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The Blacklist 1×18 ‘Milton Bobbit’: It’s going to be one hell of a ride

We get one step further on the Tom Keen Mystery storyline of The Blacklist. We see Lizzie even start mapping out her own connection board from his Boston trip where he supposedly murdered someone, to Jolene to even his “brother” Craig. What I really loved about this episode is how sassy our Lizzie has become […]

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The Blacklist 1×17 ‘Ivan’: Curiosity inevitably kills the cat

Tom’s devious ways and Lizzie’s natural suspicions collide for a brief moment–only to have Tom escape before Lizzie could lay her eyes on him. However the twist on the end will bring a surprising gasp and evil smirk to all Blacklist Fanatics. A. Fiasco is a Jersey Girl who loves nothing more than to curl […]

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The Blacklist 1×16 ‘Mako Tanida’: Tom Keen, Lizzie’s husband and licensed to kill

It doesn’t even matter that this week’s target was Mako Tanida, this storyline is completely meaningless to anyone who has been waiting for two weeks since the biggest bombshell was dropped on us this season about our loving Tom, which is HE IS A MAJOR BADASS MO-FO! AND THERE IS STILL MORE TO COME SINCE LIZ STILL DOESN’T […]

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The Blacklist 1×15 ‘The Judge’: Verdict is out on Tom, and he’s GUILTY!

This was such a slow-moving episode–from the promos I thought we were going to get more of the Tom and Lucy (aka secret agent woman) storyline but it played out quick and 18 minutes into the episode. I was very disappointed and got too wrapped up in the names and politics and Agent Cooper somehow […]

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The Blacklist 1×14 ‘Madeline Pratt’: We will always have Florence

Reddington truly breaks the mold this episode with his quick thinking in the middle of tense and serious situations. For those who saw the episode I’m talking about another one of his amazing monologues where he grips at your heartstrings as he retells the events of what happened that fateful Christmas Eve twenty-odd years ago […]

The Blacklist 1×13 ‘The Cyprus Agency’: Oh baby…

NOTE: THE BLACKLIST WILL NOT BE on next week because of the OLYMPICS!  GO TEAM USA! This episode is all about the children.  This episode hits close to home with Lizzie and Reddington as an adoption agency  kidnaps young women, puts them under heavy medication so they are nearly comatose but still healthy enough to pop out children […]

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The Blacklist 1×12 ‘The Alchemist’: The innocent give their lives for the guilty to live

Reddington didn’t have such a swarming presence as he did last episode where he was on his revenge-filled killing spree, but he did leave his mark. Giving Lizzie advice on a horrible monster who manipulates DNA, saliva and has intensive cosmetic surgery skills to transform innocent people into criminals and kills them so the guilty […]

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The Blacklist 1×11 ‘The Good Samaritan’: There’s a man going around taking names

There’s a man going around taking names/And he decides who to free and who to blame Everybody won’t be treated all the same/There will be a golden ladder reaching down/When the man comes around…. A. Fiasco is a Jersey Girl who loves nothing more than to curl up on the couch in a comfy pair […]

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The Blacklist 1×10 ‘Anslo Gerrick Part Two’: Drama-packed season finale!

We have a LOT to talk about. Most importantly I have to jump to the ending where Lizzie finally asks the question we have asked since episode one, “Red, are you my father?” With the most agonizing pause in TV history Reddington (in a quiet and sad dark close up on a pay phone) says […]

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The Blacklist 1×09 ‘Anslo Garrick’: Trapped in a glass case of blood and emotion

What a crazy episode guys and it’s only halfway done! This thrilling two parter will gnaw at you. This is the first time we see Reddington lose his composure twice, in the beginning and end of the episode. The Black Site has been infiltrated by Garrick and his men, looking for their target: Reddington. And […]

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The Blacklist 1×08 ‘General Ludd’: Who’s your daddy?

Elizabeth Keen’s father is kinda (and not 100% certainly) revealed in this episode….twice.  A. Fiasco is a Jersey Girl who loves nothing more than to curl up on the couch in a comfy pair of pajamas and watch TV all day with her cat Boo Kitty. When she’s not watching TV she’s working at Lord […]

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The Blacklist 1×07 ‘Frederick Barnes’: Killer chemist seeks a cure for CURS disease

This episode caught me from falling into hating Reddington into loving him once again. Besides his witty, comical banter (especially with Lizzie in the elevator) we see Reddington reach a deeper meaningful level of his character we have never seen before. In the final minutes of the episode we see a sensitive more subdued Reddington, […]


The Blacklist 1×06 ‘Gina Zanetakos’: Forget about Gina, what about Tom!?!

This whole episode, which was supposed to be the most dramatic episode yet this season left more holes in the storyline than when it started! Who is Tom Keen and who is he REALLY working for? He literally was in the interrogation room with little Miss CIA until the last ten minutes of the episode.  […]

The Blacklist 1×05 ‘The Courier’: Beauty is only skin deep, but scars from the past go clean to the bone

Forget about Reddington, this episode was all about Elizabeth Keane and how her two worlds (work life with Reddington and home life with supposed-double-agent-and-husband-Tom) are colliding into each other faster than she could imagine. Her story line started off with her having a dark-horrific nightmare, while falling asleep she asks Tom about the Angel Station–it […]

The Blacklist 1×04 ‘The Stewmaker’: He’s in town and you’re gonna need a plumber

The Stewmaker is by far the most impactful episode (so far) since it reveals so much more about Raymond Reddington with a glimpse of a photograph. A. Fiasco is a Jersey Girl who loves nothing more than to curl up on the couch in a comfy pair of pajamas and watch TV all day with […]

The Blacklist 1×03 ‘Wujing’: You can’t spell believing without a lie in the center of it all.

Three episodes in and I’m excited on how much this show is improving each week! And so must be NBC since they signed off on 9 more episodes bringing them to 22 episodes this season! James Spader as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington and Megan Boone as Agent Elizabeth Keene are stealing the spotlight with their connected […]


The Blacklist 1×02 ‘The Freelancer’: Everything you came to learn about yourself is a lie

As confusing as this show is at some points I like the story lines that are developing in this episode and a twist ending so early in the season! I love how Tom is reintroduced into the episode again but never says a word, there are only subtle glances, touching of hands and that awkward […]

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The Blacklist 1×01 ‘Pilot’: I’m a criminal, and criminals are notorious liars…everything about me is a lie.

James Spader who plays Raymond Reddington, steals the show with his Hannibal-Lector like stare and cool, calm and collected demeanor. From his quiet surrender at the FBI where we see on a poster in the background he is on the ‘TOP 10 FBI MOST WANTED’ list to the way he speaks with the agents about […]