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Supernatural 9×10 ‘Road Trip’ : “It sure as hell ain’t gonna bring Kevin back.”

Sooooo, winter hiatus is over and I can get back to my fan girl viewing of Supernatural.  Color me excited!  I was not expecting such a packed episode.  This episode definitely went quick to the resolution.  Instead of dragging things out with Kevin’s death or Sam’s possession, we got right to it, resolved a ton, […]

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Supernatural 9X09 ‘Holy Terror’ : “If we’re going to war, I need to be ready.”

Ahhh…so we’re finally back in the main story arc and dealing with angels this week!  In fact, we’re dealing with actual armies of angels.  meanwhile, Crowley and Abaddon are nowhere to be seen.  Nevertheless, we’ve got Cas, Kevin, and Sam’s angel possession to deal with, so really plenty of stuff happens! Fenna B. is a […]

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Supernatural 9×08 ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ : “I got my V-card back!”

I feel very meh about this week’s episode.  It was a Monster-of-the-Week (in this case, Goddess-of-the-Week) episode, ignoring the main story arc of this season (except for a second at the end) and bringing back a tertiary character from previous seasons.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled with the big story arcs of recent seasons, but I’m […]

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Supernatural 9×07 ‘Bad Boys’ : “Sometimes, you gotta do what’s best for you…”

Ok, this episode gives me hope for future seasons.  At first, I was annoyed because it was sort of a bottle episode, ditching all non-Winchester character arcs.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I LOVE character development and there is still a LOT to learn about the boys.  So I […]

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Supernatural 9×06 ‘Heaven Can’t Wait’ : “There’s no putting the angels back in heaven.”

Finally, Kevin, Crowley, Cas, Abaddon, the gang’s all here and we’re back to the main story arc.  HOORAY!  That being said, I just kind of feel like not much really happened this episode.  While Kevin was there, he and Sam were relegated to “research,” and Ezekiel was non-existent.  Abaddon had a tiny scene and Crowley […]

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Supernatural 9×05 ‘Dog Dean Afternoon’ : “I always knew I’d find the source of all evil in a vegan bakery.”

What we have here is a classic “Monster of the Week” with a little comedy thrown in.  Despite Dean’s concern with Sam’s recovery, The Winchesters head to Enid, Oklahoma to investigate some strange deaths.  What they find is witchcraft.  What they do is take care of business, with a little help from a spell and […]

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Supernatural 9×04 ‘Slumber Party’ : “Ding dong, b*itches.”

This episode was sort of one of those one-offs but also something I feel like could be used for future development.  On one hand, it felt a lot like “Changing Channels” or “Weekend at Bobby’s”, a one-off episode meant to be funny, possibly to introduce another random character or to bring back a recurring character […]

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Supernatural 9×03 ‘I’m no angel.’ : It ain’t all just burritos and strippers, my friend.

Oh wow, this was such a beautiful and sad episode for me!  I was pretty excited to see that the mission of the show was to find Cas.  The show seems so wrong without The Winchesters AND Cas being together.  It was nice to have a single episode with a mission that would be resolved […]

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Supernatural 9×05 ‘Devil may care’ : You’re not gonna close the gates of Hell, because you didn’t.

Last night, Jared Padalecki posted the promo image that is the feature image for this post.  It was reblogged all over my Twitters because I follow the fandom.  I noticed immediately, the change from the original poster that you can see in my review of the season premiere, Sam looking at the “camera”, angels in […]

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Supernatural 9×01 ‘I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here’ : “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.”

I would like to start this post with a healthy dose, of OMG!  OMG!  SUPERNATURAL IS BACK!  SUPERNATURAL IS BAAAACK!!!!!!! *dances around room* *does carthwheel* HOORAY!!!!  *ahem* But also, OH NOES, IT’S THE FINAL SEASON…SAD FACE TIMES A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I have a confession : I crammed […]


We’re Pumped for the 2013-14 Season!

When I was a kid, I loved summer because I could stay home and watch TV all day. Now I’m an adult who stays home all day year-round and every year I anticipate the fall because summer TV sucks and fall brings the start of awesome returning shows and new favorites. I asked some of […]

LARP and the Real Girl

Supernatural 08×11 ‘LARP and the Real Girl’: but they’ll never take our freedom!

I have to say, I am fairly impressed with episode eleven of Supernatural. I haven’t been too impressed with season eight in general. I began watching the show for the scare tactic but this season had lost its touch just a bit. Every single actor in this show is extraordinarily talented but the plot has […]


Supernatural 08×10 ‘Torn and Frayed’: Both feet in or both feet out

After brief flashbacks of the events that have already unfolded in season eight of Supernatural, we finally get a glimpse of Samandriel; an angel we met earlier in the season. A face that appears almost too innocent, even for an angel. Maybe the casting directors did that intentionally in order to make the viewer’s feel […]

Citizen Fang

Supernatural 8×09 ‘Citizen Fang’: Everything isn’t what it seems

If you have grown attached to the resident vampire, Benny like I have, you’ll enjoy this week’s episode of Supernatural. Over the past few episodes, we have seen bits and pieces of the friendship between Benny and Dean. After the large quantity of loses that Dean has had to suffer through, it is really enduring […]

Hunteri Heroici

Supernatural 8×08 ‘Hunteri Heroici’: Cartoons aren’t always funny

When I flipped my television on to watch this week’s episode of Supernatural, I’m not sure what I was expecting. A monster of the paranormal variety is usually high up on the ‘expect to see list’ – yes, I have one of those. When the entire episode is based around a psychic gone cartoon wild, […]