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Reign 1×13 ‘The Consummation’: Consumption

    Reign has, so far, been very good at doing exactly what I don’t think they’re about to do. The heavily condensed plot here isn’t just surprising in its pointed temporal accuracy, it actively bucks expectations by presumably jettisoning its central plot device. I know I shouldn’t despair over Bash leaving, since I was […]

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Reign 1×12 ‘Royal Blood’: Sangreal

So we’re back to courtly intrigue Reign, which is fine, I guess, if we have to. It’s no Mary and Bash making out while covered in horse blood, but you take what you can get. Besides, There’s Catherine vamping around and Lola being hilarious and Mary basically running the country, so at least there’s stuff […]

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Reign 1×10 ‘Sacrifice’: And it begins

    Yes. This is Reign firing on all cylinders. Ridiculous rituals and familial politics with the wood/blood/murder-pagans, Mary unconvincingly protecting Catholicism, Catherine being blindsided, and most importantly, Lola, Anna Popplewell herself, awesomely taking the reins and proving herself to be the one actual historically accurate renaissance politician in the whole bunch. John M. works […]

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Reign 1×09 ‘For King and Country’: Royal Todestrieb

Well Reign, either you don’t get it, or I don’t get it. Reign has the capacity to be an interesting show, settling somewhere in between Vampire Diaries and a straight 90s teen soap, the supernatural thriller elements bringing the soapier parts into realistic relief and the soap keeping the supernatural from seeming like a turgid […]

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Reign 1×08 ‘Fated’: Poisoning the well

I’m glad that Reign is getting more comfortable with its universe. This episode finally felt like it didn’t have any extraneous stuff going on, like the various primary and secondary characters didn’t need some contrivance to get them to show up today. Clarissa, the pagans, and Nostradamus are still basically known quantities with opaque motivations […]

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Reign 1×07 ‘Left Behind’: Neapolitan

I’m not sure how I feel about all of this Count Vincent stuff. On the one hand, it’s a convenient enough development to force Francis and Mary together, on the other hand, it makes their estrangement last episode feel artificial, especially since Olivia and Bash are now spinning off into their own side plots. And […]

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Reign 1×06 ‘Chosen’: Pagans

So: two important, but largely unrelated things happened this episode. We’ve learned more about the woods-pagans (and, scandalously, Bash’s familial relationship with them) who are apparently just an analog for the protestant Huguenots with a heavy dose of the early church’s anti-Druid propaganda, and Francis breaks things off with Mary without breaking the engagement, because […]

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Reign 1×05 ‘A Chill in the Air’: Pagans and other drunks

Is it just me or is Reign getting a little confused? One episode after Lola was being played up as a Bash love interest, the Bash/Mary/Francis triangle is back with a vengeance, and after forgetting about Francis’ prior entanglements since the pilot, we are presented with one of his former flings/girlfriends/whatevers. While the general theme […]

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Reign 1×03 ‘Kisses’: Import duties

So in spite of my (and, apparently, the rest of the internet’s) not-so-silent wish that Reign nut up and decide to run with the level of genuine lunacy it was summoning in its more supernatural segments, Reign decided to come back and hit us with a show that is entirely about pan-European politics to the […]

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Reign 1×02 ‘Snakes in the Garden’: Into the woods

Reign is already a pretty strict genre mashup, and its sophomore episode throws another on top of the pre-existing melange of teen soap and period political thriller. Bash, the castle ghost, and a trip into what one could easily mistake for the Black Forest of legend pretty much confirm that there’s gonna be a healthy […]

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Reign 1×01 ‘Pilot’: Dieu et mon droit

I’ll be honest: when I first said I’d take this show on I thought it was about Bloody Mary, and I was like, cool, I just finished Wolf Hall and started Bring up the Bodies. Then I watched a promo and realized it was about Mary, Queen of Scots in the French court and set […]