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Revenge 3×20 ‘Revolution’: “Call 911.”

‘Revolution’ certainly kicked things off nicely for the final three episodes of ‘Revenge’ this season. Many twists and turns were taken throughout this episode, and it reminded me of the old ‘Revenge’ back in season one. I really enjoyed this episode because it keeps you on the edge of your seat through its entirety. It […]


Revenge 3×07 ‘Resurgence’: Forgiveness

Check out my review of this week’s Revenge on our sister site!         Rae Bradshaw is the founder and editor of Gotta Watch It! She apologizes in advance for taking every available opportunity to rip your favorite show a new one. Her superpower is growing miniature humans. Check her out on Tumblr! […]

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Revenge 3×05 ‘Dissolution’: House hunters no-so-international

For some reason, in this episode it didn’t seem like there was much going on. It wasn’t a filler episode at all and stuff did happen, it’s just that I saw most of it coming and the rest was just meh. There are really only three things worth mentioning though the biggest one, for me […]

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Revenge 3×05 ‘Control’: Guessing games are over

I feel like I spend so much time guessing about the characters and what’s actually going on in their minds. I suppose that’s the entire point of the show but it’s still a relief when things are revealed. In this episode, we finally see what Emily is truly feeling, we get more of a glimpse […]


Revenge 3×04 ‘Mercy’: Bottom b***h

This was flat out a good episode. The character development and scheming was spot on and there as more than one OMG moment. This is one of those few times when I can’t wait to start writing about an episode right after watching it. Anyway, the highlights here include a new Nolan love-interest, Jack somehow […]


Revenge 1×02 ‘Sin’: Thank you for not cheating…

Is it over, already? Well that was… uneventful. But then I suppose that not every episode can be explosions and perfectly executed subterfuge. About the only thing worth noting really, is that Aiden is perhaps the new Ashley and Charlotte finally knows the truth about how sociopathic her father really is. Heather Kendall very much […]

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Revenge 3×01 ‘Fear’: …and loathing in the Hamptons

And we’re back! Revenge season three premiered last night to much fanfare from myself if not all fo you! I’m not much for network television as a whole, primarily due to the fact that network tv tends to try and appeal to the broadest demographic but in doing so, seems to only appeal to the […]


Revenge 2×13 ‘Union’ : In which everyone confronts everyone else

No thanks to CBS and the Grammy Awards, Revenge finally returns, albeit with dismal ratings. A series low! It’s a shame really, because this week’s episode was the best one yet this season. It’s not uncommon for television shows to suffer a sophomore slump, and some are result of a decline in a show’s quality, […]


Revenge 2×12 ‘Collusion’ : Name Change*

*Get it? because Charlotte changed her name and…anyway, moving on: Like any show that has had a successful first season, Revenge had to prove that it can maintain its initial quality and momentum in its follow-up. And now halfway into its second season, this fan has to wonder: Did they do it? Have they displayed […]


Revenge 2×10 ‘Power’: Keeping up with the Porters

Our thirst for Revenge was finally quenched as the show returned from its winter hiatus with a classic Emily Thorne take-down (complete with a red ‘X’ on someone’s face!), an unlikely but inevitable alliance between Emily and Victoria, and of course – to our dismay – even more shenanigans with the whole Porter vs Ryan […]


Revenge 2×09 ‘Revelations’: “Welcome To The Fold”

  After what felt like a wobbly start to it’s sophomore season, Revenge is finally starting to hit its stride as everything came together in this week’s impressive winter finale. Right from that captivating opening scene at the shooting ranch, there was not a dull scene throughout the whole episode. The main focus was obviously […]


Revenge 2×08 ‘Lineage’: Revenge is a Dish Best Served on Thanksgiving

In this holiday flashback special, the show turned the clock 6 years back, giving us a glimpse of how Queen Victoria claimed her Revenge throne, and how the aspiring Revenge couple Emily (the real Amanda) and Aiden first meet. Meanwhile, we also find out that gullibility and getting screwed over by boring plot devices run […]


Revenge 2×07 ‘Penance’: The Price You Pay

In yet another engaging episode that somehow topped last week’s, Mason Treadwell finally learned the truth about Amanda Clarke – but not without paying a hefty price. Meanwhile, the advertising department tried really hard (and failed) to convince us that Nolan Ross is apparently a Target man. “Unhinged”  – that could also have been the […]


Revenge 2×06 ‘Illusion’: Arrested Developments

In the most solid episode of this season yet, chemistry abounds and Illusions dissipate as the Graysons rekindle their flame in a supposedly ‘low-key’ wedding. To start off this discussion, I’d like to say: Welcome back, Emily Thorne. To be honest, I was weary when season 2 started. One of the main elements I loved about the […]

Revenge 1×22 ‘Reckoning’: I reckon she should have killed him

Wow, what a finale for Revenge. Three possible deaths, a broken engagement, and a pregnancy. They managed to pull all of this off without coming across as soapy. We know Victoria is dead for sure, and that the white-haired man had something to do with it. Realmanda should have killed him when she had the […]