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Agents of SHIELD 1×11 “A Magical Place”: Shield is shadowy

Hooray, we’re finally back to new SHIELD, which is good. I think? I know one thing for sure: No one I’ve talked to is terribly excited, and I know a lot of nerds. A lot of nerds. You’d be staggered. However no matter how Whedon-y the show gets, no matter who shows up on it, […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×11 “Bridges”: You don’t get a third.

I just have to start this review with a few things: 1. I love Gunn, but of course his name is J. August Richards. He is amazing. 2. I am tired of all this waiting for new episodes, this is already the 2nd time they’ve made us wait for new episodes and now I find […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×10 ‘Repairs’: ‘Your weird SHIELD Hogwarts’

This was a stand-alone sort of back to the basics episode for me. They are more and more interested in the “monster of the week” formula with no immediate impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and honestly that will probably prevent the over saturation I envision from all of the Marvel properties seeing screen time. […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×09 ‘The Well’: or Chekov’s Pen

This episode of SHIELD brought to you by the good people of Thor. Remember, when you need a God of Thunder, call Thor. Thor. I don’t think they could have possibly done more to plug the film other than show a full length preview on the screens in the airplane but it didn’t get as […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×07 ‘The Hub’: Big Brother is so… big

This episode had some wonderful concepts, and characterizations. It also had one of my favorite mechanisms for opening a television show, that is to say, it opened in the middle of the end of a story. That’s always a hoot. Also Coulson is just awesome. I suspect he is Vision. For all of you super-fans […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×06 ‘F.Z.Z.T’: The writers are throwing Fitz

This episode of shield brought about many things. First it was the first episode to showcase our erstwhile team members Fitz and Simmons and really showed us the chemistry those two actors are capable of mustering. Secondly it brought a great thematic element of Coulson’s trauma to the surface (which is highly likely to be […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×04 ‘Eye Spy’: Seduce him

Overall a reasonably entertaining effort from the good people over at Mutant Enemy. It starts with us thinking there’s finally another superhero out there! I was so excited. Except I’m starting to notice SHIELD deals with a lot of human. A lot of them. I don’t blame them, from a television standpoint, superheroes are expensive, […]

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Marvel’s Agents of Shield 1×02 ‘0-8-4’: You took a bullet? Ish.

This episode was a return to something I love that has been missing from the television line-ups: Monster of the week business. Of course, by monster I mean “084” the SHIELD lingo for the interesting things we’ll be seeing throughout this season. This particular episode is based out of Peru with a large dose of […]