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The Fosters 1×11 “The Honeymoon”: The morning after.

Finally The Fosters returns and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s starts directly after the beautiful ceremony between Stef and Lena, the lust between Brandon and Callie and the [understandable] sass from Jude. The last episode ended with Callie hitching a ride with her Wyatt as he travels to his grandparents. Hassan H. Riding the emotions of […]

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At, we try our best to write reviews that invite discussion from fellow fans and critics. To end the summer with a bang, we’re giving away a gift card for one month of Hulu Plus (there’s also a one week free trial for new signups) to one lucky winner. The contest will last two weeks, until 9pm Pacific […]

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The Fosters 1×10 ‘I Do’: The scar, the bullet and the woman

A month has passed since the last episode of ‘The Fosters’. Stef is thankfully out of hospital and should be resting, but she’s finding it hard. Mike still hasn’t returned to work and his place at work is still under questioning. All the family is around and heads begin to clash with Stef’s eccentric mother […]


The Fosters 1×09 ‘Vigil’: DNA doesn’t make a family, love does.

Wow, what an explosive episode. Ever since I watched the promo (and the previous episode) I have been eagerly awaiting to see who got shot! At first I thought maybe Jesus, but then when the promo came out that idea was out of the window and I presumed it would be Stef rather than Mika because […]


The Fosters 1×08 ‘Clean’: Bang bang.

As per usual, ‘The Fosters’ never fail to deliver as we are presented with another strong episode that will leave all viewers eagerly awaiting the next installment. Thanks to Callie opening up to her foster moms, Sarah has been removed from her foster home and I’ve got a feeling Liam won’t be happy about this […]

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The Fosters 1×07 ‘The Fallout’: He told me I was special.

Well, ‘The Fosters’ have done it again! It’s all you can eat, this week, as they deliver yet another powerful episode packed full of twists and turns with a serving of emotion infused with drama! It all kicks off with the backlash from Mariana’s drunken outburst revealing that Lexi, the daughter of strict Christians, has […]


The Fosters 1×06 ‘Saturday’: I made the choice to be happy.

A Saturday at the Fosters is packed full of drama, auditions, secrets, lies and emotions. Brandon has his big audition coming up with a top piano teacher, Callie has a foster group meet-up, Jude has tutoring and Marianna is left alone as her boyfriend and best friend are both now an item. Speaking of the […]


The Fosters 1×05 ‘The Morning After’: I don’t want you dating anyone.

Hormones were flying everywhere in this weeks episode of The Fosters. After hearing about their friends divorce, Stef and Lena try to rekindle their passion in the bedroom keeping their romance burning. They soon realize this is easier said than done as they both have busy schedules and kids running in and out every second […]


The Fosters 1×04 ‘Quinceañera’: It’s her party and you can cry if you want to. .

The much-anticipated episode has finally arrived. With the promo leaving all fans buzzed a lot was expected from this episode. As per usual, The Fosters delivered! 10 points for you! Lets start things off with my personal fave event that took place this episode – Goodbye Talya! You have been evicted please leave the Fosters’ […]


The Fosters 1×03 ‘Hostile Acts’: Choices.

This weeks episode was prominently about choices; the good, the bad and the ugly. Mike asked Brandon if he wanted to come and live with him and Brandon said he’d think about it – which I was a little surprised about. However, thinking about it I can see how the craziness of his household could […]


The Fosters 1×02 ‘Consequences’: We’re married in our hearts.

The Fosters seems to be a very promising television show. With just the second episode of the season complete I am already in love with the cast, acting and plot lines that are forming. The pace also moves along perfectly. The Fosters exhibits just how much the show has to offer by slipping in characteristics […]


The Fosters 1×01 ‘Pilot’: They prefer the term people.

Jennifer Lopez and her production company ‘Nuyorican Productions’ bring this new show to our screens. The Fosters perfectly mirrors the current settings of the 21st century. Finally, a show that’ mixes ethical backgrounds without a majority. A show that emphasizes how a family can still be a family regardless of sexual orientations and biological genetics. […]