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Photo from the episode "Emotional Proximity"

Chicago PD 4×15 ‘Emotional Proximity’

Yet another ‘crossover event’. If you have followed any of my Chicago PD articles you know how I feel about these crossovers. Normally I dislike them and credit them as a ploy for ratings and to expand the network’s viewership to it’s other programs. However, this installment of #OneChicago actually entertained me. Perhaps it was […]

Photo from the episode "Now I'm God"

Chicago PD 3×10 ‘Now I’m God’ Use your words Hank

After a month long hiatus NBC comes back with #OneChicago a 3-part crossover episode between the Chicago franchise. Chicago PD is the concluding episode of the crossover event, which I actually really enjoyed. Maybe it’s because I actually watched all three parts or maybe it’s because it was written really well. Shea McKeown a self […]