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Resurrection 2×13 ‘Loved In Return’: The end?

Season Two ended with a bang. And by bang, I mean the world almost ended. And by that, I mean that another Mass Return occurred. Fun stuff! In all seriousness though, this was one of the most intense episodes of the show which made it really exciting.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted […]


Resurrection 2×12 ‘Steal Away’: Baby Antichrist

What do you call a baby that supposedly put all of the Returned into a trance? Apparently it’s Satan. What do you call a man who poisons everyone to escape government custody? Oddly enough, this show would call him a Preacher. I’m just saying, something is a little off with the town of Arcadia’s ideas […]


Resurrection 2×11 ‘True Believer’: Have faith

After another tragic death in the town of Arcadia, things are beginning to improve. The mysterious Preacher James was revealed to have a power to basically help people Return. While I still find it a little difficult to believe, many of the townspeople are jumping on the bandwagon and begging for their loved ones to […]


Resurrection 2×10 ‘Prophecy’: A triumphant return

The return of Resurrection went better than I thought it would. There were intense moments, answers to burning questions, all ending with an interesting cliffhanger. Honestly, if all of the episodes were like this one, I think ratings would be a lot higher. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he […]


Resurrection 2×09 ‘Aftermath’: The episode title gives it away

Welcome to the final Resurrection review of 2014. A lot of things felt final about the episode too. I don’t think it was as good as last week’s episode, but it did continue the events that occurred last week. It also solved some problems, although it created many more.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is […]


Resurrection 2×08 ‘Forsaken’: The insane and the dead

OK, wow writers. Way to make me throw my remote and cell phone. That was uncalled for. However, I must admit that this was the best cliffhanger that they’ve had so far. Obviously it got me to freak out, so I am sure other people had similar reactions.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is […]


Once Upon A Time 4×08 ‘Smash the Mirror’: Chocolate for Anna

Hooray for two-hour episodes! I loved every second of it, which is weird because some people hated it. I honestly thought it was the best episode of the season, maybe even the best since the beginning of Season Three. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not watching TV […]


Resurrection 2×07 ‘Miracles’: Shutting down the whole town

I can honestly say that this week’s episode went really well. Although there is a lot more mystery to solve, the plot definitely thickened.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not watching TV shows, he is probably reading a book or blogging on his Tumblr which you can […]


Resurrection 2×06 ‘Afflictions’: True living

This week’s episode was the bomb dot com. It was intense. It had answers. Characters grew. I was really happy with the way it turned out actually. Which is odd because one of my favorite characters wasn’t even in the episode. But let’s get right down to it! Nathan S. is a teenager who is […]


Resurrection 2×05 ‘Will’: The power in returning

Just as I assumed last week, this episode, “Will,” was much better. There is a lot more drama and a lot more happiness. We don’t exactly get answers per se, but we do get a sort of explanation to some events that have happened in the series. I was excited to see you Barbara and […]


Resurrection 2×04 ‘Old Scars’: An unexpected guest

Last week, I was unable to write a review for the third episode due to my senior year homecoming week. But now that is over and I am back to write some more. I don’t know what is going on with the show. I am beginning to lose interest in it. I don’t really relate […]


Resurrection 2×02 ‘Echoes’: A sick man returns

“Echoes” is yet another example of how the second episode of a season can be better than the first. Some people may disagree with me, but I think that this week’s episode was more interesting. Especially the final scene of the episode. Just more questions that need to be answered I guess. Nathan S. is a […]


Resurrection 2×01 ‘Revelation’: Betrayal

Hooray!! I am so excited for Resurrection to be back. I have missed being confused by it. The season premiere was no different. Bellamy woke up in a field by the side of the road. This immediately made me think that he died and Returned. His flashbacks and the fact that Jacob was suddenly back […]


Penny Dreadful 1×03 ‘Resurrection’: There is no going back from this moment

It’s difficult to live up to last week’s episode, ‘Séance’, but I believe ‘Resurrection’ held its own. Our protagonists have formed the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II to battle a yet unknown creature. Frankenstein’s creature is about to tie the knot (probably) and Ethan Chandler is (possibly) a werewolf. Clearly, the only certainty is how […]


Resurrection 1×08 ‘Torn Apart’: Everybody needs to run

Bravo. This season finale was excellent and left many questions for us to think about between now and the next season, which has yet to be announced. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not watching TV shows, he is probably reading a book or blogging on his Tumblr […]


Resurrection 1×07 ‘Schemes of the Devil’: One dead and many alive

This episode of Resurrection was very intense. Not only was there a death, there was also many more returns. The end of the episode, as well as the preview for next week, leaves us with a lot of questions. I was slightly disappointed in the fact that Maggie and the doctor didn’t make a bigger […]


Resurrection 1×06 ‘Home’: The church falls apart

I think “Home” really helped me enjoy the show more. The town of Arcadia is having problems. Not just the fact that three people have come back from the dead, but also the consequences that this event has created. Finally, those investigating the Returns are getting somewhere with how all of these people are connected […]