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New Girl 3×23 ‘Cruise’: Cruising for a bruising

New Girl‘s season three finale, “Cruise,” was one of the most unfocused and uninteresting season finales I’ve seen from any show. Compare this finale to last season’s huge finale revolving around CeCe’s wedding and there’s no contest in terms of storylines resolved, character development, or humor. What we’re left with in “Cruise” is a season […]

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New Girl 3×22 ‘Dance’: Turn down the heat

This week’s New Girl was a vast improvement over the previous episode. It’s much more fun to see these characters all thrown into a random, wacky situation than it is to see them trying to deal with relationship issues–at least for me. In “Dance,” we see Jess attempt to run a dance at her school, with […]

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New Girl 3×21 ‘Big News’: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

This week’s episode of New Girl had a lot going for it in terms of humor, but still missed the mark with most of the character moments (which has been the case for a good chunk of Season 3). “Big News” followed the events of Jess and Nick’s break up almost immediately after it happened. Nick […]


New Girl 3×11 ‘Clavado En Un Bar’: The gang reminisces

After what seemed like an eternity of a holiday hiatus, New Girl returned this week with its first new episode since Thanksgiving. In ‘Clavado En Un Bar,’ the gang spent the entire episode at Nick’s bar reliving what brought them to where they are now. Jess comes to the guys wanting advice on a potential job […]


New Girl 3×10 ‘Thanksgiving III’: In the woods

The third installment of Thanksgiving episodes on New Girl sent the gang into the woods trying to recapture Nick’s manhood. Whether or not Nick found it is debatable, but it certainly led to some complications among the rest of our campers. Jess barely makes it out alive with both of her feet, and Schmidt and […]


New Girl 3×09 ‘Longest Night Ever’: Dating can be difficult

I won’t say that last night’s New Girl was my least favorite episode this season; however, it certainly wasn’t my favorite. You would think an episode where Coach was heavily featured and Ferguson made a triumphant return would be a slam dunk, but the execution just came off all wrong. Jess and Schmidt were on […]


New Girl 3×08 ‘Menus’: Ocean Conservation Day

It’s been so long since there was an episode of New Girl that focused solely on Jess that this week’s episode seemed a little surprising, despite Jess being the title character. For so long now, all of Jess’s storylines revolved around Nick, so it was refreshing to have an episode that let her do her […]


New Girl 3×07 ‘Coach’: The return of Damon Wayans Jr.

Last night finally saw the much-lauded return of Coach! Though not in quite the capacity that was expected. Taye Diggs also made a guest appearance. Between the two of them, they definitely shook things up in the loft and made for an exciting episode of New Girl. Brock Kimbrel is a social media specialist from […]


New Girl 3×06 ‘Keaton’: A roommate moves out

This week the unthinkable happened on New Girl: a roommate moved out of the loft! It was a pretty busy Halloween-themed episode that ended in a shock change in address for our favorite Jewish apartment resident. Yes, it’s true, Schmidt moved out. But only to the vacant apartment across the hall. And probably only temporarily. […]


New Girl 3×05 ‘The Box’: Nick inherits some problems

This week’s New Girl saw Nick inherit a bag full of cash and proceed to cause all sorts of problems in the loft because of it. Jess wants to help Nick be responsible, Winston wants to get paid back, and Schmidt just wants to be a better person. The loft learned in their own very […]


New Girl 3×04 ‘The Captain’: Feelings, not talkings

This week’s New Girl saw Nick and Jess go through their first true relationship test as a couple, thanks to Schmidt. Schmidt was dealing with his own relationship trouble, trying to recover from his double break-up in his unique Schmidt way. And dear Winston was just trying to get his cat laid. Also, the world […]

New Girl 3×03 ‘Double Date’: The truth comes out

This week, the moment that we all saw coming, finally happened. After Schmidt confides in Nick, who confides in Jess, that he’s dating both Cece and Elizabeth, Schmidt is forced by the end of the episode to tell Cece the truth. Cece naturally did not take this news very well, thus ending our hopes of […]


New Girl 3×02 ‘Nerd’: The mean girls

This week’s episode of New Girl introduced a clique of ‘mean girl’ teachers at Jess’s new school that are making it difficult to fit in. Nick joins in as the helpful man friend to try and make Jess look cool. Schmidt is still dealing with juggling his two-woman affair, reminding us that yes, this story […]


New Girl 3×01 ‘All In’: A trip to Mexico

After what seemed like an eternally long summer hiatus, we finally got the season 3 premiere of New Girl last night! It wasn’t the most drop dead hilarious episode of the show, but it definitely had some great moments, and more importantly, it set the stage for what is to come with Nick and Jess […]


We’re Pumped for the 2013-14 Season!

When I was a kid, I loved summer because I could stay home and watch TV all day. Now I’m an adult who stays home all day year-round and every year I anticipate the fall because summer TV sucks and fall brings the start of awesome returning shows and new favorites. I asked some of […]