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Scandal 04x08.1

Scandal 4×08 ‘The Last Supper’: All of the affairs

The bugging of Elizabeth’s phone leaves her looking over her shoulder while the Three Musketeers decide on their plan to capture the elusive Rowan. Meanwhile Quinn continues to follow the Winslow case, an assassination attempt is made on the Vice President and Mellie rekindles a lost flame. With everything coming together before next week’s Fall […]

Scandal 04x07.1

Scandal 4×07 ‘Baby Made a Mess’: How do you out-Pope a Pope?

The sex scandal of a senator brings Abby’s abusive ex-husband vying for the vacant seat while Olivia tries to piece together the truth behind Jerry and Harrison’s murders. Meanwhile Quinn confronts their lead suspect in the Winslow case, Huck plans a hangout with his son and Cyrus plants some fake information to discover who the […]

Scandal 04x06.1

Scandal 4×06 ‘An Innocent Man’: The truth is like the sun

The death of a former president has his closet full of skeletons revealed and a leak at the White House puts pressure on the current president. Meanwhile Quinn is going locker searching for clues in the Winslow case and Rowan is stifled by someone he thought was snug in his pocket. With conspiracies, deception, revelation and […]

Scandal 04x05.5

Scandal 4×05 ‘The Key’: Bye bye Smelly Mellie

The Winslows return in what appears to be an emerging season story arc while our merry band of misfits continue to grieve after the events of last season. As OPA attempt to uncover the truth behind the ongoing Winslow scandal from “Inside the Bubble“, the White House seems to be more concerned about using their […]

Scandal 04x04.1

Scandal 4×04 ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’: You get one free pass

A couple reunites (sort of) and a murder is solved. God this really felt like an episode of How To Get Away With Murder. Everything I had to complain about in last week’s “Inside the Bubble” from the slower stories, less intensity and boring politics were not present this week. Instead Scandal brought what we love […]

Scandal 04x03.1

Scandal 4×03 ‘Inside the Bubble’: The truth comes out

Three episodes into season four of Scandal and the show has found some regularity in its story telling, but unfortunately that coincides with the lacklustre drama and intensity present in last week’s “The State of the Union.” However, it isn’t fair to compare last season’s constantly intense story with its aftermath and I’m sure that these slower […]

How to Get Away with Murder 2×02 ‘It’s All Her Fault’: Sam and his secrets

I feel like things could’ve been better solved than with a coin toss. Especially since he lied about it. Wes is very strange. I feel like he is influenced by his surroundings easily. Could that be good for his future career as a lawyer? I know covering a murder is definitely not good for his […]

Scandal 04x02.1

Scandal 4×02 ‘The State of the Union’: Madam First Crazy

Only two episodes in and so far Scandal has already had its ups and downs. Unlike the disjointed, messy story of last season the show went back to its roots, but already the writing has fallen short of the suspense and interpersonal drama the fans have grown to expect. After getting some answers in the premiere “Randy, […]

Scandal 04x01.4

Scandal 4×01 ‘Randy, Red, Superfreak, Julia’: Goodbye Harrison

I had not started watching Scandal until last May when I was first introduced to the series. After binge watching seasons one through three within the month, I was hooked and the anticipation for this season was killing me. It’s hard to go from watching episode after episode to waiting every week to see your […]

How To Get Away With Murder 1×01 – Pilot: In the law office with the statuette

Last night was the premiere of the highly anticipated show, ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. And all the anticipated was well-deserved. Perhaps, I’m biased because I absolutely adore anything that has to do with Shonda Rhimes, but either way, I digress. This show is going to go far. I can already see that with […]