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Scandal 4×02 ‘The State of the Union’: Madam First Crazy

Only two episodes in and so far Scandal has already had its ups and downs. Unlike the disjointed, messy story of last season the show went back to its roots, but already the writing has fallen short of the suspense and interpersonal drama the fans have grown to expect. After getting some answers in the premiere “Randy, […]

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Scandal 4×01 ‘Randy, Red, Superfreak, Julia’: Goodbye Harrison

I had not started watching Scandal until last May when I was first introduced to the series. After binge watching seasons one through three within the month, I was hooked and the anticipation for this season was killing me. It’s hard to go from watching episode after episode to waiting every week to see your […]

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Scandal 3×12 ‘We Do Not Touch the First Ladies’: Swipe to unlock

Does Scandal have a handle on why its characters are interesting? We’re now in day 15 of the True Detective backlash, and one of the thing that has emerged is that “but the characters are complex!” is a defense that is surprisingly effective. And that’s good, because it’s used a LOT. Grantland used it to […]

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Scandal 3×11 ‘Ride, Sally, Ride’: The Thick of It

Look, Scandal is fundamentally nuts. It operates on the fringes of what’s possible. Other shows are interested in showing us what could happen five minutes from now if we stop paying attention, or what direction we’re heading, or whatever. Scandal isn’t concerned with practicality, it’s concerned with setting its universe on the margins of believability. […]

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Scandal 3×10 ‘A Door Marked Exit’: Catch and release

This wasn’t a very good episode of Scandal, at least in the way the show has taught us to watch it. There wasn’t a lot of absolutely absurd or crazy stuff. A lot of pieces were moved around on the chessboard for the back half of the season. There were very few moments that made […]

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Scandal 3×09 ‘YOLO’: Int. Shonda Rhimes’ tastefully decorated apt., midnight

“YOLO. Goddamn YOLO.” Shonda Rhimes muttered it to herself again, but it still sounded atrocious. “YOLO. YOOOOOOLOOOOOO. Muthaf-en YOLO. He’s dead, Jim, on account of the YOLO. Mr. President, I can’t…because YOLO.” John M. works for a legal newspaper in Baltimore and lives within three blocks of Tilghman Middle, the alley where Omar and Brother […]

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Scandal 3×08 ‘Vermont Is for Lovers, Too’: Sight and sound

What is it to be constantly observed, even if the observation is seemingly benign? John M. works for a legal newspaper in Baltimore and lives within three blocks of Tilghman Middle, the alley where Omar and Brother Mouzone have their showdown, and Pearson’s Florists. He enjoys putting his liberal arts degree to good use by […]

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Scandal 3×07 ‘Everything’s Coming up Mellie’: The 90s are over; we lost

That got dark quickly. Mellie’s always been one of the saddest characters on this show, her arcs functioning as much as a master’s course in gender politics and double standards as functional character arcs. But she’s always been a little bit relegated to the background, either as way to provide a human face to Fitz’s […]

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Scandal 3×05 ‘More Cattle, Less Bull’: Banality

At what point is Olivia Pope complicit in what is going on around her? Scandal is a remarkably disingenuous show in a lot of ways; the effects of Olivia’s support, or (to put it in a way that makes me feel like a giant turd) what the opportunity costs of her decisions to support various […]

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Scandal 3×04 ‘Say Hello to My Little Friend’: The second sexts

How do you be a woman? Hell if I know. I’m a 5’11”, early 20s (mid 20s) vaguely ethnic (white, but I pass as pretty swarthy) straight dude. Scandal has always been a show with a distinctly female perspective if only through the lens of Olivia Pope, but the issues that are being dealt with […]

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Scandal 3×03 ‘Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington’: Out of the light, into the cave

One of the most subversive parts of Scandal‘s universe is really more on the level of privation: there are no enemies or threats to America that aren’t American. Think back, if you will. While Cy and Fitz and Eli and people on that level of “importance” talk about threats to the republic every second of […]

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Scandal 3×02 ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?’: Be there on the next train

Is Scandal, at its heart, about impotency? The White House cast almost certainly is; the balance of the second season’s drama was centered around the Fitz/Mellie/Cyrus triangle, and which of those characters was able to wield the true executive power of the government (always used, of course, on personal problems). Mellie and Cyrus could normally […]

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Scandal 3×01 ‘It’s Handled’: Come on, feed the buzz

It strikes me that Scandal is the only universe in which reading Politico unironically would be a worthwhile activity. The definition of power in Scandal is in the ability to push your narratives in the direction that your electorate would support, and because this encourages gamesmanship to a greater extent than, say, actual political concerns, […]


We’re Pumped for the 2013-14 Season!

When I was a kid, I loved summer because I could stay home and watch TV all day. Now I’m an adult who stays home all day year-round and every year I anticipate the fall because summer TV sucks and fall brings the start of awesome returning shows and new favorites. I asked some of […]

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Scandal 2×02 ‘The Other Woman’: She knows/She doesn’t know

Every time we see Mellie in this episode, I can’t help but think of that scene in She’s the Man where Amanda Bynes’ character steps out of her friend’s car, dressed like her brother for the first time, then freaks out because she thinks someone suspects her of being a girl. I went back and […]


Scandal 2×01 ‘White Hat’s Off’: I hate you too.

You know how they say “If you want to know if your man will treat you right, look at how he treats his mother”?Well, if your man happens to be married to another woman, you should probably look at how he treats his wife too. Even though I love Olivia and I know she loves […]