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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2×03 ‘The Jimmy Jab Games’: On your mark, get set, Wahlberg!

If this wasn’t a callback to The Office‘s “Office Olympics”, I don’t know what is. This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the precinct had unexpected downtime waiting for their motorcade duty, which just happened to align with Captain Holt and Terry being out of the office. What resulted is the Jimmy Jab Games, a series of challenges which […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2×01’Undercover’: The gang’s all here

Ahh Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This summer has felt especially long without new exploits from my favorite bunch of comedic cops. But no longer! With a couple of Golden Globes under its belt, the pressure is on for B99 to avoid the sophomore slump. If “Undercover” is any indication, we’re off to a good start. Katie Anaya lives […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×22 ‘Charges and Specs’: Wassup?

Guys, how was this the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? How is this show already on hiatus? How are we going to wait MONTHS until it comes back?! You’d think as a fan of Sherlock I’d be prepared for this kind of hiatus agony, but with a season finale as good as ‘Charges and Specs’, […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×20 ‘Fancy Brugdom’: Cantaloupe, yes I can!

It’s difficult to pick a favorite character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I think my answer changes every week because most of the time each character has some standout moments or lines. This week, Jake takes on the task of being Charles’s best man, Gina, Amy and Terry try to stick to a diet and Captain Holt […]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×13 ‘The Bet’: I get snacky

Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg. Best Comedy Series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Let that just deliciously sink in for a second. That’s right, our beloved cop comedy is now Hollywood Foreign Press approved. And, as they showed in ‘The Bet’, those awards are well deserved. Aptly named, The Bet revolves around the resolution of the bet between […]