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POI 4x22.1

Person of Interest 4×22 ‘YHWH’: Thank you for creating me

So much happened in Person of Interest‘s season finale. From shoot-outs to scavenger hunts, Team Machine was all over the place in this one with one storyline ending and two others continuing on to what should hopefully not be a shortened fifth season. Enough talk, let’s jump into “YHWH.” WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS Dylan Phillips is a film […]

POI 4x21.1

Person of Interest 4×21 ‘Asylum’: You are not interchangeable

The slow build up to this season’s finale sped up in this week’s Person of Interest when both storylines came out in full force. This episode has no real POI, but instead brings us back into both main conflicts of this season. While Elias and Dominic are fighting for title of King of New York, Root and […]

POI 4x20.1

Person of Interest 4×20 ‘Terra Incognita’: The return of Carter

This episode might be a little slow, but Person of Interest brought us something completely different this week. Instead of the next step against Samaritan or the war between Elias and Dominic, we are brought what was the essence of this show for so long: The relationship between Reese and Joss Carter (guest star Taraji […]

POI 4x19.1

Person of Interest 4×19 ‘Search and Destroy’: KHAAANNNN!

Alright before you say anything, yes I know the title has absolutely nothing to do with the episode, but how could I NOT make the Star Trek reference given this week’s Person of Interest and the fact that this is a show done by Bad Robot? I was pleasantly surprised with this episode as it […]

POI 4x18.1

Person of Interest 4×18 ‘Skip’: A team stretched thin

“Skip” is rightly named as that is exactly what you can do with this episode if all you cared for was the main story. I understand that Person of Interest is attempting to keep whatever conclusion they want for the Samaritan story as the season finale, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. They attempted to […]

POI 4x17.1

Person of Interest 4×17 ‘Karma’: What goes around comes around

Look another filler episode! Now I’m not complaining about these standalone arcs as they tend to be fun and give us that Person of Interest mix of action and dark humour the fans love. However, I do miss seeing one of the better anti-heroes on TV. Can Elias come back soon? I know Enrico Colantoni is […]

POI 4x16.1

Person of Interest 4×16 ‘Blunt’: Recruitment

After focusing on Samaritan for a while, Person of Interest is back to the grittier, darker side of New York in the battle of the mafias. However, this time the story follows only one side of the rivalry. Reese and Finch attempt to protect this week’s number after she steals money from one of Dominic’s operations. These back to […]

POI 4x15.1

Person of Interest 4×15 ‘Q & A’: Meet the Root of Samaritan

With this episode we see a lot of parallels between Team Machine and Samaritan. It was obvious that there were distinct similarities, but with the emergence of a familiar face we are brought the Root of Samaritan. Both AI aid humanity in their own ways and both dispose of people they deem a threat to […]

POI 4x14.1

Person of Interest 4×14 ‘Guilty’: Back to basics

It was back to basics on Person of Interest as Finch and Reese decided to take on the world by themselves. This was the first real filler episode of season 4. Nothing to do with Samaritan and almost nothing to do with the Elias and Dominic battle. Instead, Finch’s cover identity is stuck on jury […]

POI 4x13.1

Person of Interest 4×13 ‘M.I.A.’: Samaritan’s ant farm

Again the focus is on Samaritan rather than the criminal underworld of New York. Oh how we miss those days where things were simple. Instead, Team Machine has to deal with international conspiracies and A.I. world domination. How times have changed. The ongoing hunt for Shaw takes Reese and Root to Maple, a small town […]

POI 4x12.1

Person of Interest 4×12 ‘Control-Alt-Delete’: Control loses control

It wasn’t the finale to the trilogy that we expected, but it certainly did not falter in bringing satisfaction to the story. Unlike last week’s “If-Then-Else” which was extremely emotionally draining, this week Person of Interest steps back from Team Machine and focuses on Samaritan’s story on a national scale through the eyes of Control. […]

POI 4x11.1

Person of Interest 4×11 ‘If-Then-Else’: Sacrifice the queen

Uh, what just happened? I thought the finale of a trilogy was supposed to be the big climactic, jaw-dropping, gasp-inducing moment? Apparently Person of Interest believes in the unexpected by throwing a curveball in the middle episode of their three part Samaritan vs. Machine trilogy. If the writers expect to go bigger for the third episode […]

POI 4x09.1

Person of Interest 4×10 ‘The Cold War’: It has begun

Apparently this week’s Person of Interest was the first part of a trilogy of episodes revolving around the Samaritan vs. Machine battle that this season has been setting up. I’m rather confused about the placement of this story as the fall finale when last week’s episode was a far better cliffhanger. However, it was a good […]

POI 4x09.1

Person of Interest 4×09 ‘The Devil You Know’: Invictus maneo

SO INTENSE. How was that not the fall finale?! Both major cliffhangers from last week’s ‘Point of Origin‘ seemed to have brought Team Machine to an impasse with both their adversaries that would have set up a hiatus perfectly. However, it seems like we will get another episode or two of Person of Interest before the […]

POI 4x08.1

Person of Interest 4×08 ‘Point of Origin’: Angler found a match

Despite the cliffhanger of last week’s ‘Honor Among Thieves‘, Person of Interest is all about Reese as he follows the number of a cadet at the police academy. Meanwhile Dominic is setting up his plan to topple Elias, and Samaritan is hot on Shaw’s tail with the help of Martine. This episode takes every storyline from this […]

POI 4x07.1

Person of Interest 4×07 ‘Honor Among Thieves’: Keeping things relevant

Just like last week’s ‘Pretenders,’ Person of Interest takes to the fake identity train again, but instead of a faux neo-noir detective it’s a gang of international jewel thieves. But what happens when the gang turns on one another for a job that doesn’t fall under the typical score of jewels and money? It makes […]

POI 4x06.1

Person of Interest 4×06 ‘Pretenders’: “How do you do that with your voice?”

In a season already filled with fake identities Person of Interest somehow manages to take it to the next level. With multiple stories following multiple ‘detectives’ it feels like everyone is getting a bit too inquisitive. “You’re like a freaking superhero.” Yes, yes he is. Seems like The Man In The Suit has been rubbing off on more […]

POI 4x05.1

Person of Interest 4×05 ‘Prophets’: Admin is not admin

After two weeks of lighter-toned episodes Person of Interest takes the fight to Samaritan once again. With rigged elections and Team Machine always looking over their shoulder, Samaritan is always 20 steps ahead. “Dance for me puppets,” Samaritan scoffs. The Brotherhood doesn’t look so big and bad after this week’s dangerously thrilling episode. Too bad Reese […]

POI 4x04.1

Person of Interest 4×04 ‘Brotherhood’: They call him Mini cuz he’s big

Person Of Interest avoids the Samaritan storyline for the second straight week to focus on the emerging secondary antagonist of season four. In past seasons Team Machine has had to deal with their fair share of villains. Between HR and the ISA or Vigilance and Decima Team Machine has always had two adversaries at both the […]

POI 4x03.1

Person of Interest 4×03 ‘Wingman’: Haaaaave you met Lionel?

Person Of Interest backs off on the war with Samaritan in order to focus on a case of the week, with a lighter toned Fusco-centric story. Yay! Knew that sooner or later Fusco would be featured with his lack of screen time in “Panopticon” and “Nautilus.” Regardless the episode still brings some underlying plot progression for […]