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Okay I know I used this one already but MY FEELINGS / Source: FOX

Bones 12×12 ‘The End in the End’: Squints of the world unite!

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Twelve years ago, Booth and Brennan began their journey together in a rose garden, full of spark and snark and hope. 246 episodes later— spoiler alert?— they finish in the same way, a little older and wiser and battered and bruised, but as ready for their next adventure as they […]

Revolution - Season 2

Revolution 2×22 ‘Declaration Of Independence’ : This is the end…

Revolution limped to a weak finish, an ending the writers clearly did not see coming. Unless Eric Kripke and Co. intentionally decided to end the series on a massive and unneeded cliffhanger. But Revolution did at least wrap up all the loose ends of the current story lines, so lets take one last look into […]