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Melissa & Joey 3×23 ‘Couples Therapy’: Disagree with volume

I’ll let the lack of Ryder slide this week on Melissa & Joey only because the guest star made the ‘90s smile even wider than it already does with this show. Jessie Spano wasn’t so excited to see Joe as her new patient, while Lennox and Zander debated morals. Again, there was absolutely no Ryder […]


Melissa & Joey 3×21 ‘Plus One’: The shoulder brush

Mel and Joe did the same dance as last week, Lennox was “extra girl weird” and Ryder was back and actually got a real storyline – fingers crossed it goes further than this one episode. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two years of stress […]


Melissa & Joey 3×18 ‘Independence Day’: Double shifts and pausing techniques

Usually I’m full of praise for Melissa & Joey, but this week was just okay. It had a few funny moments, but for the most part left me like, eh…why isn’t Ryder used more often? Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two years of stress […]


Melissa & Joey 3×17 ‘A Decent Proposal’: Porkgasm

Can ABC Family never do random Christmas episodes again? They messed with my head when it came to the reality of Melissa & Joey. This is mainly because I don’t want to hop back and forth; move forward or bust. Anyways, we pick up where we left off; Joe, Mel and Austin in an awkward […]


Melissa & Joey Special ‘A New Kind of Christmas’: I didn’t have enough glitter for all that…

It’s freezing and I’m watching Melissa & Joey, what’s going on? It isn’t summer but ABC Family decided this and Baby Daddy deserved holiday specials. More on Baby Daddy later because we need to discuss the sexual tension that’s forever looming, meeting the kids mom and the “aw shucks moments” Christmas in Toledo brought on. […]

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Melissa & Joey 3×15 ‘What Happens in Jersey…(Part 2)’: It begins

Have you ever gotten home from a Backstreet Boys concert and then internally screamed while streaming Melissa & Joey at 2am? Welcome to my life. The sexual tension Lennox mentions almost every other episode, and very much throughout the third season finale is nothing new. We all knew that Mel and Joe would eventually sleep […]


Melissa & Joey 3×14 ‘What Happens in Jersey… (Part 1)’: I already have a street name

Was this week a look at what it’d be like if Mel and Joe actually got hitched in the future? For the sake of the ozone layer, let’s hope not. How many cans of hairspray were used to pull of that Tiffany look? Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet […]


Melissa & Joey 3×13 ‘Teach Your Children’: Take a left at delusional

Lennox is growing up, Joe’s a hooker and Ryder’s girlfriend can’t handle his meat. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two years of stress thanks to a job she grew to hate, she left and focused 90% of her attention on the one thing that […]


Melissa & Joey 3×12 ‘Bad Influence’: 2002 World Series

Joe and Ryder teamed up to make a little extra cash selling Mel’s junk at a yard sale only they sold something not meant for anyone’s eyes, and Lennox’s new pen pal’s an inmate? Yup, what’s Zander think of this? I know what everyone was thinking as soon as they found out “2002 World Series” […]

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At, we try our best to write reviews that invite discussion from fellow fans and critics. To end the summer with a bang, we’re giving away a gift card for one month of Hulu Plus (there’s also a one week free trial for new signups) to one lucky winner. The contest will last two weeks, until 9pm Pacific […]


Melissa & Joey 3×11 ‘Fast Times’: Zip, ding, done

It only took about a month in our eyes for Mel to find a new boyfriend, but in their world they’ve been together 12 weeks. Three months is technically a long time for Mel to stick with someone, so as we learned earlier this season – she’s on the hunt for someone she can lock […]


Melissa & Joey 3×10 ‘Family Feud’: Lobsters in a tank

Every time Joe gets a job outside of the house, things go wrong. He’s just mean to be a manny and there’s nothing else to it. That was the clear lesson of this week’s Melissa & Joey. That, and don’t lie and say you got kicked out of your house just to have sex all […]


Melissa & Joey 3×09 ‘Something Happened’: You unionized the prostitutes

Finally Ryder got more than what feels like five minutes, Lennox shared with everyone but Mel and Joe got intimate with Zander. Plus, there was a special guest spot that was funny both on the show and in reality. Things seem to be going good with Ryder and the homeschool girl, minus the fact that […]


Melissa & Joey 3×08 ‘The Unfriending’: I’m the pot of gold

Told you so! Mel didn’t have a new guy this week but Joe was shaking up with a new face. Oh the joys of being able to predict the next episode. It’s not that hard when Joe looks like well, that. Who else was sort of excited to see Shannon Elizabeth acting again? Yeah her […]


Melissa & Joey 3×07 ‘The Unkindest Cut:’ Bowflex with boobs

Mel and Joe had babies on the brain, Lennox made me cry and I’m just happy Ryder had somewhat of a storyline this week. You knew that Mel wouldn’t last with the new guy because in the back of your mind (and definitely their writer’s room) Mel and Joe are supposed to be together, but […]


Melissa & Joey 3×06 ‘The Truth Hurts’: Open box of cookies

Ryder’s lonely and becoming somewhat of a hermit. Lennox thinks she’s Dr. Phil because of a Psych class. As for the adults, Mel’s hoping to have a romantic weekend with her new beau Austin, and Joe’s looking to ruin it; unintentionally of course. When Ryder sees his former school friends all hanging out on instagram, […]


Melissa & Joey 3×05 ‘Oh Brother’: Cousins with tails

Mel thinks she’s met the one, but Joe thinks it’s all relative. Meanwhile Lennox battles her ethics when it comes to her latest love; her new phone. There’s a blast from the past this week as Mel reconnects with her childhood BFF/neighbor, Austin. Let it be known that Austin may’ve come from hoarders since he […]

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Melissa & Joey 3×03 ‘Inside Job:’ Clean lines and classic curves

Joe is still hung up on finding another job to fill a void in his life and Lennox has second thoughts about her relationship with Zander. Meanwhile Mel refuses to let steak go to waste and Ryder continues to live without social contact. After Mel comes home from a exhausted from pretending to listen to […]


Melissa & Joey 3×04 ‘Can’t Hardly Wait:’ Boinking and Homeboys

Before we get to anything, a huge applause to the title because for those of us who’ve been with Melissa Joan Hart since the 90’s, that’s an ode to one of the best teen movies ever that she happened to be in. Okay, on with the show. Mel encourages Joe to hold off on sex […]


Melissa & Joey 3×02 ‘Toxic Parents’: Four’s a crowd

While Lennox debated getting a tattoo and Ryder felt down about missing school, they’re weren’t the focal points of this week’s Melissa & Joey. The adults of the house acted pretty childish as they try to outdo one another when it comes to parenting their new beaus’ kid. Wait, just one kid? Mel and Joe […]