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The Originals 4×01 ‘Gather Up the Killers’: So…what’s going on?

I needed a refresher for sure before going into the premiere of The Originals this week. And I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this. Friday is a horrible night to air a show. So CW, let’s put this back on Monday. Anyways, we are five freaking years in the future making Hope practically […]


The Originals 3×22 ‘The Bloody Crown’: Consequences be damned…

Sick of pure exhaustion, I laid in the dark as The Originals’ season finale played somewhere and just thought, “I’ll watch it when I wake.” So that’s what I did and it appears the Mikaelsons lived, sort of, to fight another day…sort of. Four are in boxes and one is in a wall, but I […]


The Originals 3×21 ‘Give ‘Em Hell, Kid’: Like a ‘Goosebumps’ book…

…always a twist with The Originals. After sitting there in shock and tears over Marcel, it turns out he didn’t wind up like Cami and Davina. Oh no, the prophecy is still in full effect because he took that super serum and hell is about to break loose for the Mikaelsons with next week’s season […]


The Originals 3×20 ‘Where Nothing Stays Buried’: Heartless…

As the great Kanye West (well great according to himself) once asked, “How could you be so heartless?” When Klaus is the one on The Originals saying to follow your heart and spare his former enemy, and it’s Elijah and Freya doing what seemed to be one of the saddest things in recent history on […]


The Originals 3×19 ‘No More Heartbreaks’: McTears

Fast food hasn’t been in my body for a few months and with a new two-week gig starting up soon, I decided to celebrate by treating myself to one of those Taste Crafted sandwich things from McDonald’s while I watched this week’s episode of The Originals. This was a big mistake for a couple of […]


The Originals 3×18 ‘The Devil Comes Here and Sighs’: Stakes of love

The terrible twosome of this season used to be Aurora and her brother she’s too close with. Now she’s back and with love struck and power hungry Lucien by her side. So for an hour we had to watch them torture Klaus while Vincent tried to crack the ancestor code on The Originals. Kendra Beltran […]


The Originals 3×17 ‘Behind the Black Horizon’: Tears for fears

After a rocky start thanks to internet connections, I was able to tune into The Originals and I am 100% glad I did not have to wait until Hulu put it up much later tonight. Cami is apparently still alive and clueing Davina in about magic, Hayley and Klaus are Team Scooby Doo and Lucien […]


The Originals 3×16 ‘Alone with Everybody’: Meth and mayhem

Is it just me, or did The Originals this week feel like a darker version of Scooby Doo in a way? There was even an unveiling and yes, it wasn’t a wolf mask being taken off to reveal Fred from the old papermill but rather Freya after being taken hostage – there was something campy […]


The Originals 3×15 ‘An Old Friend Calls’: Paranoia

Hearts were broken, heads were taken off and hands were on the last remaining piece of the white oak on The Originals. With Klaus’ sire line being broken, the paranoia has set in and in the end we saw a man run to save not only his life but that of the one he loves […]


The Originals 3×14 ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’: Someone take out Davina

Sometimes I think I’m over The Originals. This is especially true since it’s moved to Friday nights and I usually have to wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch on Hulu. Every single one of these thoughts banished this week because I was on edge the entire freaking time. In the end, all I […]


The Originals 3×13 ‘Heart Shaped Box’: Family bonds

We bond with people for a number of reasons. Be it because of our genetic link to them, shared interests or both. The factors that go into what makes us close to some and not others are endless, and the idea of that was at the core of The Originals this week as Marcel showed […]


The Originals 3×12 ‘Dead Angels’: Cami’s an idiot…

Note to self, if an immortal vampire takes your family’s things – do not take the one weapon that can take his life. You will lose it. This is not a note Cami got on The Originals. I was shaking my head uncontrollably when the new witches in town were able to take the deadly […]


The Originals 3×11 ‘Wild at Heart’: Death sentences

Ugh, this move to Friday nights is not the business. Can we get League of Legends or whatever to switch places with The Originals? So on Saturday afternoon I sat down with Klaus and the rest of the lot to find that Davina was back to being an annoyance over a boy, Cami was out […]


The Originals 3×10 ‘A Ghost Along the Mississippi’: Bye Jackson

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen our favorite bloodsuckers and backstabbers, but alas The Originals is back and on a new night. Can we assume The CW has either lost faith in their vampires, or they assume those who watch these shows want to be in on Friday night. I’d be happier if they […]


The Originals 3×09 ‘Savior’: “Tell me I didn’t miss Christmas…”

Nothing says holidays in December like vampires, werewolves and witches…right? Well that’s how things roll in New Orleans on The Originals. Rebekah is back and not quite herself, Jackson thinks he’s okay now and Vincent – someone who I didn’t think had any chance of being a real character on this show, is somehow sticking […]


The Originals 3×08 ‘The Other Girl in New Orleans’: “…delightfully gruesome…”

The credits roll and you’re not quite sure if you liked or could disregard an episode. That’s where I am right now with The Originals. Loathing Cami since the start, but knowing Aurora is that insane love everyone will be unfortunate of having in their lifetime – I was torn during their face off. Meanwhile […]


The Originals 3×07 ‘Out of the Easy’: Latitude and longitude

From week to week it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on with The Originals, so you now I’m not happy about Thankgiving taking a week away from us. There are just so many details going on, sometimes I’m like…what? Like, I didn’t remember why the Stricts wanted Davina, but now that’s dealt with […]


The Originals 3×06 ‘Beautiful Mistake’: Stupid siblings…

Last week I could’ve walked away from The Originals because I was growing bored, but it’s like they heard me and really stepped it up this time around. Turns out Lucien and Tristan are working together along with Aurora but…can she really be trusted? Rebekah also stepped back into the picture but really, she for […]


The Originals 3×05 ‘The Axeman’s Letter’: Secret’s out…

Is it just me or are we already at the point in the season where things start to take a little dip on The Originals? This whole prophecy thing is dragging on a bit long and I just can’t seem to care and need the twists and turns to come up a little faster. One […]


The Originals 3×04 ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’: Always and forever

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t paying that much attention to The Originals as I had to get some other things done but I was listening to it like a child once listened to their favorite show on the radio and I do have some thoughts like, Hayley looks phenomenal in red, we either need […]