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The Bachelorette 10×11 ‘Week 10’: The final rose and beyond

Here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  Okay, maybe not everyone, but those of us who somehow got sucked in to this cheesy reality show about finding love probably have.  This last episode of The Bachelorette was a live viewing party that included an appearance by both of the final guys at […]

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The Bachelorette 10×10 ‘The Men Tell All’: Favorites in the hot seat

I gotta say, I was really looking forward to this reunion episode!  Seeing as I’d watched (almost) the entire season, I was excited to see recaps and hear what the boys had to say.  I was also thrilled that my three favorite contestants were the ones interviewed: Marquel, Marcus, and Chris! Stephanie Shar is a […]

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The Bachelorette 10×09 ‘Week 9’: And then there were two

After Marquel and Marcus were booted, I decided that my favorite was Chris.  Out of Chris, Josh and Nick, he’s the best guy.  Smart, sweet, accomplished and driven, he would make a great husband and father — which Andi said herself, after denying him entrance to the Fantasy Suite. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, […]

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The Bachelorette 10×08 ‘Week 8’: Hometown dates

What a week!  Andi went to visit all four boys and their families — Josh in Tampa, Chris in Iowa, Nick in Milwaukee and Marcus in Dallas — plus, they received the sad news of Eric Hill’s death. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and newbie mother making her dreams come true […]

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The Bachelorette 10×07 ‘Week 7’: The final countdown

The final four were pretty obvious this week, don’t you think?  I mean, Brian and Dylan barely got any airtime, and from what I can remember Dylan was the only one who hadn’t kissed her yet or said he was falling in love.  Despite the predictability of it all, this was an intense episode full […]

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The Bachelorette 10×06 ‘Week 6’: Truth, masks and lies

This week, Andi took the boys to Italy.  We saw two one-on-one dates (with Nick and Cody) and a group date (with the rest of the dudes).  Emotions were high, love was in the air, and drama ensued! Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and newbie mother making her dreams come true […]

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The Bachelorette 10×05 ‘Week 5’: Broken bromance

A lot happened this week, including drama between the bros, a skipped cocktail party and more contestants being let go than usual.  Let’s pull an Andi and cut right to the chase. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and newbie mother making her dreams come true in Los Angeles.    

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The Bachelorette 10×06 ‘The Journey So Far’: Recap week

I have to admit that I thought this episode was kind-of a cop-out and also an excuse to show the un-aired rose ceremony from last week.  If they were going to do something like this, they could’ve certainly created an entire episode as tribute to Eric.  It is what it is, though, and on the […]

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The Bachelorette 10×04 ‘Week 4’: Fake show, real drama

I’d never seen The Bachelor or The Bachelorette before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Both have terrible reviews on IMDB, but they must be doing something right if so many people are watching, you know?  So, I took the plunge and decided to try something new. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative […]

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At, we try our best to write reviews that invite discussion from fellow fans and critics. To end the summer with a bang, we’re giving away a gift card for one month of Hulu Plus (there’s also a one week free trial for new signups) to one lucky winner. The contest will last two weeks, until 9pm Pacific […]

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The Bachelorette 9×10 ‘Week 10’: The Sound of Settling

This episode of the Bachelorette, for being the final episode of a season wrought with deceitful pigs, rap music videos, bad poetry and Michael G, actually was not as climactic as Chris Harrison would have wanted you to believe. With the whispers of a Brooks reunion fresh on the live audience’s mind, we instead saw…not […]


The Bachelorette 9×09 ‘Week 9’: Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms…

Since Ann is out of town and Part 1 of the finale should not be missed, I’m offering you the wonderful opportunity of visiting our sister site, RealTVChat to read my review of the episode. Enjoy! Rae Bradshaw is the founder and editor of Gotta Watch It! She apologizes in advance for taking every available […]

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The Bachelorette 9×08 ‘Week 8’: Adjustments

This episode is about adjustments. Can Brooks fall in love already? Can we fix Desiree’s back? What will happen now that we’re back in the states? Most importantly, can we even do these family dates without Michael G, federal prosecutor?! (Well, yes. Yes to the last one.) Let’s begin! Ann S. Hi, my name is […]


The Bachelorette 9×07 ‘Week 7’: We need more adjectives

She needs to take a break to talk to some of the gals, though, so other previous Bachelor contestants (or: girls that at one time competed with Rachel Bilson, including the girl that won Sean’s heart) decide to contribute their advice about guys that they know nothing about. I actually like having the girls on […]


The Bacheloret​te 9×06 ‘Week 6’: He said, he said.

  I have been looking forward to this week. Oh, not to The Bachelorette, although who doesn’t love a weekly reminder of what true romance is (namely nothing on this show)? I have been looking forward to Dexter and the beginning of its final season. One consequence of watching Dexter is that watching The Bachelorette […]


The Bachelorette 9×05 ‘Week 5’: Today is Armageddon (I think).

In preparation for this episode, I listened to some Justin Bieber. Because like Justin Bieber, I found that this episode contained a lot of really expressive, poetic language. And beautiful visuals, because our boys go to Munich — which according to Mikey is “a nice city”. See what I mean? And there’s more–this episode, we […]


The Bachelorette 9×04 ‘Week 4’: Spaghetti and a whole lotta meatballs

The Bromance heats up this week on the Bachelorette: We are mother and daughter tag team who are “guesting” this week on Watch It Rae. Enjoy our take on this week’s The Bachelorette. Susan: Desiree is really hard to read. Desiree is the season’s mystery novel. The jacket of the book is pretty but what […]

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The Bachelorette 9×03 ‘Week 3’: “Physically and mentally exhausting”

Hi all! This is my first post for this website and I am incredibly excited to speak to you all about The Bachelorette. I am thrilled to be talking about this show because I am a huge fan of love and romance…and whatever it is that these people are doing. Ann S. Hi, my name […]

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The Bachelorette 8×10 ‘The Men Tell All’: She made me a believer that falling in love is so special

Every year, ‘The Men Tell All’ frustrates me to no end. If I ran things at ABC, I’d move the finale to Week 10, and lump TMTA and After the Final Rose into one special. That being said, it’s always an entertaining night. I don’t know how Kalon managed to fit his foot in his […]


The Bachelorette 8×09: The fastest, the buffest or the hippest?

If Emily thought this week was hard, the final rose is going to absolutely kill her. I’d like to save my dissection of the rose ceremony and the final rose promo until the end, so let’s dive into the dates. Part of Sean’s downfall may have been the fact that he had the first date […]