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Bones 12×07 ‘The Scare in the Score’: Happy Valentine’s Day, now let’s crush your heart

Bones really knows how to treat a girl right. What better way to celebrate the day of love than with pain, torture and grief? I’ll tell you guys, I sure didn’t need that punch in the gut, but Cupid decided to use something a little more destructive than an arrow to get his point across […]


Bones 12×02 ‘The Brain in the Bot’: Wearing clothes is advisable

Two down, ten more to go! In this week’s instalment, Brennan celebrates a milestone in her own unique way. Meanwhile, Angela finally gets her due as a scientist, and Daisy faces some pretty big decisions of her own in postgrad life. The Bones ladies, getting stuff done and taking names. Nicole L. is willing to […]

Source: FOX

Bones 10×14 ‘The Putter in the Rough’: Did someone say Daddy Issues?

We all know Brennan and her father have a contentious relationship, but it comes to a head this week when Max disappears yet again and won’t fess up where. Meanwhile, Wendell’s got some ‘splainin’ to do of his own about his girlfriend’s family heirloom, and everyone else in this episode says “mini-golf” so many times […]