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Melissa & Joey 4×20 ‘Game Night’: Who knows more?

There are only two more episodes of Melissa & Joey left in the series and they decided that it was a fine time to have a look back at things with a clip show. However, the focus was on the history of the two core couples; Mel and Joe, and Lennox and Zander. Kendra Beltran […]


Melissa & Joey 4×19 ‘Put a Ring on It’: Gwyneth Paltrow has a big head…

It’s Mel’s birthday and being her first one as a married woman, you’d think her new husband would go above and beyond to make her day insanely special. Instead his gifts just drove her insane. Meanwhile Lennox was weird because she’s too old to still be hanging around her aunt’s house. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere […]


Melissa & Joey 4×17 ‘The Parent Trap’: “Amazing Grace”

Melissa & Joey is one of the most underrated raunchy shows out there. Well, as raunchy as one can be on ABC Family. This week was all about hooking up as Mel and Joe’s parents acted like Zander and Lennox – which was weird because both let feelings get the best of them. Kendra Beltran […]


Melissa & Joey 4×14 ‘You Little Devil’: “…shred my butt!?”

This week on Melissa & Joey it wasn’t the best of times, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. Both storylines had their moments that made me laugh a little, and both offered up some interesting insight on where the show’s going in its last run. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll […]


Melissa & Joey 4×13 ‘Call of Duty’: “I want a b-word…”

This is the last run for Melissa & Joey and we’re starting off with some bad news. Well a double dose of bad news; Ryder is leaving and Mel’s not pregnant. My guess is because Nick Robinson is about to have a great year thanks to Jurassic World, and that they’re going to do more […]


Melissa & Joey 4×12 ‘You Say You Want an Ovulation’: Boohoo

So…will we see the result of this “to be continued?” I think so. I want to guess that we’ll have one more round this summer and then that’s it for Melissa & Joey. So in what I’m hoping was just a Spring finale and not the series…We had Mel and Joe trying really hard to […]


Melissa & Joey 4×10 ‘Parental Guidance’: “How don’t I know Oprah?”

We’re winding down (I think) to the end of this show’s run. I mean it wasn’t picked up for a fifth season, but I’m in the dark of how many more we have until we say adios to these cast of characters on Melissa & Joey. While we wonder when that’ll be, we saw Lennox […]


Melissa & Joey 4×09 ‘Being There’: “Who needs words when you have emojis?”

One of the most annoying things to me is when you’re with someone and they’re stuck on their phone. It’s somewhere near the top of my pet peeves and this week Melissa & Joey took on this growing epidemic and everyone fell victim. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet […]


Melissa & Joey 4×07 ‘Thanks But No Thanks’: “Put it in a basket and leave it at the firestation…”

Guys, I feel like I jinxed Melissa & Joey. Last week I said they were getting better and then it was announced ABC Family was cancelling the show. Well, then…I guess from here on out it’s just about seeing how and if they’ll wrap anything up. This week we lost a character and learned about […]


Melissa & Joey 4×04 ‘The Day After’: “Hide all the razorblades”

So I finally made an effort to see where Ryder was in reality and he’s a part of Jurassic World. Okay, I guess that’s a good enough excuse to leave me hanging on Melissa & Joey but come back Ryder, come back! I barely had the attention span to care this week as Joe dealt […]


Melissa & Joey 4×03 ‘The Honeymooners’: “Six-pack amnesia”

After a dismal Christmas episode we’re back on track with Melissa & Joey and one can only hope the rest of season four is better than most of what we seen last season. This premiere was good, but there was one huge problem – an absence we all notice. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between […]

melissa-and-joey-A Melanie-and-Josiah-Christmas-

Melissa & Joey 4×02 ‘A Melanie & Josiah Christmas’: Waste of space…

There’s not a lot that can be said about this episode because as you can tell from the title…I thought it was a waste. It was one of those Christmas tales that tell us the origin of a family heirloom but in reality it was just a recycled episode set in a different time period. […]


Melissa & Joey 4×01 ‘Witch Came First’: Sabrina the Teenage Mel

They’re saying this is the kick off to season four of Melissa & Joey so that’s how I’m going to mark this Halloween special that was cute for nostalgic reasons but a little too (candy) corny if you ask me. We got a throwback to Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina days but it wasn’t enough. Kendra […]


Melissa & Joey 3×32 “At Last”: “Gonna vow your brains out”

This has been the most drawn out wedding ever…it got to the point where I didn’t even care about it and was glad it ended like it did – nothing fancy, just to the point. While we were waiting for the “I dos” to happen, Mel and Joe got a new house guest and Lennox […]


Melissa & Joey 3×34 ‘Uninvited’: How unannounced

After that cheap walk down memory lane, Melissa & Joey got back to business – wedding business that is and with some very familiar faces. I really couldn’t focus on what was going on though as my hormones were going gaga over Matthew Lawrence’s presence . Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing […]


Melissa & Joey 3×33 ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’: Filler with memories…

Why did we need an episode that looked back on things? Is this show ending…NOPE, so why was it necessary…We may never know. They likely had an order to fill and then didn’t have enough ideas to an episode filled with flashbacks was created. I only like these when a show is in its last […]


Melissa & Joey 3×32 ‘Right Time, Right Place’: Squealing and squealing some more!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry this week during Melissa & Joey. I really didn’t expect the proposal because I was going off the personality I’ve come to know Joe to have. Plus, I didn’t think we’d move that fast. I guess rounding out the season with a wedding goes hand in […]


Melissa & Joey 3×30 ‘More Than Roommates’: Nona’s last seat

This was the first time in a long time that three stories got to actually play out without anyone really getting the short end of the stick. Mel and Joe had their chair situation, feelings were brewing between Lennox and Zander, and Ryder got more action and a song. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between […]


Melissa & Joey 3×26 ‘Chaperones’: “I’m gonna be looking very Jay Z”

If you’ve read my words concerning Melissa & Joey anytime before this moment you know how much I loved this week’s episode – so much Ryder! While there was a whirlwind of emotions going on in his life, Mel and Joe were chaperoning the school dance and getting into way more trouble than any of […]


Melissa & Joey 3×25 ‘My Roof, My Rules’: “Killer frames and rockin’ man bag”

Ryder was on Skype 99% of the episode and he was still the best part as his sister moved out and Joe and Mel really got a lesson in parenting – an 18-year-old baby. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two years of stress thanks […]