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Orange is the New Black 3×10-3×13: ‘A Tittin’ and a Hairin’’, ‘We can be Heroes’, ‘Don’t Make Me Come Back There’, ‘Trust No B****’.

Here’s my wrap up of season three of Orange is the New Black! Sarah S. Sarah S. is an aspiring couch potato and currently haunts the Midwestern United States. She spends way too much time watching TV and being a pop culture junkie. When she’s not ranting about movies and TV on social media, you […]


Orange is the New Black 3×07-3×09: ‘Tounge-Tied’, ‘Fear, and Other Smells’, ‘Where my Dreidel At’.

Is it just me guys or was season two way more interesting and better written than this season? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m still interested to see what happens next and slightly entertained, but I feel like this might also be a lot of build up for nothing. Anywho, let’s cover the next […]


Orange is the New Black 3×04-3×06: ‘Finger in the Dyke’, ‘Fake it ‘til You Fake It Some More’, ‘Ching Chong Chang’.

Things are heating up: old enemies are meeting once again. New inmates bring back new life to the prison, and open old wounds. The new regime change has people either panicking or praising. What will happen next? Sarah S. Sarah S. is an aspiring couch potato and currently haunts the Midwestern United States. She spends […]


Orange is the New Black 3×01-3×03: ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘Bed, Bugs and Beyond’, ‘Empathy is a Boner Killer’

Hello everyone and welcome to the season 3 recap for Orange is The New Black! I’ll be covering three episodes at a time each post. As we all know, OITNB is one of America’s favorite binge-watching pastimes and is definitely one of the best decisions that Netflix ever made. All of your favorite characters are […]


The Fall 2.04-2.06 ‘Strangler’ ‘The Fall’ ‘In Summation’

For those following along at home, this is the review of the episodes four through six of The Fall season two. There’s been some major developments in the case, Stella Gibson is coming closer to putting Paul Spector away for good and he knows it. He’s become increasingly paranoid and is engaging in very risky […]


The Fall 2×01-2×03 ‘Walk the Line’, ‘One Named Peter’, “It’s Always Darkest’

For the uninitiated, The Fall is an excellent Netflix original series via BBC 2 that is both terrifying and visually stunning. If you haven’t seen the first series it’s still up and available to watch on Netflix and I highly recommend not watching it alone in the dark. There’s five episodes this season so I’ll […]

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Orange is the New Black 2×04-06: The taxation of trade routes is in dispute

Welcome back, inmates!  Our time in the clink this week finds Piper and Larry’s relationship circling the metaphorical drain, sewage coming up in the bathroom showers through the non-metaphorical drain, Vee’s emotional manipulation taking the form of something more orchestrated and goal-oriented, Boo and Nicky duking it out out to see who is Litchfield’s most […]


Orange is the New Black 2×02 & 2×03: Shall we go to jail?

Covering the second and third episodes of the second season, we finally get back to the girls at Litchfield Federal Penitentiary after our brief sojourn to Chicago, and we have a lot of catching up to do.  How is Red dealing with the fallout from alienating her prison family?  Who is this complicating new person […]


Orange is the New Black 2×01, ‘Thirsty Bird’: Through the air and under the bus

Welcome to Orange is the New Black!  Katie and I will be leading this tour of the facilities.  Leave your phones and sharp objects with the front desk.  Do not speak to the inmates.  Do not take anything from the inmates or give anything to them.  Do not touch the inmates.  Red will be serving […]