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Boardwalk Empire 5×08 ‘El Dorado’: I have to see a man about a dog

“Prohibition is the trigger of crime.” ― Ian Fleming.   Now that we’ve arrived at the series finale, I feel a deep sense of serenity and poignancy settling over me. I do think that this finale gave the show what it deserved. A fair send off for all of the years of excellent writing, cinematography, […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×07 ‘Friendless Child’: Rot gut riots

This is the second to last episode you’ll ever see of Boardwalk, and man is it a doozy. From the very first frame, it feels different this time, almost cinematic. Is it just me or did the cinematography and editing really hit their mark this time? Not that they’re not always fabulous, but it’s particularly […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×06 ‘Devil You Know’: Buying the farm

With ‘Devil You Know’ it finally feels like we’ve taken off into the finale. There are two major developments this episode, which thankfully both made perfect sense although it was pretty tough to watch. Nucky is drunk a lot, and yes, there are some more flashbacks. The story is progressing nicely and despite my earlier […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×05 ‘King of Norway’: Throwing lead

Well, that was pretty freaking intense folks. Episodes like this remind me of why I started watching this show in the first place. Nucky’s friends are still thinning, and nobody trusts anyone anymore. Chalky is making a bit of a comeback and Capone is as whacko as ever. There are more flashbacks, although much more […]

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Boardwalk Empire 5×04 ‘Cuanto’: Partners in crime

Well folks, here we are at the halfway point for the farewell season.  I think next week we’ll really see the show ramp it up but this episode sort of just maintained the status quo with a few noted exceptions. Like my favorite Al Capone’s appearance and the superb Michael Shannon gracing our screens once […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×03 ‘What Jesus Said’: Clip Joint

As of next week we’ll be at the halfway point til the end of Boardwalk for good. I can’t help but feel like the show is stalling and holding on to its good cards until the very last episodes. The pacing was slow this time around but I still enjoyed it. I’m sure the show […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×02 ‘The Good Listener’: Booshwash

Nucky is dabbling in both the legitimate and shady aspects of his business practices this episode. We’re also treated to a host of flashbacks from his childhood and it feels as though we are slowly closing Nucky’s book. He’s considering retirement and with the end of prohibition looming who can blame him? His popularity is […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×01 ‘Golden Days for Boys and Girls’: The kiss off

Here it is folks. The final season of Boardwalk Empire is upon us. Many critics say that the show ran its course in the first season. Which is total rubbish in my opinion. I’ve loved every season of BE so far and I cannot wait to see how everything gets wrapped up. Sadly, HBO shortened […]