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Portlandia 5×10 ‘Dead Pets’: “Yes, they are weirdos!”

Another season of Portlandia has come to an end and it went out with a bang. This season was a completely different take on the traditional Portlandia sketch structure and I think the gamble paid off. Especially with this last episode which felt very cinematic and was probably the funniest episode of the season as […]


Portlandia 5×09 ‘You Can Call Me Al’: “BEER Belly.”

This week’s Portlandia is focused on Music. There’s two bumbling installers from a company that installs speakers on literally every surface of your home. Plus, Dave and Kath get an invitation to a karaoke party and go into full panic mode. There’s also the most accurate depiction of a post office that I’ve ever seen. […]


Portlandia 5×08 ‘Really Real’: Spinaroo

In this week’s episode: Carrie and Fred are seen in an ad showing off their new trendy microhome. A trendy new idea that’s currently sweeping the crunchy parts of the nation. Of course, Carrie and Fred have quite the struggle fitting all of their things into their tiny home and it looks like hell on […]


Portlandia 5×07 ‘Doug Becomes a Feminist’: Independent mermaids.

In the cold open of this week’s episode, Carrie and Fred talk about coming out and how you should just be yourself. There are apparently many different types of new queerness including “homo-spectacle” which Carrie demonstrates by playing a girl who makes out with other girls to get male attention. Also there’s “homo-sonic” which Fred […]


Portlandia 5×06 ‘Fashion’: “I’ve got $80,000…we could spend it on beer!”

In this episode of Portlandia: Spyke is sued for copyright infringement by Portland’s own Matt Groening for his t-shirts of “Bart Ska-mpson.” Portland’s new line of Dollar Stores recruit Quinn the street lady as their fresh new face. Guest Starring Ed Begley Jr., Matt Groening, Oscar the Grouch, and Kumail Najiani. Sarah S. Sarah S. […]

Fred Armisen, Kyle MacLachlan, Sam Adams - Photo Credit: Augusta Quirk/IFC

Portlandia 5×05 ‘4th of July BBQ’s’: “Wipe off this burger with your FAAAAACCE!”

Dave and Kath are back and this time they’re planning a crappy Fourth of July BBQ with the help of a punk party planner played by guest star Jane Lynch. This episode kind of reminded me of the brunch episode or the healthcare episode from earlier this season where it’s revolving around one central theme […]


Portlandia 05×4 ‘SeaWorld’: “Here we are back…mmmm…in the living room.”

Alright weirdos! Here’s your recap of this week’s Portlandia episode. We get to see the mayor finally! In the cold open we see a “shocking” art supply shop that sells all the art school clichés: beheaded baby dolls, broken TV’s you can stack and play static on, and you get a discount if you’re hunched […]


Portlandia 05×3 ‘Healthcare’: “This reminds me of the time when I got trapped in a water bed.”

Yay! Toni and Candace from Women and Women First make their season five debut this episode! Peter and Nancy are also there to say “and, and, and, and” over and over again. In the cold open! Love them! This season has been quite different so far in its overall set up. The sketches are all […]


Portlandia 05×02 ‘Fiancée’: I’m looking at you so hard right now.

This week on Portlandia there’s a video editing service in the cold open, a family counseling session for Lance and Nina. Most of the episode focuses around this situation, by the way. Guest starring: Justin Long and Gretchen Corbett. Here are the sketches for Portlandia: Sarah S. Sarah S. is an aspiring couch potato and […]


Portlandia 05×01 ‘Sharing Finances’: Sandra, I am unable to love.

IFC renewed Portlandia, a delightfully quirky sketch show, for two more seasons. Which means that this is technically season four or five or something? I’m a little confused about it but I’m just gonna call this season five. Anywho, Carrie and Fred (who play the majority of the characters in the show) are back to […]