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Perception 3x10.1

Perception 3×10 ‘Dirty’: It’s an outrage! It’s a scandal!

That certainly was unexpected. The summer finale of Perception has come and gone leaving us with more questions than answers. All the unexpected twists and turns we love to hate and hate to love in a finale made us furious to wait until 2015 to learn the fates of our beloved crazy crime-solving family. At […]

Perception 03x09.4

Perception 3×09 ‘Silence’: Waves of trouble

Well that certainly wasn’t the start to the two-part summer finale of Perception that I expected.  When I heard the next two episodes were a two-part finale I anticipated a huge case for our favourite schizophrenic psychology professor to solve with the occasional hallucination along the way. Instead, it seems it will be two separate […]


Perception 2×10 ‘Warrior’: Innocent or insane?

I was happy with this season finale. It wasn’t too overly dramatic and I enjoyed Daniel returning to the spotlight, Kate had her ’15 minutes of fame’ but you can’t have Perception without our favorite schizophrenic Daniel.  It had everything to sum up the season and put all our wandering questions to rest and allow […]


Perception 2×09 ‘Wounded’: Kate flew over the cuckoo’s nest

This has been one of the most riveting and sincerely suspenseful episodes of Perception by far! And for next week being the SEASON FINALE I’m literally crawling out of my skin to find out what happens next. The central theme behind the case being analyized is something that a controversial one: Women and rape in […]


Perception 2×08 ‘Asylum’: Harmful if swallowed

Personally this episode was a great success! I loved how Daniel Pierce was left vulnerable to fight his own demons about his illness (along with the real demon named Creak) inside a psychiatric hospital. It was the central theme and overall I was very focused to see if he would make any progress with trusting […]

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Perception 2×07 ‘Neuropositive’: Human error can be the most fatal

Well this episode was a definite improvement, since there was some good character development on Dan and Kate’s part, even though the central storyline for the episode was weak and all over the place. I grasped right away that the central theme for the episode was guilt, especially for Dan. Kate’s issue is thrown in our […]


Perception 2×06 ‘Defective’: Being human really only takes half a brain

This week’s episode was nothing special compared to last week’s episode. I guess the central subject of an electronic device called DBS used to control Parkinson’s Disease and it’s side effects isn’t as fun and intriguing as the mysteries of cyber space. But anyway this episode was boring! From a medical theme of electrode devices, […]


Perception 2×05 ‘Caleidoscope’: Virtual reality is just a different kind of reality

I was actually very happy with this week’s episode because it was so simple! After last week’s disaster episode I was expecting a storyline nightmare but this episode blew me away. First of all, what I really loved about this episode (character development wise) was how I got really see how isolating Daniel Pierce can […]

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Perception 2×04 ‘Toxic’: Secrets, secrets are no fun…

Buckle down, you are in for a long trip because sh*t gets real in this episode all over the place! From Kate to Dan, to this long winded episode that intertwines two stories in the same place together, there are a lot of critical points to look at from story development, character development and film techniques […]

"PERCEPTION""Blindness" / Ep 205TNTPh: Trae Patton

Perception 2×03 ‘Blindness’: It’s just the blind leading the blind…

This was an intense episode for me because this was the first ever serial killer of the season! The past two episodes only established one death that the entire storyline was focused around but this time it was bigger and better. The murderer was killing people (stabbing them in the neck) where there were at […]

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Perception 2×02 ‘Alienation’: Do we ever fall in love with someone or just the idea of who they are?

I stole this tagline from Dr. Daniel Pierce who with his cleverly worded lectures establishes what the central theme of the episode will be and this week it’s love. After feeling the love from his lecture he goes off to sleep with Caroline, his former psychiatrist now girlfriend. However Natalie (his hallucination) keeps popping up […]

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Perception 2×01 ‘Ch-Ch-Changes’ : The more things change the more they stay the same…

My tagline is a quote from the show that Dr. Daniel Pierce (played by Eric McCormack) says in the last minutes of the show, and frankly it summed up the episode perfectly. We see a huge change in Dr. Daniel Pierce within the first half of the episode. If you haven’t been following from the […]