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Silicon Valley 1×06 ‘Third Party Insourcing’: Back to old habits

Although this week’s Silicon Valley was decent enough TV fare to keep me entertained, the show again starts to fall back on the tired old cliche of the high school whiz kid, with guest star Austin Abrams doing a convincing portrayal of Kevin “The Carver”, hacker extraordinaire. Oishee Shemontee is a college student who is always […]

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Silicon Valley 1×03 ‘Articles of Incorporation’: Pied Piper marches on

I have always been a big believer of this general rule of TV – three strikes, and a show’s out. If I’m not interested after watching three episodes, I’m probably not going to like the rest. Silicon Valley has been decent viewing material so far, but the first two episodes did not make me fall […]


Silicon Valley 1×02 ‘The Cap Table’: Practically predictable in every way

Stereotypes abound in this week’s episode! Awkward party thrown by nerds with nobody showing up? Check! A stripper whose presence terrifies the nerds but who just wants to get paid? Check! Shy submissive guy who is told to ‘be more of an asshole’ finally stands up to his so-called friends? Check! Oishee Shemontee is a […]


Silicon Valley 1×01 ‘Minimum Viable Product’: Light on comedy, heavy on atmosphere

The thing about branding a new show as a ‘comic look at the world of high-tech’, as the HBO press release refers to Silicon Valley, is that people are going to tune in expecting a half-hour of comedy. And yet, during the entire twenty-nine minutes of the pilot, my amusement level never once rose beyond […]