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The Knick 1×10 ‘Crutchfield’: The biggest face palm you will ever give yourself

It’s season finale time, folks. Time to say goodbye to The Knick until we can visit it again in a year’s time. While the finale doesn’t pack the heaviest of punches, it sure delivers several light punches throughout so that by the end of it, it feels like the basic equivalent of a heavy punch. […]


The Knick 1×09 ‘The Golden Lotus’: Drugs are still bad

One episode left. Tensions are high. Drug addictions are even higher (pun intended). We viewers who have stuck around are waiting with baited breath for the season finale. But for now, we must merely speculate on what could possibly happen and draw what we can from the events of the most recent episode. Let’s carry […]


The Knick 1×08 ‘Working Late a Lot’: And that’s why drugs are bad

I’d like to imagine the method for coming up with the episode titles for The Knick is someone sitting in a dark room solely tasked with this tedious burden and they must of just thought to them-self “You know, I’m just gonna take a random phrase from each episode and make it the episode title. […]

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The Knick 1×07 ‘Get the Rope’: Angry mobs and hanky panky

With three episodes left, I guess the action has to start somewhere. Violence and sex are key components in this episode (not together, fortunately), and now it’s time for our little brains to freak out and figure out what in the heck is going to happen in the last three episodes. Sarah Lord is a […]

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The Knick 1×06 ‘Start Calling Me Dad’: I’d rather not, thanks

As each episode keeps coming, The Knick delivers more and more. And with only four episodes left, it’s hard not to imagine what the climax is going to possibly be. The most gripping parts of this episode happen in the last 15 to 20 minutes, but the episode as a whole presents us with results […]


The Knick 1×05 ‘They Capture The Heat’: I feel a love traingle brewing

Well, we’re halfway through the first season of The Knick. It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the midway point. I feel so conflicted. I want to see more, but I don’t want to have to wait for more. It goes to show that┬áThe Knick┬áhas proven to grab my attention, and I’m sure the […]

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The Knick 1×04 ‘Where’s the Dignity?’: Apparently it’s no where to be found

After a week hiatus, The Knick is back. And thankfully so. New developments have cropped up and that slow burn of a build up is starting to really come along. We get more screen time with supporting characters, and tensions are so high that people even get punched in the face. I know. It’s getting […]

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The Knick 1×03 ‘The Busy Flea’: Syphilis is no joke, kids

I feel like most of us were waiting for an episode that displayed the perils of sexually transmitted diseases, mostly because of the time period and seeing as where this show is going, it would be pretty gritty. But I don’t think any of us were expecting Ms. No Nose to show up. Who knew […]

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The Knick 1×02 ‘Mr. Paris Shoes’: Faulty electrical wiring seems to be the main symptom

An electrical malfunction may not be the most gripping subplot to a brand new television series, but it is when it’s the early 1900s and it causes a patient to be set aflame and a nurse to be electrocuted. Again, a gleeful reminder that living in the modern age isn’t a totally bad thing. I […]


The Knick 1×01 ‘Method and Madness’: Strong stomach recommended

A failed c-section and a suicide are a lot to happen in the first fifteen minutes of a pilot of a new TV series. And yet, it is definitely a way to either draw in viewers right away or possibly deter them forever. Either way, it is a very strong start to a show, and […]