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Once Upon A Time 4×02 ‘White Out’: The cold never bothered me anyway

Wow. What an episode. There was so much character development in just the 48 minutes that we were given. Two new characters also made their debut. In all honesty, I think “White Out” was just as good, maybe even better than last week’s premiere. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not watching […]

A Tale of Two Sisters

Once Upon A Time 4×01 ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’: An icy arrival

Wow. I must say, I am pleased with the way that Season Four began. It brought back an old character and introduced a few new ones. The ratings went through the roof! Anyways, time to be critical. The episode began with a flashback to Anna and Elsa’s parent’s death. I was happy that it provided […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×21/3×22 ‘Snow Drifts’ and ‘There’s No Place Like Home’: Emma Swan, for the love of God, stop messing with the timeline

Well, dear readers, here we are at the final season three episode for Once Upon a Time. And, sadly, my final review here at Be sure to follow me over at for my thoughts on season four! I have to say I enjoyed this episode very much. The element of time travel, something […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×20 ‘Kansas’: Destiny is as destiny does…

I have to be honest, initially was very much on the fence regarding this episode. While I enjoyed the plot and performances, I felt elements of the story seemed slightly rushed. I would have liked for Zelena’s back story to perhaps be spread out over another episode, and perhaps Regina’s development of white magic. It […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×19 ‘A Curious Thing’: Parallels and pasts revealed!

This episode was the episode of answers. The viewers not only find the truth behind several of the questions that have been burning in their brains since the second half of the season premiered, but are treated to a showcase of parallels between this episode and many past. This is the prime reason I enjoyed […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×18 ‘Bleeding Through’ : Dust off your Ouija boards!

This episode, what can I say about this episode? For starters, it was an excellent showcase of character growth all around, but particularly from our Madam Mayor, Regina Mills. Seeing how far the Evil Queen has come, especially in regards to her relationship with Snow White, (one of the most fascinating and complex relationships on […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×17 ‘The Jolly Roger’: Rum won’t solve this one, mate

For a Hook-centric outing, this episode was surprisingly well-balanced. Not only did we get more insight to the events of the missing year, but wonderful comedic scenes with Henry and the Charmings, as well as magic lessons between Regina and Emma. As much as was revealed about the past in this episode, it’s still a […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×15 ‘Quiet Minds’ : Let go…

I want to start off by saying I really enjoyed this episode. Like so many this season, it was fast-paced, but didn’t lose any character development to the plotty-ness that plagued season two. There were many wonderful moments with Belle. Her role in this episode was right on the mark and I hope to see […]

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Once Upon a Time 3×14 ‘The Tower’: Beware midwives bearing tea

These recent episodes of Once Upon a Time are really reaching back to their season one roots. Season 3B is shaping up to have the same “small town with a secret” feel that attracted me to the show in the first place. With that, we get many excellent parallels to that first year in Storybrooke […]

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Once Upon a Time 3×13 ‘Witch Hunt’: Green verses Queen

As you may or may not know, some of my favorite episodes of Once Upon a Time are the ones penned by Jane Espenson. I always enjoy the whippy dialog she brings to the table, as well as the depth her writing brings to the character relationships. This episode was no exception and may be […]

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Once Upon a Time 3 x 12 ‘New York City Serenade’: Something wicked this way comes…

We did it readers, we survived the winter hiatus! And what an episode to come back to. I don’t know about you, but it’s wonderful to be reminded how much our favorite characters have grown. True, in season 3A our heroes were banding together against a common enemy, but it shows by what leaps and […]

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Once Upon a Time 3×11 ‘Going Home’: There WAS a town in Maine…

Here we are, the last episode before a three-month hiatus. I have to say, the writers and cast sent us out in glorious fashion. This has to be the most emotionally charged episodes of Once Upon a Time I have ever seen and I’ve seen them all. The final ten or so minutes had some […]

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Once Upon a Time 3×10 ‘The New Neverland’: About 90% of this episode is hugging, the other 10% is subterfuge

This week’s episode has us finally back in Storybrooke, back where it all began. While I generally enjoyed this episode, I felt the flashback scenes to be lacking this time around. I do like to see Snow White and Charming together, but the significance of this week’s flashbacks felt a little strained. The reunion scenes […]

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Once Upon a Time 3×09 ‘Save Henry’: “I need a child and I need your help…not like that!”

We’ve only had a week break but it seems like 28 years since the last episode of Once Upon a Time. This week’s installment, highly anticipated not only for Henry’s adoption story but also the resolution to Team Henry’s fight against Peter Pan did not disappoint, rounding out our adventure in Neverland with a little […]

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Once Upon a Time 3×08 ‘Think Lovely Thoughts’: At this rate, the audience is probably related to Henry…

Things are getting more challenging for Team Henry as we dive into this week’s episode. We are privy to Rumpelstilskin’s back story, as well as the confrontation we’ve been waiting for between our heroes and Peter Pan. Also, this week we get treated to the mother of all plot twists, or should I say the […]

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Once Upon a Time 3×07 ‘Dark Hollow’: Don’t diss the magic coconut!

This was the week for character development. Many of those tiny moments lacking in season two made their way to this episode. And we finally get to see what our beloved denizens of Storybrooke have been up to now that the main cast have been off on their jungle safari. This week’s episode starts off […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×06 ‘Ariel’: Forty-two minutes of The Little Mermaid references

Tonight’s episode really had quite a standard to live up to. Ariel and The Little Mermaid are some of Disney’s best know interpretations. This episode excels in being fairly faithful to that version while still adding the distinct Once Upon a Time spin to the tale. And despite devoting time to introducing such a treasured […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×05: ‘Good Form’: And that’s the best form of all!

This episode was quite the treat. Even though it was primarily about Captain Hook’s back story, it was extremely well-balanced and had a little something for everyone. We open this week, as always, with someone beating feet through the underbrush of Neverland. It’s Pan’s Lost Boys, who are on the move, dragging an unconscious Nealfire […]

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Once Upon a Time 3×04 ‘Nasty Habits’: Neal’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Faith seems to be an important theme this week, the need for the ones we care about to trust us, no matter what. However, this being Once Upon a Time, that lesson will need to be learned the hard way. We open this week right where we left off, as Felix escorts Nealfire through the […]

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Once Upon A Time 3×03 ‘Quite A Common Fairy’: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tattoo cause this much trouble

This week’s episode has two major themes running throughout; second chances and the power of belief. Though it seems Tinkerbell is going to need more than just clapping to save her this time. We open on Team Henry trucking through the jungle foliage. As Emma checks the map they recieved from Peter Pan, she notices […]