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Parenthood 4×15 ‘Because You’re My Sister’: Victor Graham

I loved pretty much every part of this episode. One of my only complaints is Adam and Kristina’s matching black bathing suits in the end. At first they reminded me of Gomez and Morticia Addams, but then I realized I was actually remembering a scene from Sweeney Todd where Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are all […]

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Parenthood 4×14 ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’: Sounds like the attitude of a quitter

Newsflash: Nobody on this show is a quitter, and that’s not always a good thing. At least not for the Mark Haters like me. That man is like an annoying little gnat buzzing around Sarah and Hank and I just want to find a fly swatter. Of course, I’m Team Hank, but I thought he […]


Parenthood 4×13 ‘Small Victories’: Skittles! Skittles if you shower!

Let’s talk about the ‘Small Victories’ in this episode. First, there’s Kristina and Adam getting Max to shower. As much as I LOL’ed at Max’s conversation with Kristina, Zeek and Camille, this is serious stuff. Whether in person or watching another TV show, we’ve all seen the cliché case in which the parent brings up […]

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Parenthood 4×06 ‘I’ll Be Right Here’: There’s still 23 quinoa muffins in the fridge

Maybe it’s because my stomach basically exploded this week and I’m having the most uncomfortable pregnancy ever, but this episode didn’t really get to me where I expected. I was a little disappointed that Christina’s surgery overshadowed Julia’s change in job situation, and I’d like to see more of that, but it definitely wasn’t the […]


Parenthood 4×05 ‘There’s Something I Need to Tell You…’: You’re shorter than a lot of grown-ups

So I started to feel like a total douche bag because Amber’s awkward moment with Christina at the beginning of the episode made me crack up when I probably should have cried, but then that ending! I was a mess from the second Haddie walked in with that serious look on her face. I love […]

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Parenthood 4×04 ‘The Talk’: Pimptacular

I came into this episode thinking ‘The Talk’ referred to the ever so awkward discussion with one’s parents regarding the birds and the bees. I was surprised to read that Crosby and Jasmine would be having this ‘talk’ with Jabbar, since he’s only eight, but I recently read in a magazine that that’s not considered […]

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Parenthood 4×03 ‘Everything Is Not Okay’: Like mother, like daughter, like father, like son

If you love good, honest drama and you’re not already watching Parenthood, you should be ashamed of yourself. And if you have an obsessive compulsive need to start a new series from the very beginning, the first three seasons are on Netflix. There’s no excuse not to tune in! The main story line viewers are […]


Parenthood 4×02 ‘Left Field’: We can still go to Funkytown

Jason Katims, you’ve done it again. Even after the premiere last week, I didn’t think that this season of Parenthood would be that meaningful, especially since we spent the first two seasons just falling in love with the Bravermans without anything too emotional taking place. Then Julia’s adoption crisis came in season three, and season […]

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Parenthood 4×01 ‘Family Portrait’: You guys just totally get me

I regretfully admit that I still have my doubts as to whether Parenthood will make it to a 5th season, but last night’s episode ripped my heart out and returned it to me with a box of Kleenex. I identified with so many aspects of the show, namely Haddie and Julia’s story lines. I relate […]