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Agents of SHIELD 2×10 ‘What They Become’: Family reunion

Agents of SHIELD comes to a close just in time for Christmas. Unlike Arrow or The Flash, there is no mention of holiday cheer. Instead, May pilots the Bus to safety. Skye meets her father. Whitehall falls. Mac isn’t dead! But somebody else is. And yes, Inhumans are definitely a thing now. I’m glad we’re no longer beating the […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×09 ‘… Ye Who Enter Here’: Hold onto your butts

I thought this weeks episode was going to serve as the midseason finale. You can imagine my surprise and joy when I discovered there was still another episode to premiere before we go on our break! This episode on its own would have been more than satisfactory as plenty of shenanigans happened. We say goodbye […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×08 ‘Things We Bury’: The race is on

Coulson brings Fitz out into the field again to help Skye and Tripp discover the location of the mysterious city. Bobbi and Hunter work on breaking Bakshi to take down Whitehall. Whitehall and Skye’s father enjoy the fruits of their partnership. The Ward brothers take a stroll down memory lane, and SHIELD discovers the truth […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×07 ‘Writing on the Wall’: Quick thoughts

This is going to be a quick one since it’s a busy week this week for me, which is a shame because this might be the best episode of SHIELD yet. Coulson’s search for answers causes Skye to be his new bodyguard as May and the team are off hunting Ward. There’s still more than meets the […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×06 ‘A Fracrured House’: Morse code

Hydra is now on the offensive after the team’s marginal win last week by attacking the United Nations and planting doubt in the mind of the public. Simmons and Morse get comfortable in the new SHIELD headquarters while Fitz struggles to adapt with Jemma’s return. Ward’s brother, Senator Christian Ward, is on a witch hunt […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×05 ‘A Hen in the Wolf House’: And if that bird don’t sing…

Agents of SHIELD season 2 hot streak continues with Hydra on the search for a mole and Simmons is caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile Raina is on a timetable to steal back the obelisk from Skye’s father by giving him the one thing he wants the most… Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows that never […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×04 ‘Face My Enemy’: May vs May

Sorry this review is going up so late everyone! I got pretty sick last night and barely managed to turn in my review of The Flash (Which you can check out here). Thankfully I’m feeling much better today and my review of tonight’s Arrow will be up by the morning. Let’s hop to it because this was […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×03 ‘Making Friends and Influencing People’: Ice ice baby

It’s a race against time as Whitehall continues to extend Hydra’s reach by sending a team of agents to hunt down Donnie Gill (Blizzard), with Simmons as their liaison. Coulson puts Sky, Mae, and Hunter on the op to stop them. Mac helps Fitz with his recovery and Fitz confronts Ward. Diego Crespo Diego champions […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×02 ‘Heavy is the Head’: Fitzed it

Okay, this episode continues Agents of SHIELD‘s hot streak of “Pretty good” but the promo for next week has me even more excited! Every episode is counting. There is no filler. All the choices are based in logical character progression. And Simmons- Okay calm down everyone. I’ll just focus on this episode first. Diego Crespo […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×01 ‘Shadows’: Out with the old…

Coulson’s new and improved team begin rebuilding SHIELD, run into an old face, and remain unaware of another older face. It was a damn good premiere and a step towards constant improvement. Not perfect but one of the most entertaining episodes yet. Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows that never had a chance to […]


Agents of SHIELD 2×22 ‘Beginning of the End’: The SHIEL1

Agents of SHIELD delivers a fast-paced season finale and plants its roots as a valuable entry in both the Whedonverse of television shows and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come. Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows that never had a chance to shine. LOST ruined his […]


Agents of SHIELD 1×21 ‘Ragtag’: E.M.P. or is it emp?

The agents of SHIELD go old-school with some spy tech and decide the best way to move large files is by using Windows. I really dig this show now. I’m honestly saddened that the show only has one episode left in the season (possibly series?). But let’s talk about this episode. The first half was […]


Agents of SHIELD 1×20 ‘Nothing Personal’: Huh?

Does anybody else get the feeling that they’re making this up as they go along? I mean, I’m enjoying the show more than ever but the twist that the person behind Coulson’s TAHITI situation is none other than… Coulson. All right then… It’s outlandish. It’s silly. It’s 100% comic book. Clark Gregg still proves he […]


Agents of SHIELD 1×19 ‘The Only Light in the Darkness’: Dark matters

Agents of SHIELD takes a step back to rearrange some characters and their motivations as the team is introduced to the Cellist. Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows that never had a chance to shine. LOST ruined his life for the better. Diego spends his days trying to convince strangers that Buffy the Vampire […]


Agents of SHIELD 1×18 ‘Providence’: Agents of… we’re working on it.

Agents of SHIELD continues to improve with an episode that finds HYDRA making power plays across the globe. Meanwhile, Coulson and his team must ask themselves what they’re fighting for. Yes, it’s all connected. When Agents of SHIELD first began airing in the fall of 2013, I enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure. A harmless […]


Agents of SHIELD 1×17 ‘Turn, turn, turn’: Agents of… HYDRA?

While there’s always room for improvement, Agents of SHIELD seems to have landed on steady ground. Embracing elements of a giant comic book crossover, the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier spread to the small screen. Opening with a fun aerial dogfight sequence, Agents of SHIELD spared no time getting into what should be considered the best episode yet. […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×10 ‘Repairs’: ‘Your weird SHIELD Hogwarts’

This was a stand-alone sort of back to the basics episode for me. They are more and more interested in the “monster of the week” formula with no immediate impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and honestly that will probably prevent the over saturation I envision from all of the Marvel properties seeing screen time. […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×09 ‘The Well’: or Chekov’s Pen

This episode of SHIELD brought to you by the good people of Thor. Remember, when you need a God of Thunder, call Thor. Thor. I don’t think they could have possibly done more to plug the film other than show a full length preview on the screens in the airplane but it didn’t get as […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×07 ‘The Hub’: Big Brother is so… big

This episode had some wonderful concepts, and characterizations. It also had one of my favorite mechanisms for opening a television show, that is to say, it opened in the middle of the end of a story. That’s always a hoot. Also Coulson is just awesome. I suspect he is Vision. For all of you super-fans […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×05 Girl in the Flower Dress’: They gave him a name…

This episode gave me exactly what I thought I wanted from this show. People with super powers! We’re treated to a street magician in Hong Kong wowing tourists with his alleged street magic, only to find that it isn’t an illusion. He has POWERS. I almost squealed. They even give him the best of all […]