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POI 4x22.1

Person of Interest 4×22 ‘YHWH’: Thank you for creating me

So much happened in Person of Interest‘s season finale. From shoot-outs to scavenger hunts, Team Machine was all over the place in this one with one storyline ending and two others continuing on to what should hopefully not be a shortened fifth season. Enough talk, let’s jump into “YHWH.” WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS Dylan Phillips is a film […]

Witches of East End 02×12&13: ‘Box to the Future’ & ‘For Whom the Spell Tolls: Beauchamps are dropping like flies

In the last episode, Joanna, Wendy, and Freya jumped through a time door as if we were in the Disney Channel Original Movie, ‘Halloweentown”, to retrieve a box that captures an evil spirits soul. Joanna used it once on an evil spirit that inhabited Freya’s body, which is why she knew it would work. Well, […]

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Revenge 3×22 ‘Execution’: WHAT THE WHAT?

Uh, wow guys, that’s really all I can say about this episode. No, I’m just kidding, but holy Toledo Batman that was totally unexpected and probably the best season finale of ‘Revenge’ yet. I’m glad the show was renewed for a fourth season because I have all kinds of questions after watching this. Anyway, read […]

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The Carrie Diaries 2×13 ‘Run to You’ : “You could stay and fight.”

What we have here is a season finale and possible series finale that went down in a manner true to The Carrie Diaries.  Last week, Carrie made a BIG DECISION and she stuck to her guns.  This week, it all unravels, due to no fault of her own and she backs down in true Carrie […]

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Switched at Birth 2×21 ‘The Departure of Summer’: All things must come to an end?

Here we are at the season two finale of Switched at Birth and it is packed full of drama and heartbreak! So much that it is probably my favorite episode of the season (and no, it is not because ‘Brave’ by Sara Bareilles was playing at the ending scene). It was because of this news: […]