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Surviving Jack 1×07 ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’: A eulogy

This week has seen a culling of some of the best comedies on TV by the networks, with the likes of Trophy Wife, Enlisted and Community (my bitterness about that one knows no bounds #sixseasonsandamovie) all receiving the axe. Unfortunately Surviving Jack, one of this seasons better new comedies, also failed to avoid the chop […]


Surviving Jack 1×06 ‘She Drives Me Crazy’: Not the ‘She’ you were thinking of…

Despite the fact that Fox does comedy incredibly well (not that it’s very hard, pretty much every network has a hit comedy) I didn’t think I would enjoy this show as much as I did. First there’s the fact that the lead is an adorable kid that looks like a young, awkward Clark Kent and […]

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Surviving Jack 1×05 ‘Something to Talk About’: I don’t remember Casablanca being this good

There has to be a worry that at some point the writers of Surviving Jack are going to run out of witty acerbic one-liners for Christopher Meloni to utter due to the sheer volume that they are currently cramming into each episode, and when that day comes they’re in trouble because he drives all the […]

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Surviving Jack 1×04 ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’: That went from zero to crazy real fast

There are many sitcom tropes that when used often lead to shows being criticized for being cliché or unoriginal. What the critics of these conventions don’t understand or appreciate, however, is that when done well these conventions can still lead to a wildly entertaining and funny half hour of television, and that is exactly what […]

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Surviving Jack 1×03 ‘How Do You Talk To An Angel’: I apologize for getting in the way of you and your giant balls

This week’s installment of Surviving Jack made it 3 out of 3 for the series so far, there hasn’t been a bad episode yet and Christopher Meloni just keeps getting better as the titular Jack. There was a lot going on in this episode, starting with Frankie’s quest to ask out a girl to the […]