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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×15 ‘Operation: Broken Feather’: Out of the tear gas, rises the Phoenix

I was particularly nervous about ‘Operation: Broken Feather’ since it aired after the Super Bowl (and technically after New Girl). With so many new eyes on the show, I was worried it wouldn’t be the funny, endearing show I’ve grown to love. In retrospect, I don’t know why I was worried. While I didn’t enjoy […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×09 ‘Sal’s Pizza’: It is unwise to give candy to a baby

‘Sal’s Pizza’ takes its name from the pizza joint near and dear to Peralta, burnt to a crisp (bada-bing!) in this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The episode’s main storyline saw Peralta and Boyle facing off against the firefighters and the fire marshall (guest star Patton Oswalt). However, it was the ensemble cast that really shined for […]