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Parenthood 5×22 ‘The Pontiac’: Everybody happy happy happy

I blame NBC for this poor, agreeable excuse of an episode. If they would only let the producers know whether they’re going to renew  or cancel Parenthood before the end of the season, we wouldn’t end up with finales like this one every year. I do appreciate the closure they’re trying to give the audience, […]

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Parenthood 5×21 ‘I’m Still Here’: Can we not tell Adam and Kristina?

I’ve been waiting all season for an episode like this, which is one thing that I hate about dramas. I mean, comedies can have filler episodes too (Hello, the entire eighth season of HIMYM!) but at least they make you laugh. I’ve been watching Parenthood all year long, wondering if I’m just a robot because […]

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Parenthood 5×19 ‘Fraud Alert’: Winning

I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about How I Met Your Mother since it’ll be ending next week, but this episode reminded be a bit of ‘Sandcastles in the Sand,’ one of my all-time HIMYM favorites. Before I explain why, how awesome was it that Robin walked down the aisle to the song that […]


Parenthood 5×18 ‘The Offer’: Let it go

“Let it go…Let it gooooo!!!!” Ugh. I know that line (if you weren’t paying attention, Hank said it) wasn’t incredibly important to this episode, but every time I hear someone say that I can’t help but think of Frozen. No, I’m not one of those adults that’s obsessed with Disney movies. I liked them when […]


Parenthood 5×17 ‘Limbo’: Any reason

Aida may be the reason the family was brought together, but Joel is the reason they’re falling apart. If you think about it, his separation from Julia is the reason for almost every fight on this week’s episode. Sydney and Victor are mad that he’s not a part of Aida’s baptism weekend, therefore not being […]


Parenthood 5×16 ‘The Enchanting Mr. Knight’: I like to move my body too

I found it a bit strange that the episode was titled after Max’s teacher, who was such a small part of the show last night, but Zachary Knighton! Happy Endings was one of my favorite comedies, so I love seeing the cast doing so well right now. Damon Wayans Jr. is back on New Girl, […]


Parenthood 5×15 ‘Just Like Home’: Old man trunks

I really need to stop watching this show right after I watch Grey’s Anatomy, because every time I do, I walk away feeling incredibly underwhelmed. Suffice it to say this was not the best episode of the season and I expected a lot more from a mid-season premiere. I was also disappointed with the lack […]

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Parenthood 5×14 ‘You’ve Got Mold’: Create an autistic space around you

Ugh, these Sochi popups are really harshing my screencap mojo, so I’m officially apologizing for the lack of photos. The enormous, rainbow TV-14 warning doesn’t help either. Between that, and ABC going the way of the world (or the way of Fox) and limiting next day availability to only a handful of cable providers, my […]


Parenthood 5×13 ‘Jump Ball’: I keep blowing it

I had my doubts about this episode, mostly because I didn’t want to spend the hour watching Amber wallow over that stupid grey Henley that Ryan wore every day, but it ended up really hitting home for me. Mae Whitman was brilliant in her breakdown scene with John Corbett. It was one of those scenes […]

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Parenthood 5×12 ‘Stay a Little Longer’: Un-douche them

So I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls during the hiatus and now it’s really weird seeing Lauren Graham on Parenthood. Granted, I’ve said before that Lorelai Gilmore and Sarah Braverman-Holt or whatever her last name is are pretty much the same role, but that actually makes it even weirder. The coffee abuse, lounging in her pajamas […]

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Parenthood 5×10 ‘All That’s Left is the Hugging’: The Winter of Breakups

I definitely shouldn’t have watched this episode right after watching such an intense Grey’s winter finale. I went in expecting to be underwhelmed by comparison and my expectations were met. I love this show, but there’s a reason why it’s repeatedly the underdog of Thursday night, if not the entire week. This is the first […]

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Parenthood 5×09 ‘Election Day’: Do you wanna be my girlfriend?

This episode was just so-so, but like Kristina, I guess they can’t all be winners, so let’s jump right in. Amber needs to dump Ryan. I’m really bothered by the fact that we didn’t hear anything more about that storyline after seeing Zeek at the police station, thanks to Kristina’s election. The election and Crosby’s […]

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Parenthood 5×07 ‘Speaking of Baggage’: Suitcases are for trips

I can never let my husband watch this episode, lest he might ask me to surprise him at work like Julia did for Joel this week. Lucky for me, he works at the airport and I have no idea what I would do with our 8-month-old son. Speaking of kids, where were Victor and Sydney […]

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Parenthood 5×06 ‘The M Word’: Four carrots

I’m really glad I had the privilege of starting this episode in the wee hours of the morning and finishing it after I took a shower because I do my best thinking in the shower. While in the shower (how many times can I say shower?), I thought about Joel and Julia’s storyline and came […]

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Parenthood 5×05 ‘Let’s Be Mad Together’: It’s fixed

I love how this show has characters whose story lines relate to each other so well. We haven’t seen a whole lot of that this season, but it’s back this week in full force. There’s Joel and Crosby, Camille and Julia, and even Max and Kristina a little bit. The storyline that disappointed me most […]

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Parenthood 5×04 ‘In Dreams Begin Responsibilities’: Hank said I could have $20 if…

Remember what I said last week about Zeek and Camille having zero interaction with anyone else besides each other? Well, we didn’t even see Camille this week, but there was so much tenderness between Victor and Zeek, which I loved. He’s clearly acclimated well to the family, as he fights with Sydney like brothers and […]

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Parenthood 5×03 ‘Nipple Confusion’: Worst episode title ever

I really expected more drama out of this episode, especially from Julia and Joel. Like any promo for any show typically does, this week’s promo hyped up the issues of holding Victor back a grade and Julia confiding in Ed way more than necessary. I know that Julia and Joel aren’t the most exciting couple […]

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Parenthood 5×02 ‘All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard’: I saw you two wrestling

I love having Max’s quotes in my title, even though he probably won’t see a lot of action this season. I’ve loved watching him grow as a character, and I’ve loved watching Max Burkholder grow as an actor, probably because he’s the character I relate to least. It’s just a lot of fun watching him […]

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Parenthood 5×01 ‘It Has to Be Now’: Don’t let it bite you

I’m so glad Parenthood is back for a fifth season, but this year’s premiere wasn’t the emotional powerhouse that last year’s was. Maybe it’s because I watched all of last season under the influence of pregnancy hormones, or because NBC ordered 22 episodes this season, instead of the jam-packed 15 episodes they had last year. […]


We’re Pumped for the 2013-14 Season!

When I was a kid, I loved summer because I could stay home and watch TV all day. Now I’m an adult who stays home all day year-round and every year I anticipate the fall because summer TV sucks and fall brings the start of awesome returning shows and new favorites. I asked some of […]