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Supernatural 10×9 ‘The Things We Left Behind’ : “This vessel was ripped apart on a sub-atomic level.”

Soooo…it’s all family in this episode, even Castiel’s family, sort of.  We’ve got the brothers, bereft of any other family, being all brother like.  We’ve got Crowley and his mom, Rowena (who is up to no good), and we have Castiel’s meat suit’s daughter.  That poor girl has been all messed up by the fact […]

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Supernatural 10×07 ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ : “I’m evil. That’s just tacky.”

Ok, now we’re getting into the meat of things.  I thought this episode was super exciting.  It had everything; Crowley, Cas, demon, angles, nudity, steak, jokes at Dean’s expense, random guy trying to kill Dean, the Impala, hot girls, and an ancient and super powerful witch.  You know, the usual. Fenna B. is a native […]

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Supernatural 10×06 ‘Ask Jeeves’ : “Real men don’t drink out of cups this small.”

Another Monster-of-the-Week episode, but without much confusion, since they’ve encountered this type of monster before.  Based on the “then” section of the opening, I’m wondering if we’re going back to a lot of monster-of-the-week shows.  The “then” was all past monsters, including Calliope from last week.  This episode mentioned Bobby and The Mark of Cain […]

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Supernatural 10×05 ‘Fan Fiction’ : “Where is the truth in Supernatural?”

What we have here is a glorious meta episode.  I love these.  It is also, of course, a monster-of-the-week episode too.  This one is all Winchesters with a cameo by Carver Edlund at the very end. Fenna B. is a native NEOhioan who loves winter, Lake Erie, and dramas from the WB and the CW. […]

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Supernatural 10×04 ‘Paper Moon’ : “I need to work.”

Here we are, Dean is no longer a demon and Sam and he are ready to work.  No Crowley, no Castiel, just the Winchesters and some girl named, Kate, who is a werewolf.  It’s almost a classic Monster-of-the-Week episode.  Except this brings back an old character and has a little bit less hunting than most. […]

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Supernatural 10×3 ‘Soul Survivor’ : “What a load of crap it all is.”

Soooooo…Cas and Crowley sort of work together, Cas and Sam definitely work together, and I guess we have Dean back from demonhood.  Or whatever.  This episode wraps up Sam’s pursuit of Dean and his desire to cure Dean.  It also puts out of mind Cas’s stolen grace…for a little while.  And Crowley?  Well, he’s around. […]

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Supernatural 10×02 ‘Reichenbach’ : “That’s exactly what a psycho-liar would say.”

Soooo…I noticed that Supernatural’s intro finishes with the logo including a pentagram, which suggests witchcraft and the occult.   This episode included angels as well as demons, but the story line seemed more dark and in depth than all of last season.  I think we’re going to delve into The Mark of Cain this season and […]

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Supernatural 10×01 ‘Black’ : “WHERE IS MY BROTHER?!”

Aaaannnndddd, we’re back!  That gang’s all here; Cas, Crowley, Sam and Dean.  Apparently, Dean is a demon…or is he?  Either way, he and Crowley appear to be besties.  Sam is searching for Dean.  Cas is handling residual angel crap.  The stage is set for some drama among the current core cast, until someone new enters […]

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Supernatural 9×23 ‘Do You Believe in Miracles’ : “The more you kill, the better you feel…”

Oh how I love a season finale of Supernatural!  “Carry on My Wayward Son” starts playing and I just get all excited!  I reminisce about the years and how much I love that song and GISHWHES and just…geeking out like a fangirl!  This season, though, I felt like I could’ve gotten all I needed to know […]

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Supernatural 9×22 ‘Stairway to Heaven’ : “Agents Spears and Aguilera?”

At first, I was really excited that Cas is back.  Because, that first season with Cas, has to be my fave.  I think the chemistry among Cas and The Winchesters has to be really up there for relationships on Supernatural.  (Charlie might be my top, but it might be Cas.)  I have been DYING all […]

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Supernatural 9×21 ‘King of the Damned’ : “Just ’cause you’re hot for Metatron or Bieber or Beckham…”

FINALLY, we reach the end of the Abaddon storyline.  This story has been building all season and I find the ending to be a relief and sort of underwhelming.  Also, we have an appearance by Cas and more talk of that Metatron guy.  Whatever.  I find myself wishing this season would just wrap up already. […]

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Supernatural 9×20 ‘Bloodlines’ : “We shift our shape, it’s kinda all there in the name.”

Ooooh…y’all, we have a spin off!  Did you know this was coming?  I definitely knew a “Supernatural” spin off was in the works, but I didn’t know they’d air the pilot in the Supernatural season.  This was a cool introduction, I think, but did they give us enough to care about?  I’m digging the new […]

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Supernatural 9×19 ‘Alex Annie Alexis Ann’ : “If you two are FBI, then I’m Taylor Swift”

I mean, on one hand, I really liked this episode.  We have a monster-of-the-week with a recurring tertiary character, which generally adds up to fun.  I like seeing the Winchesters around someone with whom they are comfortable, because I think it shows some of their soft insides.  On the other hand, I really want to […]

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Supernatural 9×18 : Meta Fiction : ‘We’re going on the Kill Metatron Tour.’

Is anyone else annoyed at how The CW seems all lackadaisical about scheduling?  A week on, a couple weeks off, who cares but the viewers, right?  Also, I’m getting real tired of some weeks being about the Winchesters, some weeks about Abaddon, some weeks about Metatron.  Oh, this is a Metatron week, in case you […]

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Supernatural 9×17 ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ : “When I kill, I kill for a reason.”

So, this episode is all about the Abaddon (and somewhat Crowley) storyline, giving us some history.  But I think it’s also meant to be about the struggles and differences between the Winchester boys.  I also felt like there was a heavy dose of Dean Drama.  I think this episode was meant to carry weight and […]

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Supernatural 9×16 ‘The Blade Runners’ : “Welcome to the collection, Dean.”

I was excited to get back to some of the larger story arcs with this episodes.  Heaven was out, but Hell was in, and this show really show cased Crowley.  This episode also featured a really awesome guest appearance from Kavan Smith, who I know from “Eureka” (and you might know from somewhere else).  Kavan […]

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Supernatural 9×15 ‘#THINMAN’ : ” I just got punched right in the feels.”

On one hand, this episode featured old friends, “The Ghostfacers”.  On the other hand, this episode wasn’t even really monster-of-the-week.  This episode deviated from the main story line, which annoys me, because I’m deeply into that story line.  This episode also deviated from every other episode (I think), in that nothing supernatural was to blame. […]

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Supernatural 9×14 ‘Captives’ : “The drama, the fighting; it’s stupid.”

First, I’d like to rant a little about these wonky seasons…seasons ending in January, two-week hiatuses in February, the winter hiatus stretching out over two long months.  WTF?!  What is with all this randomness?  It makes it hard for me to keep up and I get all paranoid, checking Hulu every day!  Secondly, I’d like […]

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Supernatural 9×13 ‘The Purge’: “Either you leave or I’ll make you.”

It’s a monster-of-the-week episode and Sam and Dean are working together…sort of.  We’ve been here before, so many times, and it’s a little bit of a tiring routine.  Sam is mad at Dean for saving his life, they’re broken, but they’re working through it.  This episode brings up more of that moral dilemma Dean doesn’t […]

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Supernatural 9×12 ‘Sharp Teeth’ : “If you wanna work, let’s work.”

What we have here is a one-off that stands mostly outside of the current story arc.  I was actually loving Dean with Crowley versus Sam with Castiel.  I thought it was cool that they were separate and handling two different chunks of the main story.  But we can’t have the Winchesters apart for two long. […]