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Gracepoint 1×10 ‘1.10’: Congrats on figuring out your phone.

Well folks here we are at the final episode of Gracepoint which in my opinion was executed very well from start to finish. Having seen the finale I can tell you with total confidence that the ending of Gracepoint is quite different from Broadchurch, and if you haven’t seen it you can watch both and […]


Gracepoint 1×09 ‘1.9’: Running out of time

With only one episode to go on Gracepoint will our detectives solve the case of who murdered Danny Solano? Det. Carver is down for the count after hiding his illness from everyone much to the chagrin of Det. Miller. Mark and Beth are still having lot of marital issues but there may be some hope […]


Gracepoint 1×08 ‘1.8’: More suspects, more problems

With only two more episodes left, it’s not surprising that Gracepoint is really kicking it into high gear.  Det. Carver’s medical issues are getting much worse and it’s starting to affect his job performance. Det. Miller’s son Tom is still missing. The Solano’s are still deeply grieving Danny but there is a little hope on […]


Gracepoint 1×07 ‘1.7’: Breaking the pattern.

This is the first big departure from Broadchurch that we’ve seen on Gracepoint and it’s a big one. Det. Miller’s son Tom goes missing and everyone in town is convinced he’s the next Danny Solano. Nothing like this happens in the original series. Mark, Beth, and the whole town attend the funeral for Jack Reinhold. […]


Gracepoint 1×06 ‘1.6’: In the hot seat

The action really amped up in the sixth installment of Gracepoint this week. Everyone is focusing on the wrong details and suspicions are running high once again. People all over the town are making demands and Det. Carver and Det. Miller are scrambling to keep ahead of the evidence as it rolls in. The small […]


Gracepoint 1×05 ‘1.5’: Gracepoint is burning

Episode five marks the halfway point for this miniseries and I’m curious. Based on the pace the show is going at now, I wonder what they’ll do with two extra episodes. The original series Broadchurch wrapped up after eight episodes with a very satisfying finale. Perhaps this is what FOX means when they say that […]


Gracepoint 1×03 ‘1.3’: “I hate the endless sky.”

Each installment of Gracepoint gets better and better, and you end up throwing your hands up in the air when the episode ends desperate to know more. There were some serious developments this time around that were quite shocking. The suspicions are growing in this small town, and Detective Emmett Carver is a jerk who […]


Gracepoint 1×02 ‘1.2’: Everyone’s a suspect

There are some stunning revelations this week on Gracepoint. The secrets are starting to unravel and more suspicion is being cast in every direction. People are really starting to feel the negative impact on the local economy that comes from a bad reputation. Danny’s family is trying to shake the grief off of them without […]

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Gracepoint 1×01 ‘Pilot’: Not a carbon copy

Ok people, I’ll be the first to tell you that I have seen Broadchurch, (I will also admit that David Tennant was the main draw for me) the ITV series that Gracepoint is based on. I love Broadchurch and I can’t wait to see just how different the Americanized version will be. There is a […]