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The Fall 2.04-2.06 ‘Strangler’ ‘The Fall’ ‘In Summation’

For those following along at home, this is the review of the episodes four through six of The Fall season two. There’s been some major developments in the case, Stella Gibson is coming closer to putting Paul Spector away for good and he knows it. He’s become increasingly paranoid and is engaging in very risky […]


The Fall 2×01-2×03 ‘Walk the Line’, ‘One Named Peter’, “It’s Always Darkest’

For the uninitiated, The Fall is an excellent Netflix original series via BBC 2 that is both terrifying and visually stunning. If you haven’t seen the first series it’s still up and available to watch on Netflix and I highly recommend not watching it alone in the dark. There’s five episodes this season so I’ll […]