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Ray Donovan 2×04 ‘S U C K’: That’s an interestingly appropriate word, honey

I don’t know about you guys, but I found this fourth episode of Ray Donovan to be the best one of the season so far. While episode two and – to a lesser extent – episode three felt more like development episodes, ‘S U C K’ was a truly juicy, absorbing “middle-of-the-season” quality episode. It […]

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Ray Donovan 1×12 ‘Same Exactly’: Happily ever after

Ray Donovan was so problematic when it started.  Not only was it full of tedious characters and useless plotting, it was embedded with such a dense spattering of thematic ideas that none of them really stuck.  Over the course of this first season’s run, it has certainly changed for the better.  Useless plotlines like Marvin […]

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Ray Donovan 1×11 ‘Bucky F***n’ Dent’: Deliver us from evil

Ray Donovan, for a long time, has been an unfocused mess.  Episodes would sprawl out, focusing on characters that didn’t need focus or detailing storylines that seemed to go nowhere.  Admittedly, storylines like Mickey’s movie deal with Sean and Mickey’s bizarre accidental “almost-rape” of that one woman (whose name eludes me) actually did result in […]

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Ray Donovan 1×10 ‘Fite Nite’: A legacy of violence

Normally, Ray Donovan has a problem synthesizing themes into something that coheres well.  It tries on so many different ideas that they meld into this incomprehensible entity that has so much meaning that it ultimately has little.  It’s a prime example of diminishing returns, moving so far past the point of balancing dissection and basic […]

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Ray Donovan 1×09 ‘Road Trip’: Violence conquers all

Well, at least things are happening.  Ray Donovan has tried so hard to be a character study, a drama about violence and its poisonous influence on those it touches.  And it has mostly failed, as its characters are immensely underdeveloped and the stakes feel almost irreparably low.  At the very least, this particular episode, “Road […]

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Ray Donovan 1×08 ‘Bridget’: “Everyone needs love”

There’s no question that Ray Donovan is produced well.  The direction is sharp, the acting is good enough, and there’s more than enough money put into the visuals to make it look great.  It reminds me a lot of House of Cards, a glossy show about the dark side of politics, in that it’s polished […]

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Ray Donovan 1×07 ‘New Birthday’: Can’t shake the past

It’s nice to see Ray Donovan revolve around a clearer central plot thread.  The reason the show seemed pointless during its first act wasn’t simply because it was all over the place and a tired rendition of the “antihero” story.  It was also because the first act’s central plot thread was buried underneath a lot […]

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At gottawatchit.com, we try our best to write reviews that invite discussion from fellow fans and critics. To end the summer with a bang, we’re giving away a gift card for one month of Hulu Plus (there’s also a one week free trial for new signups) to one lucky winner. The contest will last two weeks, until 9pm Pacific […]

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Ray Donovan 1×06 ‘Housewarming’: He has to die

And thus we’ve reached the end of the first act of Ray Donovan’s lackluster first season.  With Ray and Ezra coming to the decision that Mickey needs to die, the show is transitioning from merely building tension to potentially being able to do something with what they’ve crafted.  Only what they’ve crafted has been immensely […]

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Ray Donovan 1×05 ‘The Golem’: Watching through binoculars

Let me start off this review by discussing the first few episodes of another show I’ll be reviewing in the fall: Sons of Anarchy.  I didn’t particularly enjoy the first six or so episodes of that show, chiefly because they didn’t really focus on any central plot and chose instead to give us a day-to-day […]

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Ray Donovan 1×04 ‘Black Cadillac’: Just a memory

Ray Donovan is slowly turning into a show that I would willingly watch.  Sure, it suffers from some nasty bouts of racism.  Sure, it’s completely lacking of any central idea tying everything together.  But, every now and then, it manages to create something halfway compelling, enough to keep the episode from dragging out too much.  […]

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Ray Donovan 1×03 ‘Twerk’: Butts, more butts, and internalized pain

I don’t believe I’ve ever watched an episode of television that has referenced twerking to the extent that the latest Ray Donovan episode (appropriately titled “Twerk”) has.  That being said, I’m conflicted about the way that the show tries to utilize shock value.  Mickey, an aficionado of twerking, not only watches an obscene music video […]

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Ray Donovan 1×02 ‘A Mouth is a Mouth’: Sex tapes and redemption

“A mouth is a mouth”, Mickey Donovan says as he gently imparts wisdom to his grandson Conor, telling him that it’s alright to get a blowjob from a man but taking it from behind is how you get sick.  It’s such a strange scene, not only because it’s barely a minute long and only consists […]

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Ray Donovan 1×01 ‘The Bag or the Bat’: You can’t fix everything

Ever since The Sopranos became one of the biggest shows in the history of television, middle-aged antiheros have become something of a staple in today’s television era.  From Don Draper in Mad Men to Walter White in Breaking Bad to Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, they are absolutely everywhere, often innovating the dramatic televisual form […]