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NCIS 12×17 ‘The Artful Dodger’: The artworld gets DiNozzo’d

While we have been in ‘filler episode’ territory for the past few weeks,  it’s hard to argue that the writers of NCIS don’t have some clue as to what they are doing. They clearly are aware of what the viewers like, and what NCIS fan doesn’t like a good Papa DiNozzo episode? Sarah Lord is […]


NCIS 12×16 ‘Blast from the Past’: Gibbs is better than a smartphone

Well, after the supposedly most important episode of the season comes and goes (with many complaints from me), it looks like it’s filler episode time. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good filler episode and NCIS is generally very good at them. Well they kind of have to be because only so many […]


NCIS 12×15 ‘Cabin Fever’: The invincible Gibbs

With having berated us with what seemed to be many filler episodes, NCIS is back this week with an episode that brings it back to the main story arc that has been established for this season. I’d say that this episode is pretty important in determining how the rest of the season is going to […]


NCIS 12×14 ‘Cadence’: Flashbacks galore

NCIS is back this week with a very character themed episode. While it’s not my favorite character (McGee will always be my number one), Tony DiNozzo episodes are usually pretty good so I was not too disappointed.  NCIS knows how to do specific character episodes very well, and always manages to reveal more about each character. […]


NCIS 12×13 ‘We Build, We Fight’: Babies make everything good again

Another brief NCIS hiatus has come and gone, and thankfully its return brings glad tidings (mostly). What with the sudden tragedy that took place a few episodes back, it’s good to have a brief reprieve from total sadness. But it doesn’t stop this week’s episode from pulling at your heart strings. Sarah Lord is a […]


NCIS 12×12 ‘The Enemy Within’: A shift in the formula

With last week’s bombshell of an episode, it’s surprising that the main storyline of this new episode isn’t a direct continuation from last week’s events. Probably the safest way to go in order not to waste or rush a good plot. Plus I think we fans can only take a frazzled and upset Gibbs for […]


NCIS 12×11 ‘Check’: “I picked a really bad time to stop drinking coffee”

Well, the holidays are very much winding down, which apparently means that crime television shows are going back to their normal routines of murder and death without the holiday cheer attached. And boy does NCIS know how to get right back to it. Despite my doubts about season 12 being an altogether compelling season, this […]

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NCIS 12×10: ‘House Rules’: “Sometimes, you’re wrong”

It doesn’t even feel like NCIS has been on a three week hiatus. But alas, it was, and now we jump from a Thanksgiving episode to a Christmas one. A Christmas episode having to do with cyber attacks (talk about “There’s no such thing as a coincidence”). But who’s complaining? I’m certainly not, especially since […]

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NCIS 12×09 ‘Grounded’: Never talk to people in airports

Nothing like a good Thanksgiving episode of NCIS to get us ready for the holiday season. NCIS is pretty good when it comes to its themed episodes, and this one (for the most part) is no exception. Snow, crowded airports, cranky people, it all goes down in this “Clue”-like episode. Sarah Lord is a college […]

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NCIS 12×08 ‘Semper Fortis’: Always count on Papa Gibbs

More NCIS! What a surprise! We’re still trudging along in this new season, braving each new synopsis that comes our way. The season has hit the point in which they’ll be giving out some heartwarming filler episodes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, let’s just hope the writers add a little pizzazz to the otherwise […]

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NCIS 12×07 ‘The Searchers’: A fitting Veterans Day tribute

And we’re back from the brief NCIS hiatus that took place last week. Thankfully this week’s episode isn’t as dark as the latest episode, without creepy kids and all that. This week we have a nice storyline in honor of Veteran’s Day, and we also have a little conflict between Gibbs and Bishop which proves […]

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NCIS 12×06 ‘Parental Guidance Suggested’: “Popcorn and hot chocolate.”

It’s the week of Halloween (Halloweek as it’s been aptly called) and of course in keeping with NCIS tradition, they have given us a Halloween themed episode. Huzzah! As we’ve seen in the past, NCIS tends to go all out for their themed episodes, both with story and with the activities of the team. In […]

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NCIS 12×05 ‘The San Dominick’: Bring on the movie references

If I can rely on this show for anything, it’s on its plethora of movie references that are sprinkle into episodes every so often. Last week was Star Wars, this week is Star Trek (also a sneaky Diehard reference). It’s no real surprise that McGee is the one that makes the Star Trek reference. And […]

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NCIS 12×04 ‘Choke Hold’: “Nobody hates Star Wars”

With an opening like that, I might have to shut my mouth about how I think the writing of this show is going down in quality. Because that is probably one of the most gripping and even horrifying episode openings I’ve seen in a while. The trick is will the rest of the episode be […]

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NCIS 12×03 ‘So It Goes’: Flashback central

NCIS has obtained many substantial guest stars over the years: Jamie Lee Curtis, Bob Newhart, Colin Hanks. But who would have thought that they would nab the main guy from Date Movie (yeah, remember that movie? I unfortunately still do) and have him play the younger version of one of the show’s most beloved characters? […]

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NCIS 12×02 ‘Kill the Messenger’: A lack of clever communication

And we’re back in the swing of things at NCIS headquarters. Gibbs and his team do what they do best: bicker amongst themselves and solve crimes. With the re-establishment of the team, it feels like we’re almost back in the good old days of classic NCIS. So far as we know, no one is going […]


NCIS 12×01 ‘Twenty Klicks’: Survival Mode

A season premiere filled with survival, blood, and predictability. What more could you want? Well, asides from the predictability aspect. Even though the whole episode in general has a nifty survival-movie quality to it. Until the predictability sets in, of course. Sarah Lord is a college student in New York City. Her extreme knowledge of […]