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Photo from the episode "A Dead Kid, A Notebook, and a Lot of Maybes"

Chicago PD 3×07 ‘A Dead Kid, A Notebook, and A lot of Maybes’

Yup… that pretty much sums it up. Plus Atwater offends a high ranking Chicago Police Captain, Olinsky and his surprise daughter are crashing on Ruzek’s couch, and Halstead wants to beat up a pedophile. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the […]

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Chicago PD 3×04 ‘Debts of the Past’ No Regrets

Voight and Al’s past comes back to bite them in the ass. With their old crew being targeted by car bombs, the boys track down an old suspect to try and protect themselves and their families. While Burgess worries about her future with Adam when she learns of his past engagements. Shea McKeown a self […]

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Natural Born Storyteller" Episode 302 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek, Laroyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater, Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Jason Beghe as Hank Voight -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Chicago PD 3×02 “Natural Born Storyteller”

Amidst a horrifying and disturbing case the Intelligence team has their own personal battles to deal with. Hank is trying to keep Lindsay away from her mother, while Burgess tries to figure out how to talk to Roman about his possible drug addiction. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her […]

Photo from the episode "Life Is Fluid"

Chicago PD 3×01 ‘Life is Fluid’ Some of us need a little less fluid, if you know what I’m saying

Now that’s what I call a premiere! There is never a dull moment, between the heart racing fight scenes, the breath holding undercover scenes, to the heart warming Linstead moments this episode doesn’t give you time to be bored. Especially since someone gets kidnapped, someone gets shot and murdered and someone gets a little overzealous […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×23 ‘Born Into Bad News’ Say Goodbye to Lindsay

Guess who has quit the Intelligence team…again? I wonder how long she’ll be gone this time. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the infinite scroll of tumblr, or reading endless amounts of fanfiction, she is marathoning her latest tv obsession. The […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×22 ‘Push the Pain Away’ Or Drown it in Whiskey

Erin has gone to the dark side. Just what Voight was afraid of. As a means to ‘push the pain away’ Erin has turned to alcohol to try and cope with the pain she feels at the lose of Nadia and the guilt she feels at what she thinks is her part in it. It […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×21 ‘There’s My Girl’ Nadia DeCotis: An Angry Rant

They hit us right in the feels! The recap from last week is jam packed with clips of Nadia. They show Erin encouraging her, Platt celebrating with her, Nadia’s determination with being a cop and then they show us what happened to her in New York. For those of us who didn’t watch the final […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×19 “The Three G’s” Olinski, Roman and Nadia

Alvin Olinski is a haunted man. In his years on the job Al has acquired some skeletons, some ghosts. This episode we see one of those skeletons come creeping out of his closet. Alvin is confronted by a criminal from his past. While Roman is punching out another police officer and Nadia is taking her […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×18 ‘Get Back to Even’ The Softer Side of Chicago

Another day, another dead body. Except this dead body has Voight’s business card. How did it get there? Will Voight and Halstead finally have it out? And what is Nadia doing getting shot at? Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×17 ‘Say Her Real Name’I’m Not Going to Tell You Again

The gang is back once again. After a brief hiatus we dive right back in to Ruzek’s undercover operation within a political activism group called Black Grid. While he is undercover a friend of his from the group falls out of a hotel room 20 story’s up, after calling Adam for help. Of course he […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×16 ‘What Puts You on That Ledge’ and what keeps you from falling off

Jin has been replaced, Linstead is calling it quits, and Voight is a machine. Oh and Antonio goes undercover and almost gets murdered. Just another day for Chicago PD’s Intelligence team. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the infinite scroll of […]


Parks and Recreation 7×12 ‘One Last Ride’: Farewell Pawnee.

How’s everyone feeling about one of the best comedy series of all time ending? Yeah me too. It’s hard to say goodbye to a show that has brought so much positivity and joy into so many people’s lives. Hanging out with Leslie Knope and her pals got me through some tough times and made me […]

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Chicago PD 2×15 ‘What Do You Do’ How many bad guys are there?!

Burgess has a gun in her face again. The woman just sniffs out trouble. I guess that’s why she’s a cop. But today Roman and Burgess stumble into a whole mess of trouble that ends with Roman bloody and beaten and Burgess having to fight 5 different men for survival.  Shea McKeown a self professed […]


Parks and Recreation 7×10 and 7×11 ‘The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show’ and ‘Two Funerals.’

Welcome back to Pawnee, Indiana folks! Man these episodes sure are getting sad now that we’re nearing the end of the series. But there’s still a lot of laughs to go around: it’s Andy’s last appearance as Johnny Karate on the local Pawnee channel and for some reason that almost brought me to tears even […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×14 ‘Erin’s Mom’ Can’t teach an old Bunny new tricks

Bunny’s at it again. Just when you think she has turned her life around and is just trying to be a good Samaritan you find out she’s been in bed with the bad guys all along.  Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck […]


Parks and Recreation 7×08 and 7×09 ‘Mrs. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington’/ ‘Pie-Mary’

Hey there Parks and Rec fans! Looks like NBC decided to pair up two episodes again and like most of the season they’re directly related to big character changes. Leslie and Ben are of course being pulled in two directions: Pawnee and Washington D.C. but I think we all know where they’re going to end […]

Blacklist 2x10.1

The Blacklist 2×10 ‘Luther Braxton: Conclusion’: Call my bluff, please call my bluff

The conclusion to the two-part post-Super Bowl The Blacklist guest starring Ron Perlman. With The Factory in ruins Harold Cooper tries to rescue his team. Meanwhile Braxton has taken Lizzie in the hope of obtaining information about the elusive Fulcrum. Again this episode fails on delivery of an action-intensive story, but it makes up for it between […]


Parks and Recreation 7×07 ‘Donna and Joe’: “I’m Ben Wyatt and I approve this message!”

Yay! Donna is finally getting married! Woohoo! We’ve all been waiting for this moment and it’s just as great as you’ve been imagining it would be. Everyone is having a great time: Ron is obsessed with how churches are built, Tom and Lucy are doing that weird thing young couples do when they feel like […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×13 “A Little Devil Complex”

Robert Knepper has a knack for playing creepy evil dudes. He guest stars in this week’s Chicago PD as Adrian Gish the pyromaniac who is responsible for not only the death of Leslie Shay our beloved paramedic from Chicago Fire but also a handful of other CFD alumni. I will always remember Knepper as Theodore […]

Blacklist 2x09.1

The Blacklist 2×09 ‘Luther Braxton’: What happened in Belgrade?

First episode of 2015 and my god did it do its job. The task force tries to save Reddington from The Factory, a secret detention facility, but he has a plan of his own to tackle the next number on The Blacklist. Only issue is this number is a thief that shares a complicated history with Reddington. […]