’: Sleep in heavenly peace

I’m not really sure if we can classify The Last Man on Earth as strictly a comedy anymore. It’s possibly one of the most game-changing comedies on television right now (which is a lot to say about a show where one of the recurring jokes is “Let’s see what gross food gets caught in Tandy’s […]

Christmas Phil

The Last Man on Earth 2×09 ‘Secret Santa’: Christmas Carol

It’s telling that The Last Man on Earth has its Christmas episode one week before its fall finale. Normally in comedies, a Christmas episode wraps up the first half of the season, and makes for a touching fall finale. But The Last Man on Earth has never hid the fact that, while it’s a comedy, […]

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The Last Man on Earth 2×08 ‘No Bull’: One not so big happy family

The Last Man on Earth has spent the last few weeks proving how unlikeable Phil is: beating up Tandy, wishing that Tandy was dead, attempting to woo Carol away from Malibu, etc. But this week’s episode twisted the tables, offering up the idea that nobody on the Tucson crew was really likable. Megan Wright  

Erica and Gail

The Last Man on Earth 2×07 ‘Baby Steps’: The blame game

On a regular TV show, a character having a baby is an important event. It changes the show and characters forever. But on a show like The Last Man on Earth, where having a baby means carrying on the human race, childbirth is an even more terrifying, momentous event. Megan Wright  

Phil 2

The Last Man on Earth 2×06 ‘Real Live Wire’: Oh, baby

The Last Man on Earth is a show I look forward to watching every week, mainly because you’ll never know what you’re going to see. Crickets as a meal? It’s happened. People using stocks as a punishment? We’ve see that twice now. This show makes the most out of its premise – with society destroyed, […]