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Elementary 2×23, ‘Art in the Blood’: A Disarming Personality

The penultimate episode of the second season explains everything about Mycroft’s clandestine goings on and sets the stage for what’s sure to be a finale full of twists, turns, and at least one explosion, as the brothers Holmes sort out beeves both personal and professional and Joan gets all wishy-washy on her feelings towards Sherlock’s […]


Elementary 2×22, ‘Paint It Black,’: The Brothers Holmes

The concluding half of our two-parter is actually just the middle act of a multi-episode arc that likely closes out our season, as we find out how Mycroft’s nefarious connections to the French mafia ties into Joan’s abduction . . . or do we?   (Hint: no, no we do not)  The brothers attempt to […]


Elementary 2×21, “The Man with the Twisted Lip”: Without peer

The Elementary company builds to the climax of the second season with the first of a two-parter that weaves myriad mysteries and revelations around each other in a tremendously satisfying episode this week, as Watson & Holmes attempt to solve a double homicide that may be much more complicated than at first glance.  Brother Mycroft also […]

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Elementary 2×08, ‘Blood is Thicker’: Just in time for the holidays, a reminder that family sucks

The gravy train of good episodes keeps a’rolling this week, complete with biscuit wheels.  Of course, these are British-style biscuits I’m talking about, not those soggy wads of chewy buttermilk you’ll find south of the Mason-Dixon at each and every Cracker Barrel you’ll pass once every three miles.  I mean good biscuits, like chocolate HobNobs or […]

The Marchioness

Elementary 2×07, ‘The Marchioness’: I got your canon right here, pal

Holy racehorses, this episode was good!  Maybe too good.  It’s one of those episodes that so beautifully and effortlessly highlights the potential this show has to offer that it makes any episode not striving in this mold to look shabby and half-hearted in comparison.  Not only does this episode masterfully intertwine the A-Plot and B-Plot, […]