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The Last Ship 1×01 ‘Pilot’: Boom

You definitely won’t be disappointed in this TNT’s new series The Last Ship – because you won’t expect anything of it. Although executive producer Michael Bay does deliver stunning visuals, excellent soundtrack and of course, explosions, the episode was  dull, predictable and there was absolutely no emotional connection with the audience at all. The pilot also breaks […]


Penny Dreadful 1×04 ‘Demimonde’: Duplicity

Penny Dreadful is just torturing me. We’re at the midpoint of the season because Showtime ordered (only) eight episodes and it’s just getting better and better. Penny Dreadful simply excels at pacing. It gives just enough information to whet our appetites. It gives just enough answers that lead to more questions and it gives us […]


Penny Dreadful 1×03 ‘Resurrection’: There is no going back from this moment

It’s difficult to live up to last week’s episode, ‘Séance’, but I believe ‘Resurrection’ held its own. Our protagonists have formed the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II to battle a yet unknown creature. Frankenstein’s creature is about to tie the knot (probably) and Ethan Chandler is (possibly) a werewolf. Clearly, the only certainty is how […]