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Scream Queens 2×06 ‘Blood Drive’: Villains Unite

Last week I was worried that by introducing several tertiary characters as cannon fodder, Scream Queens would slow the plot down. But this week’s episode was hilarious and informative, allowing the plot to advance several steps ahead by revealing who was the Green Meanie. Or at least who was one of the Green Meanies. The […]


Scream Queens 2×05 ‘Chanel Pour Homme-icide’: The cannon fodder has arrived

When we last left the C.U.R.E. Institute several weeks ago, the doctors/nurses/assorted personnel had just suffered a huge shock. Poor Special Agent Denise Hemphill had been murdered, with Chanel #5 critically hurt. The show had been building up steam with deaths of important characters like Chad Radwell, Denise Hemphill and the plot was moving along […]


Scream Queens 3×04 ‘Halloween Blues’: The holiday of death

It’s no surprise that Scream Queens makes a big deal out of Halloween episodes. Of course a murder mystery show would enjoy a holiday that celebrates things going bump in the night and terrifying people. The fact that the Halloween episode comes right after the first major murder of the season is just icing on […]


Scream Queens 2×03 ‘Handidate’: A wedding and a funeral

Even on shows that aren’t in the horror genre, weddings can become a huge issue. People object at the last moment, family members cause problems, you say the wrong person’s name at the alter… The list could go on and on. But in a show called Scream Queens, having a wedding is just asking for […]


Scream Queens 2×02 ‘Warts and All’: Let’s go crazy

Last week I raised the question of how to review a show that doesn’t stick to any sense of reality. I decided to just go along with the madness and see how much fun the show could have poking fun at horror tropes. The success of the show hinges on how willing it is to […]


Scream Queens 2×01 ‘Scream Again’: Welcome back Chanels

How do you review a show like Scream Queens? When reviewing a show, I like to go over the plot, the characterization, the direction the show could go in the future. But Scream Queens isn’t like any of the shows on TV this fall – plot and characterization are secondary to the utter madness happening […]


Scream Queens 1×12 & 1×13 ‘Dorkus’ & ‘The Final Girl(s)’: A horrifically happy ending

Well, I didn’t see that coming. No, not the identity of the killer (in hindsight, it was pretty obvious), or the fact that the Chanels were blamed for all the problems on campus. But rather, the fact that this season ended on relatively happy note. Aside from the people murdered, everyone generally got what they […]

Red Devil

Scream Queens 1×11 ‘Black Friday’: The end is coming

In hindsight, I should have realized that Scream Queens would have a blast celebrating Black Friday. A day where people trample one another to be first into a store? Where you can buy cheap gifts for friends? Of course Chanel would love Black Friday. Megan Wright  


Scream Queens 1×10 ‘Thanksgiving’: The holidays are horrifying

It’s Thanksgiving for Scream Queens, and the turkey isn’t the only one that’s dead. Along with mashed potatoes and stuffing, this week’s episode served up a helping of accusations, revelations, and murder. Megan Wright  


Scream Queens 1×09 ‘Ghost Stories’: Let’s catch a killer! (Finally!)

I enjoyed this week’s episode of Scream Queens, mainly because the show threw us a twist: people started (mostly) using their common sense. Dean Munsch finally realized that she needed to help catch the Red Devil killers, Grace refused to go anywhere near the incredibly creepy Wes or Gigi, and everyone was about to leave […]


Scream Queens 1×08 ‘Mommie Dearest’: Daddy Dearest

One of the main themes of Scream Queens has been parents and the sins they pass onto their children. From the first moments of the show, parents and children have been a huge factor at play. The opening of the show was a girl dying in a bathtub after giving birth to her child. Gigi […]


Scream Queens 1×07 ‘Beware of Young Girls’: Beware of Gigi Caldwell

The smartest person on Scream Queens, bar none, is Gigi Caldwell. Originally set up as a kind-hearted and slightly naïve supporter of the Kappa sisters during the Red Devil crisis, she’s recently showed her true self. Everything she’s done has actually been to help and lead the Red Devil(s). Her sweet appearance was a trick […]


Scream Queens 1×06 ‘Seven Minutes in Hell’: Killer sleepover

I was extremely excited for this week’s Scream Queens. Last week’s episode left off on a huge cliffhanger: Gigi, the seemingly kind and sweet Kappa lawyer/national president, was actually in league with the murderer(s). This week seemed posed to finally give us some answers about the killers and what their motives were. Instead, we got […]

Chanel #5

Scream Queens 1×05 ‘Pumpkin Patch’: Halloween horrors

Horror is one of the most interesting genres today. It follows a regular pattern – obnoxious people get stalked and killed in different ways, the nicest person makes it out alive, there’s normally a twist as to who the killer is – but yet it’s still such a fun genre to watch. For a short […]